Saint Germain: The Corona mRNA Vaccination

saint germain @ era of light dot comJJK: For about a week now, the energy has been building for this conversation about Corona vaccination, and for a week now, the closer this conversation gets, the more depressed and sad I get. This book keeps talking about it, but now, I feel, we are going deep.

Austria has started vaccinating – the propaganda is in full swing. This triggers inner trepidation in me, because I have to see that even in my immediate circle of friends and family there are more and more people who want to be vaccinated. Sometimes, for a short time, I even lose the basic positive feeling that otherwise reliably carries me through life.

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: I embrace you with my love! I am with you. I am now with all people who are willing to deal with this situation in the light of truth.

The time that was announced to you has come. The chaff separates from the wheat and no stone remains on the other.

These words of Jesus are being fulfilled in these days: “I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.” (Matthew 10:34, note JJK). And this sword reaches across friendships and families.


The days for people to decide have dawned. On the subject of corona inoculation it is shown what a person has chosen: Renewed experiences on a low vibrational level of being – or the completion of this journey and the new beginning on a high vibrational earth.

Descent or ascent – that is now the question that every human being faces. Rely on it: Every human being makes, in spite of these manipulative circumstances, the right decision!

According to his maturity and his consciousness the human being thinks and acts. He directs his life according to his inner visions and ideas.

You can convert nobody or hold off from something what still wants to be lived or experienced. Nobody is forced to this inoculation – and yet so many people feel compelled. Fear mechanisms trigger this insecurity. Often it is unresolved blockages and it is too little connection to the Divine that suggests to people a hopelessness that does not exist.

JJK: I did a meditation with the Crystal Cube of Ascension before our conversation.

(The crystal cube CB11 is unfortunately not available at the moment! Due to the Corona situation, the supply chains are also unstable and we also sometimes receive our orders late. Therefore we ask you for some patience and of course we will keep you informed! Note JJK)

The number 6 came. The book description says: “Union of opposites: Man and Woman, Black and White, Positive and Negative, Above and Below. Living peace, being peace, bringing about peace.”

From this I deduce that we should accept everything that is happening now, even what we experience in our closest environment, in peace and accept it in love. A really great exercise!

To remain at peace where there is discord, and to accept everything in love – with so much madness and with even more madness – and considering that so many close friends and even family members choose fear instead of self-confidence.

I experience it, as described at the beginning, in my environment increasingly that very many people, from whom I would not have thought it, flirt with the vaccination or have already had the needle set. I myself am not a militant opponent of vaccination. To each his own, I think. But this Corona mRNA vaccination is the last thing I want to do to my body. Hardly tested and with devastating damages, which can already be seen in the first months after the worldwide vaccination start, I don’t even have the slightest confidence in this vaccine.

On top of that, this “cure” is presented to us by people like Bill Gates. Gates is an avowed eugenicist and thinks that there are too many people on the planet! And now just HE wants to save us? To see through this is really no art. But why do most people have such a hard time with it?


MASTER ST. GERMAIN: This time is the invitation to unconditional love. Many things can be understood and healed only under the aspect of unconditional love, no matter what decision a person makes: respect the person and value his decision. An exercise worthy of your mastery and accomplishment.

Why do so many people see through so little? Because they have a curtain in front of their consciousness so that they can have certain experiences. Even if it is painful to watch these people in their self-imposed suffering:

Everyone deserves to be respected for their choice.

JJK: Unconditional love also for Bill Gates & the usual suspects?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: Do you know another way to turn hate and fears into love?

Love unconditionally – and separate yourself at the same time!

People and situations that want to harm you must be kept at a distance or warded off. Also the love sometimes needs the sword.

JJK: To love all people, exactly as they are – to the work therefore, I can only say.

After meditating in preparation for our conversation, I randomly looked up PARAMAHANSA YOGANANDA:

“My master [Sri Yukteswar] once asked me, ‘Do you love people?’ I replied, ‘No, I love only God.’ ‘That is not enough,’ he replied. Later he asked me again, ‘Do you love people?’ With a blissful smile I replied, ‘Don’t ask me.’ He could see that my love was now too comprehensive for me to talk about. This time he only smiled.” (From: The Universal LOVE behind all our RELATIONSHIPS, TB vianova, p. 50)

I don’t know how much I love people, but when I think how many are now getting “immunized” against Corona, my heart gets tight. Sometimes, however, I don’t feel anything at all when I see how they always just choose fear instead of standing up. It is a back and forth of feelings and emotions.

