The Energies of 2021: Harmonic Integration of Change

eraoflight blastWe are heading into another transformational year, as we proceed our journey to the new harmonic universe that our Planet already occupies, as it is a gradual process. 2021 comes with more opportunities to help us integrate change, in all its forms, as it is a continuation of what has been previously created or transformed. A year for us to seek the Truth within, for there will be many false sources and the only way to obtain clarity is to, always, move inward.

A process that began in 2020 when we welcomed a year whose main frequency was a four universal one. A frequency that even though many believed to be harmonic, as in truth all is in nature, brought us many challenges to dissolve an old reality and begin the creation of the new foundations for our new lives.

Since a few years ago, as many of you know by own experience, we have been internalizing, step by step, this inner change, doing our inner work to be able to embody, and seed, this new harmonic frequency. Our Planet as well as the collective in some way or another, have been experiencing the same shift. All this has ended into the current transformation that we are witnessing now and that comes as a result of all the previous awakening and hence, evolution.

In previous years many of us have been announcing the change that we are now seeing with our physical eyes, often not believed, and taken as fools, since no apparent physical changed since to happen. Now, we are finally seeing the outcomes of all we have planted, restored, and built, for this is a work of many, as One. Many that came to create a significant planetary shift and that is occurring – in a massive and rapid way – that has come as a surprise for many. However, not for the ones who know how to connect and see beyond our physical realm.

Indeed 2020 has not been a peaceful year for many. However, it was a year of infinite possibilities. Possibilities to dissolve an old reality and create a new one. Possibilities for us to realize that the life we were experiencing was not aligned with our soul true desires. And possibilities for us to transform our entire human life experience, and step into a new dimensional space. It is all about where we choose to focus what will determine if 2020 was a year of possibilities or a year of deep challenges.

2021 is a five-universal year. A five frequency that is all about the embodiment of our true essence, which is always one of change, as we are constantly shifting and the natural acceptation of it. If we created the human illusion of linearity and fixity, now that we have chosen to move from our 3D human view of reality, is that we need to begin restructuring the original Laws that govern, rather than our own ones. Nothing is fixed in nature, and in the moment that we release this illusion and flow with All – as it Is – in our natural state of being, we will not fear change and the unknown, as we know that anything that will come to our experience, will be always now aligned with who we are.

During 2021 the Nodes will be in mutable signs. Another cosmic message for us to be flexible, and open to change, for it is going to continue being a constant within this new reality that we are stepping into. It is our perception and how we integrate this change what will determine if this change is benevolent or chaotic.

We begin the first month of the year, with the frequency of number 6, as January is a universal number six, within a five universal one of this New Year 2021. This energy is a loving, harmonic and above all caretaker one. In a month where many begin the year by being eager to make many changes and to immersed themselves into the five frequency of flowing and change of 2021, January with its six frequency is telling us to first take care of ourselves, and then ponder about what are the things that are now aligned with who we are, and new journey.

Remembering that before we can embark in a year of conscious creation, first we need to hold the trust, balance, and love required, for us to be able to create results that are going to be in perfect resonance with our soul desires. This about all we have created. Seeing if it benefits All, and take responsibility for all, rather than blaming others or the past year 2020 for what we did not like to experience. And only once we have done the proper mental evaluation of all we previously manifested, is that we can be fully immersed in the creation of a new phase.

During this year 2021, the main and most important planetary event, in astrological terms, is the Square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus until 2025. This is already something that we have been seeing with the many riots and people rebelling against the new rules, the new order that is trying to emerge and above all, in the massive planetary awakening that this new reality that some are trying to impose have triggered.

The square in a macro level, for in the micro, we all have our personal reality and issues to master, this square is going to help the collective, and all of us, in our unique way, into the process of self-liberation, and hence, retrieval of personal sovereignty, that we began during 2020 and that we will continue during this New Year 2021, as it is a continuation of this process of breaking free from an obsolete and slavery society.

This is a process that Pluto in Capricorn, the Planet of Power, until 2024, will reinforce, as Pluto represents Power, the one that is within and that has been hidden for many years, as we were still rediscovering ourselves, and our authentic nature, within this human plane. There are many who are beginning to awake to this process, and these empowering energies will help them in the process of releasing and constant integration of personal power.

We all have our time to remember that power is something that is not obtained from personal benefits or from being able to deeply influence others. Real power is about being able to shift our own reality and above all, helping shift All, by aligning as One. Power is never about control or manipulation, but about being able to stay in our heart center, independently of what is happening in the outside, shielding us against the many disturbances, lower energies and distractions that are trying to move us from our loving space.  Above all, power is about not allowing others to create our own reality, as if we do not do it ourselves, others will do it for us.

