The Galactic Federation: Why Many “Lightworkers” Aren’t Working for the “Light” At All

galactic federation of light @ era of light dot comYou’ve probably come across those who talk only about “love and light” and angels or ETs but never mention the satanic pedophile cannibalistic cabal elite of this planet who have kept you enslaved for thousands of years.

Some even have the audacity to say that you must stay away from those who do and that this is a 3D concept that will keep you from ascending…

We kindly ask that you question this concept. Since when does ignorance stem from the truth? Light is information therefor darkness is the lack of information.

In order to ascend into the fifth-dimensional reality which resonates with the frequency of unconditional love, you as a race, must raise our vibrations to match that of unconditional love.

This is the bottom line.

When a human faces the evil of this planet and becomes informed light enters the cells of the being and alters their frequency.


It was humanity looking away, not researching, not being concerned, not wanting to handle the painful dark truth of their planet, ridiculing “conspiracy theorists” and their collective cognitive dissonance that empowered the evil that is in charge of committing monstrous crimes on human children.

We do not blame you. It was the dark cabal’s agenda as per design to keep you in comfort zones. But the time has drastically changed now…

There are also those who made it their life’s mission to bring down the cabal and awaken humanity to the bitter truth of satanism, pedophilia, and cannibalism on this planet. We salute your outstanding courage, great warriors of Gaia.

And we warn you from those who say you must only love & light & forgive and everything will be alright.

We like to emphasize that we agree that meditating, visualizing and praying is powerful, beautiful and very needed and those who do only that are wonderful beings of light.

You all stem from the same essence yet you are all different. You each hold a piece of the whole and one is just as important as the other.

BUT there are those who say that’s ALL that is needed and DO NOT focus EVER on anything of the dark. And that, dear ones, cannot be of the light…

If everyone on your planet did that who would be saving the children from the DUMBS?
Eight million children go missing worldwide per year and cannot be saved by meditating, praying and raising your vibration alone. At least not if you all did only that…

Whoever says that that’s all everyone needs to do is an agent of the dark. These people are infiltrated with evil spirits attached to them and they don’t have a clue about it.

Nothing could be more dangerous to say or to believe. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Nothing could be more ignorant and selfish.

And nothing could show more how much FEAR these people carry. How TERRIFIED these individuals are of bitter truth.

They are here to distract you with their ascension channels of love, light, forgive and raise your vibes.

BALANCE is the key to everything. BALANCE is the key to the liberation of your planet. Follow the news, research the painful truth but don’t forget to meditate and pamper yourself.

The whole of humanity has been put under lockdown. Now is the time for you to research.

Now is the time to look the disgusting and horrifying truth in the eye.

What will happen if you do?
You will be terrified. You will be scared. You will be disgusted. You will be in pain. You will cry a lot. You won’t sleep much.

Rumi says:
‘You have to keep breaking your heart before it opens. The wound is where light enters.’
After the initial shock, you will be very angry. That’s where you start contributing to the good of this planet.

Because this is where you want everyone to know. That’s the only chance we have to disempower the evil of this world.

Enlighten yourself first and do not listen to those who are not carrying the torch of truth and tell you to ignore it. Then you pass the torch to the next and the next and the next…


Let’s be enlightened and know everything they do. That’s what pulls the rug underneath their feet.


You must face the truth, disempower the cabal, then you build a new world based on love and light.

Why are they called the ILLUMINATI? Illuminati means the enlightened ones! Because they all know what you don’t.

If you want to create a new world, the old must die first. The old world is the world of darkness. SO, bring light into this world first, love is what follows after the first job is done.

Layer after layer the lies, the deceit, the terror, and control must be broken down.

This world is at war. This war is a spiritual war.

Good vs Evil. Not good vs bad.

This is God vs Satan. Angel vs Demon. IQ vs AI. Love vs Fear.

Do not submit to Fear but do not close your eyes when ugliness appears. HOLD THE LIGHT.

None will fight this war for you. No ET is allowed interfere other than those in human bodies amongst yourselves. This is the universe of free will. We are not allowed to interfere with your free will. You are in charge of your future.

Yes, the Galactic Federation is guiding and assisting you but THIS IS YOUR PLANET, YOUR FIGHT!


We also want to inform you that this fight is already won by the light and all this that is happening is the playing out of timelines. HOW FAST things are going to change for you is entirely in your hands now.

Nobody said you were going to sit in meditation and by doing this alone you will alter a system of frequency from control to freedom.
Again, there are those whose assignment is only that… but those are not the majority on your planet.
Ascension works step by step.

First comes light.
Light (truth) facilitates a heart-opening process that will lead to unconditional love.

