YHWH, Yahweh Discernment, Dropping Into the Heart

informed eraoflightdotcomBefore we release this newsletter a disclaimer is necessary. We are not your Messiah. It is our desire that each individual make their own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection. We desire no elevated state within social consciousness. We do not expect to profit in any way from this newsletter and this is not a religion or a cult. There is nothing to join, no fees other than a free newsletter. This is released in service to the Omnipresent Creator in all Creation.

While doing our morning clearings we were honored by the appearance of Yahweh. As we approached the Sanctuary, also known as the Bridge House and opened the door we were hit by an energy, a force field that made us loose equilibrium. It was as if entering another dimension. We began our usual process, a technique that uses group energy, creates a male female balance, and bypasses the ego or human mind. After clearing our biological families, the ECETI family, then moving on to clear the unseen negative entities around the political chaos we stopped and asked who is with us. The name Yaweh came in. I asked is this the God the masters, saints and sages, Pleiadians and other off worlders now refer to when they say the real God is with you. We got, “Yes.” accompanied by an energy flowing in that moved through us, up the spine causing us all to look at each other with the usual OMG. It was bliss energy. We began asking questions. Are you actively involved in reestablishing the Republic, what is referred to as draining the swamp, the global movement to end Tyranny. “Big Yes.” Are you what is referred to as the Annunaki, the ancient Gods. “No, yet those that did not fall are with us along with the beautiful many.” What dimension are you coming in from? “12th, I AM beyond those referred to as Annunaki.” Are you connected to what is happening with the Shuman Resonance going up as high as 1000 at times? “Yes, it is part of the awakening.” Are the solar flares, the massive energy waves of unknown origin, the spikes in the Shuman Resonance all tied together? “Yes, it is all better understood as waves of consciousness and energy.” So what you are saying is unfolding on the Earth is a rise in frequency, an end to Tyranny, and the dawn of Universal Law. “Yes.”

I am writing this with the ultimate humility. It is to give hope to so many that are sinking into depression, apathy, attached to time. There is a plan and that plan is unstoppable. The timing of that plan is only known by God and a few courageous men/women. It is not set in stone and things will unfold in divine timing. We have stated this all along never giving a date. What you are seeing in the mainstream and social media news is theater. The inauguration was prerecorded, aired 7 hours earlier in other countries. The oval office is a stage in LA, there are no parking lots outside the oval office window. The desk is wrong along with the wallpaper. Biden is right-handed signing executive orders with his left. There are no executive orders on file. USA Inc. is dead, a dissolved corporation. It does not matter what he signs all assets and powers have been moved to the new Republic. Bidens wife is wearing a blue dress then a red dress.  If you think this is impossible watch the latest Lion King CGI. If you can read energies, they were all uncomfortable as if they were afraid of getting caught. Why is Trump flying in Air Force 1 being driven in the Presidential Limo and Biden is flying private with rented cars? Why is the flag down at the White House? Why is DC fenced off, a foreign land, now captured? There are more details but this is enough to start even the most socially engineered mind questioning.  The Left and the press are creating a false narrative. Pay attention to detail.  Even the alternative investigative journalists are doing their best yet there is so much disinformation some of which is released by the white hats, especially concerning timing to throw off the dark hearts, the global elite, the CCP other hostile foreign governments including corrupt agencies in our own government. This is where you need to drop into the heart and discern what is true for you. This theater is to distract you, drop you into fear, apathy, depression lower your frequency so they can maintain their world. A world of lies, deceptions, censorship, disempowerment, enslaving the masses, they are the war and disease profiteers. They are not frequency specific to what is unstoppable and unfolding as we speak. The awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth is in full swing. The frequencies are rising, the chaos you are seeing is part of the process as everything rises to the surface for everyone to see. Those who are sensitive ask yourself how did it make you feel tuning into the false inauguration? Many became angry, ill, had a sickening feeling. That was by design. The people involved are a who’s who in the Satanic/Luciferian child sacrificing Hollywood pedophile cult. It was like a remake of Epstein Island. There are always the naïve, socially engineered unconscious suffering from cognitive dissonance some of which need a hard lesson to snap out of it. That lesson is being delivered to them by the left.

If you want to be a part of this process raise your frequencies, align with Universal Law, stand in your own divinity. This is not about the controled narrative, social consciousness, what the mainstream or social media is telling you. This is about you. Stepping out of reactionary mind into creative mind, going within and being the solution. Then you will feel the truth.

In service,

James Gilliland