Wondering What’s REALLY Going Behind The Scenes Right Now? Here’s Your Answer

the light within eraoflightdotcomIt is now time to understand the secrets that have been hidden from you for so very long. Secrets, that have been (quite successfully) hidden, both by your mainstream, as well as your numerous alternative news media outlets out there alike. The secret of what’s REALLY going on behind the scenes, at this time.

And while the following news reveal might have many of you raising an eyebrow (or more) here, the FACT is that there is, quite literally, NOTHING that’s quite actually “up” right now. And I’m so NOT kidding about this.

For, you see, You, (that’s right, YOU!) LITERALLY get to DECIDE as to what’s actually “up” right now (or not) out there, because, the entire (so-called) “reality” that’s in front of you right now, is, a DREAM. An ILLUSION. Or, as the Hindus would call it, MAYA.

Moreover, because you are quite literally GOD INCARNATE; YOU get to decide what’s up right now in a way that is no different than a Lucid Dreamer calling the shots in their own lucid dream no less.

“Now now! Hold it right there!”, you object furiously, reminding me gently (or not-so-gently) that just because all of this is an “illusion”, doesn’t mean that your hand still won’t get burned if you placed it upon a stove or something. Or the fact that there is a very REAL war being waged right now, right at this very moment, between factions of light and the dark. Or that souls are still suffering out there for REAL, the so-called “illusory” nature of reality be damned.

AND you would be absolutely right in your arguments there, with just one catch: YOU focusing on all of the suffering out there, be it “real” or “illusory”, helps NO ONE.

Please do read that one again: You FOCUSING on all of the (ultimately illusory) suffering that is out there, helps NO ONE.

Why? Because for one thing, what you FOCUS on (and therefore give ENERGY to), you only create MORE OF; both for yourself, AND for the entire COLLECTIVE no less. Focus constantly upon the news about how “the vaccine is killing so many around the world”, and you’ll find more and more of the said news making its way to you somehow; the said death numbers growing larger and larger every single time you read the “news”. Focus intently upon how the lockdowns are increasing more and more wherever you look, only to find yourself getting even more of just THAT. Same with the vaccine passports and the virus deaths and what-else-have-you.

Because, dearest CREATOR GOD beings, you all are actually THAT powerful. Your ENTIRE reality is being created and shaped by you right now. IN. EVERY. SINGLE. NOW. MOMENT. Shaped by your thoughts, your feelings, your words, your actions, and your beliefs alike. What’s more, because you are a part of, and are ONE WITH the ENTIRE collective consciousness, your energies WILL influence the entire collective consciousness (either positively or negatively), whether you like it or NOT.

Some Real Life Examples: Remember Gandhi? That guy who was massively instrumental in helping free Indians from their British colonialist enslavers/overlords, and that too, through the use of something as “ridiculously stupid” and “outright unfeasible” as Non-Violent Protests? While the rest of India was focusing on how badly they had been permanently enslaved by the British, this guy was dreaming about the country being FREE. And through NON-VIOLENCE at that (the sheer GALL of this crazy man!). A dream, that most other Indians would have called outright foolish, hopeless, or even naïve beyond any imaginable point of redemption! And yet, there he was, first dreaming, and then, taking concrete INSPIRED ACTION through that place of KNOWING himself as an all powerful, divine, CREATOR GOD.

Martin Luther King did the same. So did Nelson Mandela. So did Jesus and Buddha and Nikola Tesla.

Gandhi didn’t look at the “fact” that the Indians were nothing compared to the British in terms of their military might, power, and global influence. Neither did he give in to “the “REALITY” of things” and accept enslavement like the rest of his countrymen; or sit there crying about life’s injustices and atrocities.

Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela didn’t go, “Slavery is an objectively permanent REALITY FIXTURE and no one’s EVER been able to change things about that till date so why even bother NOW?”

Now, had ALL of the above mentioned people, and the many great (known and unknown) CREATOR GODS who have walked this land, looked at the (so-called) “News” every single day to decide what’s “really” going on and determine as to whether to be happy or depressed or downright distressed as a result, we’d be living in levels of hell right now that would even make the current version of “reality” look like heaven by comparison.

