Cosmic Rainbow Rays Activate the Multi-Dimensional Light-Energy-Body

tune into the light within you eraoflightdotcomAs the Cosmic Frequencies continue to grow stronger and more powerful daily, so do the Rainbow Rays, Crystalline Plasma SOULar Portals and various Light Encodements/Frequencies and Geometrics too.

Every Ray activates a different tone/hue, a different frequency bandwidth code and Light Encoded Information for all to unlock, decode, decipher and then translate, organize, structure and create ways that transmit these through various words, writings, sharings, videos, sounds… and more. To hold the Divine Knowledge fully, means that we each anchor it within our entire body/BEing, undergo the immense physical body re-writes/re-codings/re-calibrations where our bodies actual make-up/material changes…. from Carbon-Based to Crystalline to Plasma and more…. gaining the ability to transmits out these tones/frequencies/chords with our whole BEing and through the Light that transmits from within us and emanates out to the entire world… ♥

Heart portals open various chambers within…. ♥

Our Energy changes/shifts constantly and completely with every upgrade process….

Our Vibrational Frequency shifts/changes with our ability to hold our own highest states of consciousness fully and transmit this out (instead of ego-separation-programming)….

Body-Field alignment processes are continual so that our whole field can hold this too, as we hold the field in place… the Unified Field of Pure Consciousness …. with every breath, with every act, with everything that we are and do…. ♥

Expand your heart, soul, light, whole body’s energy and field with this capture… FEEL the CODES activating as you do. ♦

With love,

Lisa ∞

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