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: It’s a collective fear pattern that’s activated here – and that affects you sometimes stronger and then weaker.


JJK: I’ve heard that people who get vaccinated commit collective suicide.

That’s why even people who never think about suicide suddenly have suicidal thoughts. It is a transmission from the “collective motive” of many people. Fortunately, the thought has never occurred to me! But is there something to it?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: Yes, this is a fact that influences the thought patterns of people. Many people who are now getting inoculated against Corona know that their time on this earth is up and that they will not go along with the change. They choose this exit scenario.

Indeed, therefore, be mindful of which thoughts, feelings and emotions are coming from yourselves and which are being superimposed upon you.

I invite you, summon me and call upon the VIOLET FLAME OF TRANSFORMATION! As soon as you are in doubt or confronted with thoughts of this kind, summon me – let the light work and let it bring you back into the power and clarity.


What does this mRNA vaccine really do?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: It’s explained in a few sentences.

This vaccine introduces building blocks of artificial intelligence into the human body. It is the beginning of the transformation of the human being into a machine.

Furthermore, the human body recognizes a massive threat in these building blocks, which means it begins a defense that is so radical that even healthy cells are killed in the process. The body wages war against itself.

The natural immune system of the human body cannot match the intruder and goes out of control.

As a result, these people become susceptible to diseases that were previously a trifle for the immune system.

And finally, the most important point: these particles of artificial intelligence (AI) ensure that the connection of the human being to his soul is interrupted and disturbed. If further vaccinations of this kind follow the first Corona vaccination, this is irreparable.

The human being loses the inner connection to the divine through this vaccination.

That is, the contact and exchange with the astral, etheric, and mental body is lost. Gradually the spiritual reference point in life fades away – the spiritual umbilical cord to the High Self and the soul is cut.

This vaccine signifies the transformation of man from an ensouled being to an unsouled robot.

A person provided with the corona vaccine can no longer vibrate up and remains in a low-frequency vibrational range throughout his life.

Many, who let themselves be taken over by the system, will not even notice this.


Obviously this is only for people who are trained to look behind. You will notice the first change in the eyes of vaccinated people. Their eyes lose their glow and become cold. Then you will feel that these people are no longer animate or inhabited. They feel like a house where there is no one.

On the body level, the vaccinated people begin to develop a great susceptibility to disease. This calls for further therapies. The toxic cycle continues – and in the end what happens is inevitable: the great dying.

JJK: But people just don’t see that.

They think they will regain safety and freedom with vaccination, and in the end they will probably lose both. Today I was reminded of another word from Jesus: “For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel’s will save it.” (Mark 8:35)

This seems to be coming true in these days.

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: The word is being fulfilled. The exposition “and for the gospel’s sake” is wrong. This passage was added later by the church scholars to give legitimacy to the official proclamation.

It happens as you are told. The word of Christ and the word of God are being fulfilled. People who have had little connection to their souls or to the divine do not see the need to expand their horizons even today. What they feel is fear, fear of the virus, fear of limitations, fear of existential hardships. Unresolved fears of death have an even deeper effect – that is why people let everything happen to them.

Many want to regain their old life through the Corona vaccination. This fails! Because for the vaccinated there is always only freedom for time – and the old life comes for nobody ever again.

The “old life” should not be desirable for you at all. Because was the old life really blissful? Or were there shortcomings, injustice and misery in all corners and ends of this world?

The situation of mankind was also before this Corona staging extremely “therapy-needy”. Therefore understand this time as a blessing and as what it is in truth: the chance for the lightful change!

What announces itself now is a new humanity, however only with those humans, who can and want to swing up.

JJK: In a message sent to me in 2016 by ASANA MAHATARI (Master St. Germain has incarnated again as a human being and Asana Mahatari is the spiritual name chosen by the Ascended Master for his current life on earth. The name means: “seat of the heavenly peace”, note, JJK) was transmitted, it speaks of a “great event”. Concerning the current situation of the world it says there:

“Things are coming to a head. There is an oppressive, for some oppressive calm that heralds a great discharge. It will and must happen that a broad human public becomes aware of what exists between heaven and earth. The awakening of humanity, without visible signs from heaven, would still take eons.

But the great change cannot be postponed that long. The quality of time demands that certain changes occur now – and so a calm is now to be perceived that points to a great event.

JJK: What “great event”?

ASANA MAHATARI: “The dissolution of previous structures in society and the end of the world as it has been.