Power is and was always within, even though others have manipulated this concept for us to believe that it was outside. It is very frightening for the ones who desire to control the population to realize that we are finally remembering that this power is within, and therein, their many attempts to create scenarios where fear is the main tool used to bring back the collective into control. However, once one remembers, there is no way back.

The massive spiritual awakening taking place in the Planet is something that during 2021, Neptune, will continue supporting, as it will continue dwelling in Pisces until 2025. Actually, the only Planet who dwell into his ruler. This is also something that we are deeply feeling at all levels, in a personal and global one, for it is not just happening in the collective, but in the ones, who were already awaken and that are now crossing more veils of illusions, finding new ways of creating their new realities, as they continue evolving and expanding.

Neptune in Pisces reminds us another important lesson – that it is precisely in what we consider lowest, negative etc. where we most have to be understandable and compassionate, for this is what others who are still awakening their consciousness most need, rather than our judgment and criticism.

As we also have from May 15th to July 28th Jupiter in Pisces, this is another message for us to embrace compassion, as it is often the most important tool we possess for healing – having compassion for one another, and unconditional support  – since after all we are all transitioning into in unique ways, doing all we can to evolve and understand what is taking place in both within ourselves and without.

Another important planetary event during this New Year is Uranus in Taurus until 2025. Taurus rules the physical world, the finances, and the systems. This, in the macro, will show us what is already happening in our Planet, for as I always say, as it is within it is without, and the planetary bodies are outer representations of us at all levels. Having Uranus in this earth sign, the financial system will continue shaking, as well as all the fixed structures that still reign in our world and that will begin to fall, step by step, although it will take many of our human years.

A year in which, if we look back, for as always, it is just by looking back that we realize all we have advanced, we will realize that we are moving into an Era of incredible technology. We will move into an Era in which light will be the only tool used for communication. We may call it many names – solar energy etc. – as there are many forms of energy into our planet.

We may find 2021 another year in which we do not cease to adapt to change, as Guides shared when I began writing this article. This will be reinforced with the eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius in May, June, November, and December of next Year, although there will be more energies, coming from outside our earthly plane, that will help us in this tremendous transition.

Remember that in order to be able to create the necessary change, at a personal and global level, everything, beginning from our inner worlds, must be transformed, and within this shift, there are challenges and movement, for the time for calmness will come after we finally create the new pillars for our new society, something that we began this almost past year 2020.

Again, if we look back, we may find that we have already accustomed ourselves to this great change that began in 2020. However, home schooling, solar energy, robots, internet, and many other things that literally rule our lives, were not so common at all just a few years ago. We are already living what we used to watch in movies and though it was never possible, and hence, here we are, beginning to embrace new ways of living.

Nonetheless, we need to be careful not to lose what is more important – the physical connection, for the soul one is always there and will always find a way, to live joyfully, in love and in freedom. As we make things all the current changes are good. However, some may be oriented too to isolate us more and more, if we are not careful to continue fomenting and embracing the importance that real contact also has.

Within a year of change and constant distractions, remaining into our hearts is pivotal to be able to continue supporting with our unique frequency the already transition that Earth is having. When we talk about personal evolution, the most important thing that comes with it is understanding, compassion and love and if we are not able to put these values in practice towards ourselves and own human experience, as well as others, then we are not so evolved as we may think, and we may consider moving inward and see where our egoic self is yet ruling ourselves.

This year is a year when we will have to be totally focus on selfless service, and that begins by honoring ourselves and respecting the unique mission we brought here and that of All. Using force, violence or any other egoic tactic to confront what we do not desire to experience or see or simply does not resonate, will not hep us to change anything.

2021 is indeed another intense year of change. However, as Guides said, within this change, there are, as well as in 2020, infinite possibilities for us to continue rediscovering who we are, our power and unique abilities, for if we know where to look, within change there are many dimensions, universes with which we can unite and choose the reality that we most prefer to step into. A year for us to regain sovereignty, and the freedom that comes with it.

Above all, a year for us to move into a new harmonic universe, and this can only be achieved if we first align from within by holding a loving, compassionate and respectful frequency. To choose this path, we must take responsibility, and pass through the many challenges that will make us stronger and wiser. This is why many keep choosing old ways, as it is more comfortable.

The truth is that there is always a way out of what brings us sadness and limitation. However, and as I never cease to repeat, this change will only come if we are willing to create it. And where there is a Will, there is, always, a way.

I wish for you in this New Year many ways for all who have the Will, Beloved Ones.

Love, joy, and infinite blessings for 2021!

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba