Man Ejected from Costco over Mask Asks Workers, ‘Aren’t You Tired of this Tyranny?!’ — They Respond ‘No!’

informed eraoflightdotcomEpic footage out of Costco shows a man being kicked out of the store asking employees if they’re “tired of the tyranny” — to which they bafflingly respond, “No!

In the video posted to TikTok two days ago, a man films himself being thrown out of the store for not wearing a face mask while he’s surrounded by eight Costco employees.

“Ya’ll see this? I got eight Costco employees,” the man says, before asking loudly, “Is anybody tired of this tyranny?”

“No!” a few workers can be heard responding, before others join in also answering, “No!”

“You love tyranny!” the man tells the workers, who tell him to leave the store.

The man and others then start a “No more masks!” chant as make their way towards the exit.

“You know what’s funny?” the man adds before leaving, “In 6 months or a year you’re gonna be looking for people like me to stand for you.”

“Where’s the men at? Where’s the freaking men at that will stand for your liberty?” he asks as the video ends.

The incident underscores how many are yearning to return to normal as they grow weary of the endless lockdowns and arbitrary mask mandates.


4 Replies to “Man Ejected from Costco over Mask Asks Workers, ‘Aren’t You Tired of this Tyranny?!’ — They Respond ‘No!’”

  1. Jana

    I dont shop there and never will. Bunch of foolish sheep……Unbelievable how easily brain washed and manipulated so many are. Very very sad. Get a brain and a backbone and some common sense people. They cant tell us what to do with our lives and bodies.

    It just goes to show how long weve been programmed and manipulated and brain washed. We all need to help do our part to stop this. and help others awaken, and see the light and share the love. 🙂

  2. Pat

    Costco is the absolute worst. I look forward to the zio owned company crashing and burning. Their employees treat people awful.