A Radical Examination of Freedom and Happiness in America

beyond3dgames eraoflightdotcomEven after the tremendous internal and external changes of the last four years, we have yet to complete our transition into our new age as the modern, and stable, American Republic. With truth media venues largely promoting ‘fighting for our freedom’ to get us there (which is not the way, because it’s not in alignment with our true nature, the way life actually works, or Aquarian Age principles and practices), and so many in various stages of doubt wondering how, when, or if we ever will get there, much time and energy have been wasted, because there is little focus on using the means that is actually doing it for us:

Focused intention and positive expectation

– the use of the power the Divine bestowed on us to create what we want.

It is my purpose now to concentrate our attention on our means and our end, and away from all the drama being generated in the process. I present important foundational history, a psychological perspective of its causes, and a reminder of what we really are, and where we are going.

The future is created by our thought energy focused on our intention as if it already existed. Actions stemming from that are functional and powerful. Our underlying beliefs are fundamental to this process. It really is a matter of using power, not force. Reality is created from the inside out. And when enough of us are in the right internal focus of power, the great project of recreating America and a new world will happen spontaneously. And it will have absolutely nothing to do with what anyone on the outer level is or isn’t doing. The Universe will bring it about spontaneously. The current maxim, “Nothing can stop this from happening” is actually true, but not for the reason most people think.


Any Project Is Based On Relationship, Not War

Any situation is just a situation until we label it something. What we choose to call it, how we choose to see and interact with it, determines how we will experience it and what the end will be.

A carpenter works lovingly with wood to build a cabinet. Not fighting with the materials, not trying to force them to do what he wants, he patiently shapes them to match his vision, and a beautiful product is created. But, when there’s a war against something, destruction, not construction, is the result. Could a functional cabinet be made with that attitude?

Creativity is never a war; it is a working relationship between the maker, the materials, the vision of what is being created, and the energy of life that pervades the entire experience. We are making a new world, not hacking our way into one. It is necessary that we now rise above the conditioned way of viewing our situation and see it with a fifth dimensional mind and attitude. It is a matter of us maturing into the people who can have a fifth-dimensional world.

In this article I refer to the creative chaos called anarchy. Anarchy has been misrepresented. We have been taught that it means mindless, unguided behavior, but it means not having an external ruler, but and internal, natural one. It is what happens when a dominating force is subverted by life energy (in this case, humanity) insisting that it be free to express itself as it will. This is how we are made – to have fun and enjoy ourselves, free from restrictive forces. But we have forgotten that. This is humanity’s big lesson now. To enter the new age, and a higher dimension of experience characterized by unity consciousness, freedom, and happiness we must bring crystal clear awareness into the reality of what has been happening, see the inherent devices and let them go, remember what we are, and act that way – as playful conscious creators of our lives, leaving everything else behind for good. Thus far, we have been very caught up in distracting and disempowering ourselves by telling ourselves that enemies ‘out there’ have control of our free will and somehow we have to win it back. This is a dysfunctional approach we have invented because we believe we are victims to outer forces, rather than creators with the lifeforce from within. We are in fact playing a psychological game of irresponsibility with ourselves.

That we are still socked in by the lizard brain thinking of trying to fend off enemies is directly responsible for our birth into a free World to be taking so long to accomplish.

A duality-centered mind cannot create peace, freedom, or happiness. We are still caught at the level of conflict vibrationally; that is why ‘the cabal’ isn’t ‘down’ and a positive financial shift hasn’t happened. Thinking and vibrating third-dimensionally causes third-dimensional, not fifth-dimensional, experiences. We should not be waiting for someone to save us or make us billionaire humanitarians. It is we, ourselves, who are creating that to happen, and to have that experience we must change in consciousness first. Outer circumstances only reflect inner conditions.

If there is any real enemy here, it is our resistance to facing this fact.


The Good Life – Breathe It In

The good life as I conceive it is a happy life.
I do not mean that if you are good that you will be happy.
I mean that if you are happy, you will be good.

– Bertrand Russell

Without freedom, there can be no happiness. And without anarchy, there can be no freedom.

An-archy (literally, “without a ruler”) means freedom, because we were created free-willed, self-ruling beings. Anarchy is, therefore, a creative chaos based on trust in the lifeforce to work out all the details.

In a limited form, this is what America promised when it was new. When the US was invented, a few bright people with a pressing sense of their inherent rights, and touched upon by the preliminary energies of the oncoming Aquarian Age (see my article, The Aquarian Age and A New Great Year Began 22 Years Ago: https://operationdisclosure1.blogspot.com/2020/12/the-aquarian-age-and-new-great-year.html ), asserted on paper what they knew to be fundamentally true. One central concept underscored everything they wrote: the fact that each person is created by the divine source as a sovereign being entitled to control his or her own destiny.

