Judas Iskariot: Where Do You Stand?

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and there are many energies that are now dancing around the Earth and within yourself. It is a great confusion that now prevails on Earth, due to the fact that many senses feel a little confused and lost today. They do not know what to think about what is happening on Earth, what is true and what is false. Are there different truths for different people? Where do I stand and what should I really believe, who or what can I trust? Yes, dear people, you can go on your own gut feeling. What is right for you may not be right for your neighbor. You can never influence someone else who does not want to be influenced. They may see everything from a completely different perspective, and that is what makes everything so confusing today. Nothing is so obvious anymore, there are those who no longer follow the shock but go their own ways. They follow their own truth and that makes it for those who want to keep the old and the “security” that it provides.

It can be difficult to go outside the box and meet the unknown, yet it is there inside you. Once you have found it, it gives you the security and peace that you have longed for, but not found in the world you live in now. It is within you that you have your whole world, all possibilities, all creativity and all creative ability that is infinite. It is a time of inner contemplation, a time to awaken your creative ability, to then let its creativity radiate into the world. You who have found it can now show the way by letting it find expression in the physical world. It gives new energy waves that stimulate an increasing creativity among the people who perceive and allow themselves to be inspired by what you have achieved.

Yes the waves will wave back and forth towards the shore. Some will gain a foothold while others will break. What works in the service of light and love will have a greater durability and be more resilient than that which is led for egocentric and powerful reasons. It is a new time a new beginning and it is time to think new. It is time to start seeing the whole, that everything belongs together and that we should protect each other and the Earth we live on. All ideas that do not benefit the Earth and humans are not good ideas to try to implement on Earth today. All Ideas that instead are good and help the Earth and the people will have a different tailwind and a greater sustainability. It is a new thinking that is needed in the world. A new way, a new perspective to look at the world you all live in. This may take some time but you are walking on a new path now, dear Jordbor, a path with completely different possibilities than those you are used to. It is you who hold the threads and it is you who weaves them together into a durable thread that withstands the various trials of the winds. Here it is important for you as an individual to remain in your own truth, the truth that is already revealed to you within you.

Listen inwardly, dear Earthlings, it is more important today than ever to follow your own heart and stand still in what you feel is true and best for you to do. Everything that happens today takes place at different levels, individual level, group level and global level. However, it is only within yourself that you can change anything. It is then with like-minded people at group level that you can have a greater impact on a global level. But it starts with you, dear Jordbo, it starts within yourself. It can only begin within yourself, from there the energy spreads further and you are brought together with others who have similar energies and ideas. That is why it is so important that you go within yourself… go within and find the truth and love that lives there.

The world is waiting for you and I wish you all the best on the journey.

Great love


Translation to English by EraofLight.com

**Source **Channel: Ann Dahlberg