Sananda: The Conversion of Leaders

sananda image eraoflightdotcomMIND, HEART AND GUT FEELING

Harmony between mind, heart and gut feeling are the essence of a human being. In this triad lie wisdom, compassion and love. To acquire this is the goal of every embodiment. In this way, man perfects himself and he is reborn as a fully conscious cosmic being.

Beloved humans,

the world is as it is because at the top of the state, religion and economy there are minded people. Many have closed their hearts and they listen to their gut feelings only when it serves their ego.

In this way, many of your leaders tend to use force to achieve their rational goals. The heart is closed and they do not feel the effects of their decisions, and they do not see what they are doing to people and also to themselves.

This condition is untenable! Therefore, for quite some time the flood of light from the CENTRAL SUN becomes stronger and the interventions from Inner Earth and from extraterrestrial powers increase. The Light shall prevail on Earth and now is the time when the “Herculean task” must be accomplished.


In what does this task consist? In the conversion of the leaders who still carry a spark of life of light and love in their being, those who have not yet been completely taken over by the dark forces, are now given the opportunity to repent. In doing so, they will be confronted with their selfish motives and their corrupt deeds.

In a loving and unmistakable way, destiny is now accelerated for these people – and this is where you come in.

You people who live largely in unison of mind, heart and gut. You are the mediators of energy, words and deeds for your leaders who are alienated from themselves and who can no longer establish any real closeness with their people.

Before the “Great Purification” takes away everything that can no longer exist in the new Earth vibration, all people will be given the opportunity to rethink and turn around on their own.


Use meditation and prayer.

Use publicity to make people in high positions aware of their errors – in love, but firmly, with wisdom and compassion.

Write letters, participate in peaceful initiatives and above all live an authentic peaceful life yourself.

Many people know neither out nor in – apathetically they submit to the circumstances.

For these people you can do little at first, unless the conditions in society change. They can only change if you yourself lead an exemplary life and if you take care of those who seem lost and who, in top positions, pursue heartless politics with their cold thinking. I tell you: You will be amazed who will sit next to you in heaven.


Therefore, it is now of great importance that all initiatives that oppose the actions of your mind-controlled governments remain in peace. Make your presence felt, but always remain in inner harmony – in unison of mind, heart and gut.

Continue to withdraw from the system wherever you can and wherever it is possible for you. Your exit takes place in silence. Change your life and you will have done much.

The grace of God is omnipresent and your leaders will also be touched by it one more time. Some will wake up and see what they have done – some will close their hearts even more. The time when people forgive themselves and their neighbor is near.

You are carried through time as soon as you are no longer subject to its phenomena.

You are loved in infinity


**Translation to English by

**Source **Channel: Jahn Kassl