A happy anarchy, therefore, is the implied foundation of this country, but the founders, perhaps because they were so used to being ruled that they couldn’t conceive of life entirely without it, perhaps because that was the extent of their spiritual maturity, tried to create a government which would insure freedom. This is an inherently irresolvable contradiction since freedom means to manage oneself, not to be managed, and while they didn’t quite work it all out at the time, they must have intuitively understood this, because they warned us in numerous highly charged statements that, should we allow government to expand, and especially, should we allow banking corporations to control government, our freedom would be lost, our country taken. But time and experience was needed for us to grow into the maturity it would take to understand that.

And so, here we are now, minus much of our freedom, our country all-but-taken-over by psychopaths, and idiots who follow them.

Without the spiritual maturity to appreciate this most basic concept about ourselves, we have allowed the external entity of government to replace our internal, natural ruler, our consciousness and our desire to determine the course of our own lives, exactly in the same way we have allowed modern medicine to replace personal responsibility for health – and with exactly the same disastrous results (1).

According to ancient Greek mythology, humanity was given epinoia, creative imagination, by the divine Mother, Sophia, and her daughter, Zoe, the Lifeforce. ‘Creative imagination’ is not an abstract term and does not mean living in dreamland; it is the actual divinely bestowed power to create. We are supposed to determine our own lives, and are capable, as Jesus said, of doing all the things he did. His main message, in fact, was: “You are like me, so act like me.”

That is true sovereignty. And we lost our knowing of that when our connection with Spirit which created us and Nature which gives us our bodies was tampered with and lost. Our return to sovereignty is based on this understanding. It is only through a remembering of what we are and where we come from that we can find the strength to stop being afraid of and obeying the false authorities who so happily take over in place of our inner knowing. And all they have had to do to take over is frighten us.

The Truth About Us

As innately good beings, we are part of a benevolent, creative, self-ordering universe. No matter what country we live in, we are all endowed with conscience, the voice of our natural morality which guides us like an autopilot to treat each other with kindness and respect and maintain our equilibrium as a group. We always know when we are off course when we pay attention to how we feel through inner knowing. The trademark of the sociopath is that he does not pay attention to that inner knowing and is therefore capable of doing harm, because he doesn’t care. Without that quality of relationship with each other, it is “each one for himself”. The feeling function is here to enable us to live together in harmony as the extended family we actually are. Were we to trust our natural goodness and use this feeling function along with our innate creativity, human society would express freely and happily as a “divinely guided anarchy”(2).

But we have become very confused about our true nature. We have learned to listen to shadowy voices inside and outside ourselves that say we cannot be trusted and should be controlled, and should control each other. These voices tell us that life itself and Nature also are inherently suspect. But are they so wise that they should be trusted over the voice of our true nature?

In believing these dark voices, we have almost lost our ability to tell truth from lies, and have surrendered our natural pace, and with it, our natural peace. Rather than paying attention to how we feel, we start negatively thinking and picturing, and worry and doubt set in. Then, in fear and under compression, we either freeze or speed up. De-sense-itized, and driven by false conclusions, our inner connection is severed, and we cannot act in a balanced way, harmonious with each other and Nature. Our behavior becomes misguided and filled with error, and then we become even more afraid. We create guilt, which blocks us from looking at ourselves, and this compounds our error, and leads to the creation of evil – the end result of deliberate, repeated unconsciousness. One’s willingness to resist knowing the truth is all it takes for things to get worse. Willful ignorance is the real pandemic in our world.

Humanity is experiencing a momentum-driven hand-me-down condition of self-abnegation, depression, and powerlessness that started hundreds of generations behind us. We have inherited several thousand years of heavy conditioning that leads us to doubt and disempower ourselves. We are a traumatized species which has forgotten that it is naturally kind, self-guiding, and co-operative with the planet.

Mythologist John Lamb Lash:

Kindness that comes naturally, not dictated by divine decree or underwritten by a superhuman scheme of reward and punishment, may be inconceivable to many people at this late date in history. Why? Because dominator culture so degrades the human spirit that people under its spell cannot believe in any morality not dictated from on high and enforced by domination. (3)

This is the tragic truth of our times. But in our deep past and in our nearing future, things are very, very different.

