Judas Iskariot: Take Care of Yourselves

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and I have come today to strengthen your confidence in yourself. You have shown great endurance and I can only admire the courage and strength that you have so clearly shown during the months of uncertainty that have characterized and still shape your world. Many have strengthened their inner capacity and obeyed the inner voice that called for calm and inner anchoring. They have turned their perspective to the inner instead of the outer and in that way got a better picture of what is going on around your world today.

The earth now urges you, dear people, to take care of yourselves in a way that also benefits the earth. You belong together and what acidifies and destroys the earth also acidifies and destroys your bodies and thus also your life here on Earth. It can be a lot to ponder here… a healthy soil also provides a healthy body, a healthy life with all that it means both physically and mentally. It can be said that you are at a crossroads and that it is now a matter of choosing the right path. You have a lot of knowledge, knowledge that you have accumulated over the course of the millennium, which it is now important to use in a creative and mature way. There are many wise men and women out there trying to tell you their truth but is anyone listening to them, or is it the power and the money that still rules? Is it perhaps not time now to take a new grip on the world and let humanity control the choices you make, the care over each other, over the earth, over the animals, over all living things. Is not it time to open up love again and let the plane of light and love take over the Earth. Is not that where you have reached ..is it not the path you should choose?

Well, I think it’s time now, dear Earthlings. It’s time to open your hearts and let love be the leading force on Earth today. Mother Earth has chosen love and lets it take an increasing place in her life. She lets go of the darkness and it can take on a little different expressions that many of you have already felt. Mankind also releases darkness that can take on slightly different expressions. The inner anchoring then becomes increasingly important so that you are not affected and dragged into this darkness but remain in your light of love and trust. The more people who do it, the calmer it becomes on the surface, the surface you are on. If the released darkness or the negative energies do not take hold, they will dissolve and disappear into nothingness. 🙂

It is important now, dear Earthlings, that you are as much as possible in your heart, that you perceive light and love instead of hatred and worry. Concentrate on the things that mean a lot to you. Look for those with whom you feel good. Do things that make you happy. Enjoy the little things around you. Follow your guidance, your intuition, when you feel you should do it. Rest and gather strength if that is what you need and it can be for many today. Anxiety and uncertainty consume the body’s resources, so make sure you give yourself what you yourself need right now out of care and love.

It is a challenging time but it is also a developing time, where insights and understanding alternate in quick succession. You are on your way to something big, dear children on Earth. It’s another time looming before you now. A time of great knowledge and strong intuition that leads the development forward on Earth. A development led by a higher energy of light and love.

It is with great pleasure that I follow the work that has now begun on Earth.

Great love


Translation to English by EraofLight.com

**Source **Channel: Ann Dahlberg