All Embracing Love

heaven hearts eraoflightdotcomUnconditional Love, All Embracing Love,

Vibrates at the highest frequency and thus connects directly with the heart center. When the heart is fully open and activated, with the lower chakras and lower body (the physical embodiment and thus the lower creation, plus the emotional, mental, spiritual and all 12 bodies), plus the upper chakras, 12 in all, plus the Interstellar Portals and the Spinal column, one literally can tune into the Universal frequencies and vibrations and move up the spiraling tiers of Creation.

The higher one goes, the less dense the embodiment. When the true Light Body forms are fully activated, even this embodiment moves through the octaves of vibrations frequencies of Light and Sound, until it returns to the state of Pure Light. Thus pure Light and Love vibration, AS ONE with the Divine Source.

In this most highest state, the Soul Fires plus the Soul Group Fires, then can either remerge completely with the Divine or can go through and be reborn into a much higher creation, for the Divine Source is ever multiplying upon itself, and thus the soul itself, ever evolves, as Creation evolves.

Nothing is ever stagnant. What stagnates, dies onto itself.

All of creation, is always reinventing itself and often chaos or what is perceived as the chaotic state, is a mere rejuvenation, reinvention, and indeed, a New Creation.

I was emphatically told this week, that all is now moving into a much higher vibrational existence and frequency band. The New Earth is indeed in far higher octaves of Vibrational frequency bands as the Old Earth, and a soul needs to tune into the New Earth vibrations and frequencies and thus when it does this, and indeed is ready to receive the new light body form, it then will communicate, and indeed broadcast and exist in it energetically. The physical world, as we currently know and experience this, will simply disappear. All will energetically link and interact in ways we cannot even imagine right now, but indeed, which our soul remembers at a very deep soul level.

To me the greatest of blessings this all holds, is that indeed, lies will disappear and so will deception. For when one can energetically read other souls’ frequency and vibrations, and tune fully into them, they will become transparent. Every thought will be there to be read. Indeed, when the Soul is in the ONENESS, HARMONY and UNITY and fully tuned into the Higher Frequency band, is becomes transparent, like crystal clear glass. Every spec of dirt and dust can be seen and sensed.

Thus all souls who are being prepared and indeed being transformed into such a most highest state, will go and are going, through intense purification processes. The old simply cannot hold form in the New Light Body state.

This process of transfiguration cannot be demanded. Lip service will not bring it forth. A half-hearted attempt will not bring forth what needs to be brought forth from deep within. It is a deep seeking, an incredible metamorphosis which is needed. It is a deep inner transformation of the Soul itself as it remembers the highest truth within. It is the deepest reconnection with the Higher Truth, the Divine Truth and the ultimate Omniversal All-Knowing, All-Hearing and All-Seeing.

The more I am being shown this and the more I transfigure, the more humbled I become. The more I totally surrender to Divine Will.

When Divine Will and you will become one and same, you cannot co-create outside of the same. All is One.

“Experience the coming of limitless wisdom.

Experience the coming of limitless joy.

Experience limitation and the coming of limitless mercy.

Experience the form of mastery.

Experience inner lordship within the universe.

Experience inner perfection.

Experience the tree of life.

Experience the rebirth into the Light Body.

Experience the powers of beginning.

Experience lordship of a world within.

Experience knowledge of life beyond life.

Experience the sounds of all levels.

Experience indestructible nature.

Experience transparent life radiations.

Experience supreme power with serenity.

Experience divinely beautiful compassion.

Experience the naturally joyful bliss.

Experience the praise by perfect ones.

Experience perfect knowledge.

Experience supreme love in everything……” (quoted from “Pistis Sophia: A Coptic text of Gnosis” with Commentary, J.J. Hurtak)

We cannot experience this if we do not allow ourselves to be totally transfigured.

Indeed, the Old Adam and Old Eve and Old Lilith become redundant as we step into the Fullness of the Remembrance for the Truth of who and what we are in Truth.

We find that more we let go, the more we release all and everything, the lighter and brighter we become.

The more the heart opens to experience and live from the space of unconditional and omnipresent Love, the higher one’s own vibrational frequencies rise and with it the electromagnetic vortex centers within, as the portals open via the Spinal Column, ignited.

For indeed, when one experiences Omnipresence, and indeed lives within the Presence on gains access to the Mystery of Mysteries, which indeed cannot be put into human language nor human thought – that of the Old Earth.

Many attempted to – and found all they tried to teach, twisted, and misunderstood, for those who are of lesser understanding, can only interpret as they understand.

The deepest knowing is energetic and indeed steeped in silence.

For silence, indeed speaks directly into the soul, for silence holds the Sacred Frequencies which even the deaf can hear and the blind can read.

Judith Kusel