Returning To Sanity And Freedom

In past epochs, people lived in a more tranquil harmony as part of Nature, trusting inner nature as the authority qualified to guide them. A Goddess-based consciousness pervaded human culture until an invading force of dominator energy swept it away. Now, most of us just obey rules imposed by substitute authorities, hypnotized by the belief that we have to do what someone else tells us. Spellbound, we allow ‘law’ to tell us what to do, instead of, as was originally intended in the US, using law to protect our divinely bestowed right (not privilege) to do what we want to do. Frightened of and programmed against asking the obvious question: “How do some of us have special rights over the rest?,” we submit and suffer the torment of denying our personal power. The continually suppressed feelings then manifest as sickness and self-destructive and anti-social behaviors. As a justification for ever-increasing control ‘for our own good’, attention is constantly drawn to isolated, cherry-picked, unfortunate events, how crazy some people can be, and what might happen next, while the real bottom-line of truth is carefully avoided.

The Only Real Law We’re Under

The original working concept of law in this country was actually humane and functional. Law was: an acknowledgment of our “self-evident” and “unalienable” right to do whatever we want, as long as we do not hurt anyone else. The principle: “If there is no harm, there is no crime” was the foundation of common law in America. This is natural law.

The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others.
– Thomas Jefferson

What started as a protection of our rights became twisted into control of them: The fundamental truth is that no one has the right to tell another what to do. But by modern law, we must pay for permission from virtually self-appointed authorities even to drive a car, and we are taught to tell ourselves that it is a ‘privilege’! This is oppression and tyranny, and the thinking that goes with it is insane. We have come to believe that we can have a healthy, happy society by somehow successfully controlling each other.

I, personally, had a lengthy conversation with a town council member here in Sedona, Arizona three years ago, who, when I told him that America had more laws than any other country in the world while simultaneously having a larger percentage of the population in jail than any other country – an established fact – not only doubted it, but expressed that having only half our freedoms was better than most other countries, and so that was alright with him.

Even in the face of the horrifying results we have been living, our ego minds, through habit and fear, tell us to continue. But the truth of the situation is that the more laws we invent, the more criminals we create, and the worse things become. Land of the free (or happy) we are not.

Let’s look closer…

Love Really Is The Answer

The predominant cause of crime is said to be poverty, but the real cause is deprivation. It is deprivation because there is no actual shortage of the things people don’t get enough of – love and physical resources including money. There is no lack of these – just the lack of the sharing of them. There are huge, unaddressed issues underlying this behavior because it is our nature to love and share, and it hurts when we don’t.

Upon identifying this, three things then become shamefully obvious:

1/ Poverty, therefore crime, is under our direct and immediate control.

2/ Crime has nothing directly to do with law.

3/ We are so socially conditioned and willfully ignorant that we prefer to follow our present course, even though it is consuming us.

We have become addicted to trying to control each other’s behavior to stop bad things from happening, rather than to address the situation at the level from which it originates: how we think and feel about ourselves. We behave somnambulistically, not stopping long enough to feel our feelings about what we have been doing and to be honest about the results we have been creating. Denial, therefore, is at the root of our unfortunate circumstances, for if we faced the truth, we would then have to admit: It is our refusal to love and to share that has caused it all.

And that is the same as saying it is our betrayal of our true nature that has made the world what it is today.

When We Really Panicked And Lost It All

So how did we lose that spark of spiritual maturity that sang 200 years ago when some of us signed the Declaration of Independence? Where did our “Common Sense” disappear to? We can see, in a careful examination of our American history, moments at which we progressively became more confused about our priorities. Then, at a specific point, for the promise of material security, Americans petitioned the government to institute external control over our free will. There was a conclusive event in which we freely chose to turn from the voice of inner guidance to the voice of fear and greed, and we gave our power, thus our money, to external authority.

Here is what actually happened, the turning point in US history that set the foundation for what we are now experiencing:

With “the panic of 1907,” wealthy robber barons – Rothschild, Morgan, Rockefeller, Harriman, and others – induced an event on Wall Street designed to nearly capsize the market to scare the populace into asking for a central bank to take control of the money (4) . The promise the bankers made was that through central banking they would be able to control market fluctuations, stabilize the economy, and make everybody’s lives safe and secure. We traded our freedom for that.

Their true intentions were completely the opposite.

Their scheme worked. As the bankers predicted, a terrified America cried for a central bank, and in 1913 Woodrow Wilson signed over the country to the Federal Reserve system- the third and present privately-owned central bank in our history. Three years later, Wilson was to say, “I have unwittingly destroyed my country.”

Everything predicted by the enemies of banks, in the beginning, is now coming to pass.
We are to be ruined now by the deluge of bank paper.