Now please don’t get me wrong here, for, as a lightworker myself, I too am tempted to check into news websites (and alternative news websites and blogs, for that matter) every now and then to see as to just “what’s up.” Because yes, this indeed has been a challenging lifetime, and yes, I too get it as much as anyone else reading this as to how hard all of this has been on us all.

However, there’s a HUGE and INCREDIBLE difference between lightly scanning news / alternative headlines daily to merely know “what’s up”, versus taking things (i.e., an utterly illusory “reality”) super-seriously — AS IF the external reality was actually THAT “real” and IMMUTABLE (which it is SO NOT).

There’s a GIGANTIC difference between KNOWING some of the negative goings-on out there for general awareness reasons and purposes, and FOCUSING upon the said goings-on and predictions TO THE DEGREE that you literally start MANIFESTING more and more of them, all over the place that too!

Though, if you really don’t believe me here, feel absolutely free and welcome to experiment with this idea for yourselves (with, hopefully, less threatening or neutral ideas and “realities” to start off with), and you’ll soon KNOW the truth about this for yourselves. For instance, just think about something neutral, say Photography or Cooking or Goldfishes for some time. Think about it dedicatedly and non-stop, giving it your fullest time, energy and attention NON STOP. Within less than a week’s time (or even a matter of hours now) you’ll find that information and insights and images and stories and REALITIES about your chosen subject of interest start pouring into your life, like NEVER BEFORE. You’ll even overhear conversations about it and start seeing and finding your topic-of-interest in places you’d LEAST expected it to pop up. AND, the more you keep focusing upon it, the more and more and more of it will you see your reality becoming INFUSED with it and MIRRORRING it right back at you!

Now, imagine what would happen if you put all of that INTENSE focus and energy and attention and sheer, untapped creative GOD-POWER AND POTENTIAL of yours, for actually POSITIVE and UPLIFTING reasons and purposes!

Focus INTENTLY for news of your environment being restored to its fullest glory, and you’ll start seeing evidence of it sooner than you think.

Focus on people getting HEALED the world over, and that’s what you will start seeing (and WAY sooner than you’d expect at that).

Focus on humanity UNITING in LOVE and HARMONY and BROTHERHOOD and CAMARADERIE, find just THAT.

Focus on peace and forgiveness and upliftment, start finding just THAT.

Focus intently on FULL ET DISCLOSURE, to see UNPRECEDENTED forward movement regarding exactly THAT!


The more you focus upon these things, the more you will see your reality becoming and showing exactly THAT.

THAT’S your true power, dearest lightworkers, wanderers, lightwarriors, starseeds, and all others joined together for the common cause of ascension, at this time.

And THAT’S EXACTLY what you came here to do.

To sum things up, don’t wait for news; go MAKE SOME.

That’s right. Go make your own news.
Your time starts NOW.

P.S.: Two easy and powerful Mantras for anyone and everyone feeling utterly ADDICTED or COMPELLED to reading mainstream media news / alternative news nonstop, and to the point of their own DETRIMENT at that. Just write / print out either or both of these Mantras out in large letters and paste them upon your walls, your fridges, your ovens, and even set them as your phone and PC wallpapers no less (until their entire messages truly sink in!).


Simply SCAN (super-quickly!) through your mainstream / alternative news headlines once a day and SCRAM right outta there as soon as you’re done! Give yourself no more than a minute or two to do this every 24 hours, and think-about or do something that is absolutely positive and uplifting right after! Hopefully do this somewhere in the middle of your day — so that this “news” isn’t the very first thing that you wake up to, or the very last thing on your mind before you nod right off to sleep! And, unless the “news” is something that you are truly inwardly / intuitively GUIDED to look into deeper or is something that directly affects your life, read NO MORE past the headline! That’s right. Scan and Scram. Scan and Scram. Scan and SCRAM! Repeat said Mantra until it’s your “new normal.” You’ll see the positive differences that this makes to your life soon enough. Feel free to do the same with your Social Media, your negative friends and family acquaintances, and even your mom if you so have to!


What exactly are you focused upon RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT? Is it something that is truly POSITIVE, uplifting, joyful, abundant, peaceful, loving, vibrant, hopeful and EXCITING (be it a thought / action / news / event / activity / story or what-else-have-you), or is it something that is just the very opposite of positive and uplifting? Make these checks every hour (if not way MORE!), and you’ll see their beneficial effects upon your life (and upon your very world) faster than your wildest imaginings! Yeah, manifestation speeds are speeding up real fast now, dearest folks.

