The Sacred Union Within

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomWith the Sacred Heart opening at the deep soul level and thus the greater Heart, connected with the soul – and thus Divinity within, a deep healing is taking place within, those souls who truly seek the highest path of pure, unconditional love.

In this regard, all unconditional love starts within oneself.

You can only genuinely love another soul, to the extend that you love yourself.

You cherish yourself.

You nurture yourself in the deepest sense of the word.

And this cherishing and nurturing now, plus the deepest seeking of balance and harmony within, is of the utmost importance as all is in immensely powerful state of flux and flow, and with it the sacred fires are sweeping the earth, purifying, cleansing and indeed transmuting the Old Earth.

For the deepest loving relationship first starts within yourself.

The Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine within.

In ancient Essenes and Mystery School teachings there was a sacred practice, where one was taught how to marry the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within.

The Divine Feminine was called “Serah” which at its core has the word “Seraphim”, the angels who surround the Throne of the Divine Source and sing the sacred songs day and night. Their essence is pure love. Through their constant tuning and singing (Divine Sound frequencies and vibrations) they hold the Omniversal Harmonics in Creation in perfect balance and harmony and AS ONE with the Divine. With it the Divine Feminine holds the Power of Love, unconditional Love within her, with the spiraling energy of Creation, (the Kundalini) and indeed she is Love in Action, Being, and expression.

The Divine Masculine was called “Zadok or Sadock” which incorporates the Divine Masculine and the High Priesthood of such. Thus the purest essence of the Divine Masculine, when he is fully standing in the fullness of the Divine Love, Divine Light and Divine Wisdom and Divine Power. Thus the Ancient Priesthood of Zadok, belongs inherently to the High Order of Melchizedek.

When one first thus connects with the “Serah” (The Divine Feminine) within, and becomes one with her, and the “Zadok” (The Divine Masculine) the High Priest and the High Priestess aspects within oneself, move into sacred Union and Harmony, and so do the rest of the bodies. When they are fully merged as indeed balanced, and in harmony, the sacred fires are lit, within and without – the Shekinah.

When all of these are lit, one enters the state of co-creation, where one can literally cocreate in the highest ways, AS ONE with the Divine Will and AS ONE with the Divine Laws.

We all indeed are in the process of intense transmutation, and thus loving relationships are going through intense changes.

It only when we find the sacred union WITHIN OURSELVES, that we can attract the ultimate new and much higher Sacred Union OUTSIDE of ourselves with a Soul who is the perfect DIVINE COMPLEMENT.

The Divine Complement embraces the perfect match, of vibrational frequencies, and thus is in harmony and Unity. This indeed will come in a completely different form than most of us can even imagine right now, for indeed this Divine Complement may not even be incarnated on earth right now, but when in the higher dimensional state, can now merge with the Divine Beloved in ways we cannot even comprehend right now.

We do not need to be physically together in order to experience Divine Union in its ultimate sense. I will not say more, for this where one delves ever deeper into the Mystery and indeed the Mystery reveals itself only to those who seek this with pure intent and indeed with a pure heart and soul. It is a the path few ever take, because it demands the utmost in Love, Trust and Faith, and more than this, respect.

If you cannot even respect yourself, and trust yourself, and love yourself to the utmost, then how can you respect, trust and love another in the highest degrees?

We are being prepared for something so amazing in this regard, that we first need to merge within ourselves, and walk then with purity of intent and transfiguration, and unconditional love for self and the Divine, move into the new embodiment and form and indeed new life and new beginnings.

For indeed the Sacred Heart and Sacred Union merge together and create the Sacred Fires.

Such if the highest expression of Love.

Love Divine.

Love ad infinitum.

Judith Kusel

(with Acknowledgement to Lars Muhl)