-Thomas Jefferson

This sad, unconscious act on the part of the people created an environment for fear, greed, and rampant materialism in the forms of cartel-planned obsolescence, fractional reserve usury-banking, and constant war to destroy the economy and take the American people prisoner as debt slaves. This is what came from giving up our trust in personal responsibility, inner guidance, and spiritual sovereignty.

Our country’s history for over one hundred years now has accurately reflected what life is like when a people sever their connection with their spiritual center – they give up their entitlement to determine the course of their own lives. Our gold, the symbolic representation of spiritual essence, was taken away and replaced with IOUs made out to the takers. The people became debt slaves, the dollar is worth less than 2% of what it was when the barons took over, and this is all an outer reflection of our spiritual bankruptcy.

But there is more.

In turning away from our natural selves, we chose to create and live in a ‘virtual’ society instead of a real one, where we now have a substitute to mimic the real thing in every area of life, but which gives the opposite result from the thing it mimics and takes the place of. There is imposed regulation for ‘safety,’ instead of conscience and consciousness for freedom; genetically manipulated food for profit, instead of naturally grown food for health; chemtrail weather for control over nature, instead of real weather for harmony with nature; toxic pharmaceuticals for desensitized experience, instead of natural medicines for exuberant life… all designed to usurp the natural self’s place in our lives by creating a simulacra universe separate from the real thing that we can live in in our minds instead.

How We Return To Ourselves

What keeps us from regaining our natural wealth is our failure to gather our spiritual will, face the truth, and reclaim our true nature as physical, earth-centered human beings. Because of the negative momentum we’ve created through fear and denial, only an immense act of suffering-catalyzed, spiritually-centered intention, and actions which are in alignment with that, can move us into a new world. Fighting anything is not going to do it. In fact, identifying with our life now as a war to be won lowers our vibration to the duality-conflict level and disables our ability to create what we want instead.

I want to make this point super-clear:

Since the mind controls the biochemical process of the body, telling ourselves we are in a war puts us in a state of ‘defensive alertness’ and we have only three options: freeze, flee, or fight. This compromises all our other functions; energy leaves our creative resources and shuts down the immune system to go into the arms and legs for defensive action. This is basic biological fact.

So if you want to consign yourself to constant conflict with no resolve and no end, then fight on. Fight hard. Give it all you’ve got. For as you desire, so shall you create. But if what you want is peace, freedom and happiness, you need only to stop fighting and start creating those states in place of what you don’t want in your life anymore. For those intending on entering the fifth dimension and unity consciousness, it is essential to realize: You cannot fight your way in there. Entry is based on your higher vibration. Get to work on your fears and judgments and neutralize them. Stop listening to the lizard brain. Empty your mind and go into Presence, where you have the chance to be assisted by the lifeforce. Higher dimensional vibration creates higher dimensional experience. What goes past so many of us is that we are energy generators. What we generate, creates.

What do you want to create?

But Shouldn’t We Be Taking Actions On Our Behalf?

Right now, enormous amounts of people are engaged in obeying the illicit, destructive edicts of psychopathic rulers they put into place, while also protesting against them to get them to give everybody permission to be free. How insane is that? Your jailers do not want you to be free, but what is keeping you un-free is your complicity with the crimes they are committing by obeying them. They are not to blame for your dilemma; you are. Stop obeying them. Take responsibility and do the right thing for yourselves.

See The Change, Be The Change

For humanity to see the change we are destined for, those of us who are ready must rely on our inner power which is divine, and use it, direct it with intention, for the way things change in the world is through the use of our imagination – which means our divine power put to use through intention and right action. Gandhi told the British they would “see the wisdom of leaving,” because a hundred thousand Brits could not control three hundred and fifty million Indians who refused to obey!

Courage, trust in the good in us, and sincerely calling for divine assistance can bring us back to ourselves and help us fully realize our new world. This is the most beautiful thing: that humanity is a free, spiritual family, and the only way a family can successfully function is through love and sharing. As there is no shortage of ‘beans’ of any kind, we have better things to do than to spend our lives counting them.

We have to reexamine everything now and decide what is really important to us. We have to reimagine ourselves back to what we were created to be as happy, playful, sovereign beings. This is absolutely within our power because freedom is in our genetic memory waiting to be called up and in the life force field itself waiting to be accessed again. As we begin to listen more to the wisdom of the heart than the words of the head, we will touch a level of spiritual maturity that will produce ripples of behavioral change that will beget a society of individuals who will be at peace because they finally feel connected and safe inside.

It all comes from inside.