P.P.S. To understand what I said above even better, go listen to the utterly beautiful song ‘Run Man Run’ by Ennio Morricone whenever you so get the time to, written over HALF A CENTURY ago when darkness truly and totally ‘Ran’ Man’s World, and the lyrics of the song would’ve been classified anywhere between naïve and outright foolish. And yet, here we are, witnessing a collective awakening of omniversal proportions no less! Some lines from the song to conclude things…

Somewhere…there is a land where men do not kill each other!

Somewhere…there is a land where men call a man a brother!

Somewhere…you will find a place where men live without fear!

Somewhere…if you keep on running, someday, you’ll be FREE!

Never! No NEVER! They’ll NEVER lock you in!!!

Never!! No NEVER!!! No NEVER let them win!!!

Go ahead young man, face towards the SUN!

Run man, while you can!

Run man, run man, run!!!

In Love and Light,


6 Replies to “Wondering What’s REALLY Going Behind The Scenes Right Now? Here’s Your Answer”

  1. Susana

    un poco solo un poco triste, ya que ahora me ven como un bicho raro o aveces invisible. Ya he permanecido mucho tiempo tratando de comprender como vivimos, con amor y por amor para Gaia

  2. John Sutter

    The fact is very few people are waking up. I see 98% of my fellow citizens wearing masks, obediently complying.

    We cannot ignore what they are doing as has been pointed out in another posting. Additionally, we have these postings on here that there is a covert war going on underground and in the skies, of which I am rather dubious.

    The point is we have to physically resist this dark web destroying us. They have no problem using violence to enforce what they want. Just ignoring what they are doing and focusing on something else isn’t going to get rid of these demons.

    I concentrate on pointing out the truth and exposing all the lies.

    We need perhaps 25% of the people willing to commit to actual resistance. We are nowhere near that.

  3. Debbie

    I’m taking the challenge. I shall focus on GOLDFISH.
    In an article yesterday – it talked about god created us with FREEDOM and to rule our own life, then a long time ago man started using fear to control us.

    This clears things up for me, this is how I see it now
    = the fall from Eden was when they used fear to control us, and sin is believing this fear.

  4. Mike

    One cannot ONLY focus… focussing always creates/comes with a “judgement”/an interpetation about what we´re looking at. “THE PROBLEM” is the words we use to describe what we don´t (yet) understand.

    AS boots on the ground everybody is THE NOT KNOWING part of their own equation and THEREFORE should always express that/AS that, IF one´s intention is to unite with “the other half”, because:

    I´m not sure if this is “common knowledge” but “THE HIGHER SELF” talks just like us/”AS” US/constantly “thru/to” us… but it´s OUR JOB to figure out “WHO AM I”/”how to turn “our breath”, this “one way” passage-way, into a TWO WAY CORRIDOR” or we will never meet “them”… bc as humans we are “THE PORTAL”… THEY can´t come any other way or tap us on the shoulder to go “pssssst…” and tell us how it works or not works…

    “I” have done that for/within my little “bubble/world” BUT “that road”/experience “you wouldn´t wish on your worst enemy” and I still don´t know “how” I survived what felt like “TORTURE AT IT´S BEST” most of the time and that literally “on the other hand” was THE BEST EXPERIENCE one could wish for..:

    “Sorry” for have gotten carried away with this but there is so much MOVEMENT while I´m writing this… WHAT I MEANT TO SAY is THERE IS ONLY ONE WORD (at least that´s the only one I found) that can assure you to stay in balance whilst focussing on whatever and that is “INTERESTING”…

    If after reading this (or whatever) you feel a less than positve resonance within you just name it “interesting”… just TO BE “on the safe side”… always.

  5. Sharmaine

    Just beautiful Aseim. I’m an Aussie, and this is what I’ve pictured for the World. Gandhi embodies silence, strength, peace, unity and ultimately effectiveness.
    A stunning piece of inspiration

    1. Debbie

      Just like Gandhi (through NON-VIOLENCE),  let’s continue our focus on dreaming about the the world being FREE.