Love Starts With You

tune into the light within you eraoflightdotcom“Note that true love first starts within you – yourself and not outside of oneself. Neediness is not love. So many feel that there is something missing in their lives, or they look at friends and then feel that they are losing out on something, and then want a man to fill them. Fulfill them. That is false belief.

The same with the idea that if a man loves you, he will fill the longing, fill the void. He cannot do that, for he can only love you to the extend that he loves himself (and the same applies to you – you can only love a man to the extend, that you love yourself), and more than this, he has a hard time to fill himself, never mind you! See these are romanticized human fairy tales which bypass the truth and cause so much unnecessary pain and suffering.

All true love starts within you and thus it means that you first need to love yourself into the deepest shadow and highest light. You are not always kind – you can be cruel too. You are not always nice – you can mean too. Yet, BOTH serve. The shadow and light make up who you in truth are. They cancel each other out. To deny half of yourself, is to not love half of yourself. When you start loving yourself unconditionally, warts and all, you indeed find true love for yourself.

Indeed, such love in the deepest and most sacred sense, can only be found AS ONE with the Divine Source, and then marrying the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine WITHIN yourself! That means sacred marriage and then entering the Bridal Chamber where all is ONE. It in such moment of total balance and unity, that one can indeed access the Divinity within oneself and then stand in the truth of who and what you in truth are, as a soul. The Daughter of the Divine. Embracing the Goddess within yourself. Whole and complete. Nothing missing. And thus you are fulfilled. You do not need a man in your life. You are whole.

It is when wholeness is here, that you can truly love and attract a WHOLE man. Not a needy man. Not a wounded man. A man who is true to his own soul and who loves himself wholly too, shadow and light.

It is only when both are WHOLE, and fulfilled within, that true sacred union can happen. For now, in you loving yourself totally, completely and utterly, shadow and light, you can love him, shadow and light. And with him the same.

When two wholes unite, and seeing each one as a circle, they only overlap in the MIDDLE. This forms the Vesica Piscis. That overlapping part is where they become as one, but the most part stays whole. They ENHANCE each other. They bring out the best in each other, but they do not overshadow one another. One is not more than the other. THEY ARE EQUALS. That is true love.

And true love is unconditional.

Copyright Applies; excerpt from a Twin Flame Soul Reading done by me.

Judith Kusel