Sit quietly. Imagine the world and you in it at peace. Know that it exists now. And here we are.


The changes in the energy field of the planet and humanity that are made from the action of imagining are what create the external changes of experience. The mind is the farmer, the body is the field.

The Dao (Life, The Creator) is not going to let humanity die out or destroy itself. It is bringing us forward to a higher, freer level. It is wise to remember what we ordinarily do not think of: We are loved. There is no external work involved in making the shift to a higher level. All the real work is internal; the external then reflects that. All ‘progress’ now being made externally is possible only because of changes we make internally to our consciousness. This is not to say that The Alliance and ‘Juan O’Savin’ are not doing anything helpful. It is to say that what they are able to do is made possible by what we are doing internally through our wanting and choosing a better life. Again, it is not a fight; it is a shift in consciousness that produces a shift in state.

The new American Revolution is not one of protests, but of a willful, dynamic, paradigm shifting to a consciousness of unity and love, our natural state, where ‘trust in’ is preferred to ‘control over,’ and where anarchy is understood not to be destructive chaos, but natural order. This must be brought about by willing ourselves to remember what we are, cleanly facing our issues of fear, judgment, and projection, and not doing things which go against our common sense and sense of love for life and each other – no matter who or what tells us to. In an awake society such as this, all forms of government, law and en-force-ment, and the use of money with its concepts of “owning” and “owing” disappear, as they are inherently unnecessary to a group of love-centered, cooperatively-living human beings in a world that already has a superabundance of everything needed. From the standpoint of unity consciousness, controls are not only useless, they are ab-usive.

Yes, in our delightful, enlightened society based on the truth of what we are, there will be no use of force – we will have moved our attention from brain-mind ego thinking in fear to heart-mind unity consciousness in love as the center of our awareness. We will have remembered that cooperation is natural and produces the best results, and we will remember our true purpose and return to our original path: the path of joyful, self-determined, creative living and being – the kind that originally emanated from an innately loving, fabulously creative Life Source.

We will trust the natural mind we were originally given at birth.

We will move from fright and flight to flight in freedom.

It’s all a matter of choosing it.

 Another world is not only possible, she is on her way.
On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.

-Arundhati Roy


Parisse Deza is a new age Renaissance man, a visionary with 48 years experience in self-cultivation arts, who calls his field Consciousness and Creativity. He is an educator, counselor, reader, artist, writer, and Daoist internal alchemy, chigung, and feng-shui adept living in Sedona, Arizona. His main purpose is seeing-in the Aquarian Age and the fulfillment of the original American dream of absolute personal freedom in relationship with all Life.

You are always welcome and encouraged to share my writing, respecting my rights and needs as an author. If you use excerpts, be sure to leave them in the form they came in, employing “…” in passages you want to shorten. This way the work keeps its integrity. Thanks.

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  1. Deb


    EVEYTHING makes sense now.

    (god created us free to rule our own life, then the fall from Eden was when they used fear to control us, and sin is we believe this fear.) “This control is oppression and tyranny.The continually suppressed feelings… (fear and NO freedom) then manifest as sickness.

    1. Parisse Deza

      Hi Deb, I am very glad you found the article that helpful. That’s why I write them. Blessings, Parisse

    2. Parisse Deza

      Thank you Deb, for getting so much from the article and commenting. As each one of us remembers more and more of what is natural and right, the world we live in shifts higher and higher. Blessings, Parisse

  2. Del Parker

    I read and research a lot of things. This is the most profound, beautiful piece I have read. Thanks for this. I will pass it along to my friends and family.

    1. Parisse Deza

      Hi Del, Thank you for the feedback; it is most appreciated. And thanks for sending the article along. My purpose in writing is to bring to light what so many of us have been struggling to understand and what to do about it. We are working our way out of the dark.
      Blessings, Parisse

  3. jay L Werner

    much truth “but” a little too new agey , almost like an adult romper
    room , there is more depth to life than that . I believe many will agree with me .

    1. Parisse Deza

      Hi Jay, What you seem to be calling “new agey” is the actual practical metaphysics behind how things are created in life. Nothing spacey or woo-woo about this. The “depth to life” everyone is looking for is in the spiritual underpinnings I write about in my articles; that is: the spiritual is the causal realm for everything we have on Earth. Try reading the piece again with that in mind. Thanks and blessings, Parisse

    1. Parisse Deza

      Hi LoLo, Thank you very much for reading it and I’m glad it is so valuable to you. Please share it with others. The reason I write is to bring to light those things which are hard to see and understand. If you got more clarity because of the article, I am happy. Thanks and blessings, Parisse