Sometimes this process takes years… You are not there yet. You cannot jump the gun. FIRST COMES LIGHT.

Your task is to bring light back into this realm.

We love you, great warriors of light. Keep spreading the truth.


Share the information in form of videos and texts with everyone you know and plant the seed in their consciousness. That’s all.

And do not trust those who tell you not to OR THOSE WHO SAY NOTHING IS HAPPENING BECAUSE THERE IS NO EVIDENCE. These are the agents of the dark side we’re at war against.

Watch out. Use discernment. Be alarmed when you read posts like that.

If you want to change this world, you have to first know what exactly was wrong with it…

We love you. We are your family of light.

Blessings of divine light to all,

**Channel: Aurora Ray
Ambassador of The Galactic Federation | Lyran High Council Elder | Emissary of The Goddess


9 Replies to “The Galactic Federation: Why Many “Lightworkers” Aren’t Working for the “Light” At All”

  1. Gary

    I also want to say that honestly most lightworkers are here for pure service to humanity. We live as humans having human lives and problems. Ascension work has to do with this only. Exposing truth hasn’t worked too well for us in the long run. What we should be doing his exposing our flaws within ourselves and find ways to communicate to bring about communion in our social lives as well as private lives. This will build a better future for the community. If all we did was meditate in groups we would get the answers we truly need. Seriously when lightworkers become obssessed about SRA and want to bust every celeb out there it just does a disservice in the long run. Its better to leave it to those who work in these criminal cases and support them instead. Speaking our minds about the darkness of this world and where we think it is or know what it is, can be helpful to an extent, but then it can distract greatly from attaining knowledge of self and other self.

  2. Gary

    Focusing on rabbit holes and delving into politics, really doesnt have to happen for many. If the lightworker community focuses on teaching the law of one and service to others, we really dont need to know who is a pedo or not. Karma works in ways in which we cannot fathom. Those who do these things will get what is coming to them. Professionals exist that have jobs busting pedo rings and a whole manner of other sinister crimes. Just because someone thinks or feels they are a light worker, doesnt mean you have to expose every single person that has a rumor about them or what Q crumbs lead to this person…etc etc. My take is let the professionals handle their job, and if you are able to help hands on, and are a professional yourself, then by all means, we shall support you in spirit, if not in person.

  3. AlwaysLight

    Just a note on terminology. illuminiate doesn’t mean enlightened ones. This is a misconception, probably but out by the DF’s to try and . Luminate is to be enlightened, ill-luminate (note the ‘ill’) is the opposite. Remember, the darkness uses inversion. So ill meaning destructive, it’s always the opposite of light or goodness. Their whole existence is predicated on the apparent inversion of light

  4. John Sutter

    Great message, I loved it. I might point out, that there must be physical resistance, and unfortunately the use of force against the dark ones.

    What has to be understood that everything they do to us is done through violence or the threat of violence. In their mind power comes at the end of the barrel of a gun.

  5. K. St Moritz

    Sharon Stewart has put out a number of channelled messages from Soren of the Pleadian Delta Forces. They have been published on EOL.

    In those messages Soren talks about his team working with Marines to clear out the DUMBS.

    But in this message, “No ET is allowed interfere other than those in human bodies amongst yourselves.”

    So which is it? Are Extraterrestrials on Gaia at the moment working with humans to liberate the planet or are no Extraterrestrials allowed to interfere?

    1. Tam

      Our military is involved and supported by ETs on missions as Soren has pointed out that humans have to lead this charge. Also ETs can only assist to the extent that humans awaken and refuse to consent to the dark plans. They tell us it is our free will and ascension, not theirs and they cannot interfere with that. 👼

  6. Mike Ohira

    My job is to expose to the sleeping public truths that are hidden. People were alarmed when I told them that the sun in our solar system produces cold fusion light, and therefore it is cold and never hot. Why is there ice remaining on mountain top?
    Good question, now people are starting to get it.

    1. Michael Fish

      The distance to the sun has nothing to do with this – it is the lower atmospheric pressure that results in lower temperatures. Keep in mind that the Sun is about 93 million miles away from Earth. Even if you were flying in a commercial airplane (cruising altitude ~ 30,000 ft), you are still relatively the same distance from the Sun (REALLY far away).

      The answer to your question deals with the pressure and temperature relationship of a gas. The Earth’s atmosphere is thin layer of gases composed of nitrogen (78%), oxygen (19%), and other gases (~3%). As you go to higher altitudes, there are less air molecules pushing down on you (lower pressure). When the pressure of a gas decreases, the temperature also decreases (the reverse is also true – when the gas pressure increases, the temperature increases). Therefore, the air temperature is lower at higher altitudes.