Galactic Fleet Command: 5D World Reality

fleet command eraoflightdotcomDear Ones, we greet you with much love. We are going to attempt to make this message brief, because it speaks to one main purpose. The channel has always been concerned that she has received our message with correctness.

She does read regularly the messages from the other channels as well, and of course she sees discrepancies between the varying facts presented… especially in speaking about outer world events.

What we would say here is that there are as many differing views about those events as there are people with different backgrounds of experiences and personal human qualities. The channel has recently written a poem for publication on in which she highlights the point that everyone sees the same sky but gets a different view of it depending on the time and space of the viewing. In other words, there are many varied facets to one thing (like the sky)… and they can all be correct. Our channeled message was one of many varied expressions of what actually happened about that important event in America on the 20th of January.

We channeled beings are all in agreement about the happenings on this side of the veil: … about the love and light flooding the planet… about your skies being filled with aid from the many lighted beings, spaceships, etc…. and about Ascension and the 5D world of reality.

We just encourage that you focus on this inner world information in the days ahead, rather than on the dissent and chaos currently present in the outer world… and especially about disturbing 3D views constantly being expressed with closed-minded ‘authority’.

Also, please remove the thought of timing. Emphasis on timing can cause great confusion and disappointment, thus weakening the power of the wonderful message of the future reality we all know is in process at this very moment of your linear time.

Be of courage, Dear Ones. We know there can be setbacks when you have great faith in some event that has a different outer result than expected.

Just know that all is happening for a reason according to Divine Plan — and the victory has already been achieved in the true 5D reality that has not yet become manifested in your current 3D reality world. When the timing is right, you will definitely know that new reality!

We bless you and hold you in the Love and Light of the Cosmic Christ.


We are nearly all in total agreement when expressing about what is happening from this side of the veil. . . about the love and light flooding the planet, and the reality of Ascension and the 5D world of reality.

**Channel: Beth Stormont