Energetic Changes

light waves eraoflightdotcomImmensely powerful energetic changes are occurring as the New Earth is accelerating into the New Golden Age. Remember we are entering multidimensional and Galactic Space in the highest degrees, as the galaxies themselves are accelerating into the Rebirth of the Entire Universe.

As this happens the energy systems inherent within the Earth, the Crystal Pyramids and the Crystalline energy grids, the sacred sites, and the portals, are all now being revamped and reactivated to the fullest. All of these were originally created in the 7th Dimensional frequency band, and even higher. These portals are now being reinvented to carry from the 7th to the 12th vibrational frequency bands, incorporating the highest dimensions.

Our physical bodies are being upgraded and reinvented at the very same time and the higher your own vibrational frequency, and easier you will be able to navigate these intense inner changes, as every strand of DNA, all the cells etc. and the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and all 12 bodies are reinvented and indeed, as getting more and more light-filled.

If you buy into fear and the mass consciousness of fear and hysteria, you will clog your own energy fields, and thus will not be able to assimilate these changes, because you are subconsciously blocking it. Fear causes stress and stress clogs up. It closes and shuts off.

When one is open, and deeply connected to the Divine Source and All-that-is, there is no fear. For one now steps into infinite space, where one embraces the immortality of your own soul, knowing that this lifetime is but a single eyewink in eternity. There is no fear of death – for death indeed is illusion. The soul merely sheds the vessel it adopted for that eyewink and immediately resumes it true soul form and life in its own home galaxy of origin. Universally time, as we know it does not exist, nor does aging. The soul cannot age, for it is pure energy.

It is the human mind which has conjured up constructs and false imagery because the mind cannot stretch that far. The soul however knows this within itself at the deepest levels.

I did a Soul Reading recently where the soul indeed, was one who loved traversing the cosmos and having incarnations on all planetary and galactic levels, as it is a space explorer. They are called “The Wanderers” and indeed that is what they are. Their whole existence is there to explore life in all its infinite expressions, as in infinite creation.

The same applies to your soul. When you start to truly reconnect to the highest levels with your own soul, and indeed embrace Divinity within yourself, you will not take life so seriously on this planet. Nor will you be swayed by outside opinions, outside propaganda etc. You will walk the Sacred Path, AS ONE with your CREATOR and all of CREATION and thus will quietly get on with your highest soul purpose and mission from the depths of your heart and soul, no matter what unfolds around you. The most powerful master souls you will not find in amongst the so-called celebrities etc. Indeed, many choose to have quiet lives and anchor in the Divine Light, Love and Wisdom, and radiate this forth. It not always where the most noise is, that the truth is present. Truth does not need noise, nor fanfares, nor public declarations.

For truth, inherent within each soul and it is up to every soul to find its own highest truth and live it with great love.

For truly as one steps ever higher into the New Earth and assumes your true form and true embodiment in a much higher vibrational frequency band, unity consciousness becomes the norm, and you cannot see nor live duality or polarity nor experience separation anymore. You have transcended this.

Indeed, you are living truthfully, authentically, from the heart and soul of pure unconditional love. You radiate forth and you become illumined and radiant from deep within, because you are fulfilled and living life deeply empowered from within.

All is One.

Judith Kusel

**Source **By Judith Kusel