Sanat Kumara: Between the Dimensions

sanat kumara eraoflightdotcomDESCENT OR ASCENT?

Several times a day you will wander and commute between the dimensions of the 3D earth and the 5D world. This demands you completely and claims your whole forces!

I am SANAT KUMARA, human among humans, spirit from spirit and divine like you!

Beloved human, I am with you now with the armada of light entities that accompany this earth and you through this time! With everything what happens and takes place now: You are just as little alone as the earth is not alone in its massive transformation.

It is the time of the final decisions and the time in which each human being determines his future time line and his future life circumstances.

It is unmistakable that the days of change have dawned – transformation and change, descent or ascent are no longer theory today, but are everyday practice, are what is happening before your eyes every day.

Already people’s choices are having consequences, because the sword of truth is passing through relationships, friendships and families. This fact is challenging and demands everything from you. For while in spirit you are anchored in the 5th dimension, on a physical level you are dealing with the density of the 3rd dimension.

Your everyday life is full of situations that you often thought you had already overcome. While your spiritual being finds deep joy and deep happiness in the living connection with God, you encounter earthly circumstances that can bring you out of your inner balance. Your present days are shaping up in this field of tension:

The NEW Earth is not yet realized and an epic battle is raging for the OLD Earth!

What is now the best method to maneuver safely through this phase of descent for some and ascension for others and to stay spiritually, mentally and physically whole and healthy?


First, I ask you:

– Give up all resistance to the current developments! Above all, give up resistance and concern that so many people are now turning to darkness and not to light. What is happening now is happening in accordance with pre-natal agreements of souls. Many are getting lost – and this is just as desired and wanted by the individual souls.

Please do not interfere mentally or energetically in the lives and decisions of your fellow human beings. Unless you are explicitly asked to do so.

Things are taking their course and today your unconditional love for all that is will be put to the test – today you can achieve mastery in this.

Because the decisions of people for the path of darkness and into the descent take place in your next environment. So let go! Meditate on this subject until you can accept and embrace everything from the depths of your soul.


As a second point I add:

– Please deepen your own transformation work! Give your worries and problems the attention they need now, so they can dissolve! Dedicate yourself to your fears so that you can see through them, recognize them and release them! Pay more attention than ever to keeping your own house clean and sweep outside your own door! Stay inwardly aligned with God and recognize the deep meaning of your existence on this 3D earth!

You are Light and shine to those who want to find themselves – and so make sure that your inner glow never stops and that the flame of life never goes out.

While heaven is opening up in your soul, you are experiencing the chaos of the 3D earth on the outside.

This challenge must be overcome, because please remember who you are: a master who has chosen this life to achieve perfection.

If you have bad days, give everything to God!

If you have good days, then share your joy with God!

Go every step with GOD and perceive HIS presence in the heart and in the everyday life.

Strength, courage, perseverance and composure, security and love – you find everything in God! I am with you, I am omnipresent all-embracing consciousness. I am beginning and end!

I love you infinitely!

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**Source **Channel: Jahn Kassl

2 Replies to “Sanat Kumara: Between the Dimensions”

  1. Ss

    le debut et la fin, la fin et le debut, les cycles infinis… c l’infini recommencement et fin, sans arret… toujours pour toute infinité…

  2. sonja zoghlami

    Merci cher Sanat Kumara. J’approuve votre message. Mais je ne comprends quand vous dites :” je suis le début et la fin”. Merci de m’éclairer sur cette phrase. Je vous aime infiniment.