This affects the economic, political, religious level of human coexistence and affects the geology of the planet itself.

Everything is changing over and it is happening very rapidly by planetary and cosmic standards.

JJK: How long is it until then?

ASANA MAHATARI: It is already underway. The consequences of this process will become more serious with each new event, with each discharge and “rectification” – until the world is unrecognizable.

JJK: Will many people “die”?

ASANA MAHATARI: Many, very many people will leave this place. In order for the earth to heal and for humanity to reconnect, those people who oppose this must leave this world. They will all be received on the other side of the veil in love and every soul will be taken care of!

So do not worry, but be ready for this change, for truly, it will be silent in this world.”

JJK: That is, because of the Corona vaccination, many people will die?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: There will be many people leaving this plane of being.

Many who cling to their life will lose it and many who are willing to give it away will gain it.

JJK: How many people is that in numbers?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: It depends on how many more people are reached by the light forces now. For one thing is certain: the panic action of the forces of cold light contributes to the awakening of very many people. How many people this will be in the end remains to be seen.

In any case, the earth’s population will decrease significantly, because very many people neither want to nor can participate in the ascension.

JJK: I also think this often! Just now there are ideal conditions to wake up. The actions of the dark elites are so irrational, panicky and blatantly brutal that more and more people are seeing the light and saying to themselves, “Something is wrong here!” More and more people are noticing these things.

I am now concerned with the question of whether there is any possibility of healing if someone has received a Corona vaccination and then wants to eliminate these substances. Is it possible?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: It is possible, but only for very few people! This requires the consciousness of the person – and a very high and constant natural vibration. The question is: Why did you let yourself be vaccinated?

A conscious person, someone who is at peace with himself and who lives in a higher vibrational reality, will keep his distance from this vaccination.

However, there are exceptional cases where brute force is involved or other reasons that make vaccination inevitable.

JJK: When someone is threatened with jail or being shot, certainly, those are extreme cases, but who knows how crazy everything will get. Certainly there are real and imagined emergencies.

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: What is an emergency situation is determined by each person for himself.

The important thing to understand is, there are always ways to heal. Some things are irreversible on the body level after a certain point. The person must live with the consequences or die from them. Thereupon, new opportunities for healing present themselves – either in a next life with a new body or on the spiritual-emotional level beyond the veil.

To all people who cannot avoid a Corona vaccination, but resist it themselves with all their soul and are fully aware of the negative consequences, I place the following emergency invocation to INCREASING ANGEL METATRON in the soul:

This invocation is for emergency and I tell you:

Most people believe they are in an emergency situation, while a simple but clear NO to the Corona vaccination would be enough to remain unharmed. Because those, who organize this, need your approval. Be aware of your power – human!

How the fellow men react to your NO, must not interest a conscious and awakened human being any more. What does a tree care if a dog barks at it or if a rabbit does its business under it.

JJK: What happens to a person who has been cut off from his soul after dying? Does he easily find his way back to his spiritual family, does he find his soul and himself again?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: When the body is discarded, the impairments that the specific body brought with it also disappear. What remains in this case is a disorientation immediately after dying.

I tell you: every person is picked up at the gate to the afterlife. Some souls need time to be able to accept their own death. These souls remain, as long as they wish, in the etheric realm or in the astral world of the earth.

Apart from some exceptional cases, every human being returns with his soul to his spiritual family. Those who have received an RNA or DNA vaccine will be increasingly disoriented internally throughout their lives, will feel empty and will remain disoriented for a certain time after death.

Do not be afraid! For everything there is a solution, as soon as a person really wants this solution!

JJK: What kind of dynamics will we see in the Corona Madness from today, April 5, 2021 as the deadline (on this day I received this message, note, JJK)?


MASTER ST. GERMAIN: The way is marked out:

1.) The psychological and existential pressure on people is growing. Many give in to it and agree to the apparent solutions. At the same time more and more people wake up and they say NO!

2.) The measures become more and more absurd and transparent. Those who do not get vaccinated immediately have good chances that it will not happen later.

3.) The lie structure of this matrix collapses in itself. People who have served the light take over the helm on earth. Extraterrestrial light forces reveal themselves and they assist the people.

4.) Humanity is liberated, the new people meet in unity and love, are one people and are at peace.

5.) The golden age begins. Love reigns and people look after the earth as guardians. We are talking about the return to the Garden of Eden.

Beloved human being!

Take courage! Do not try to save what cannot be saved. Give up the old life! You will be helped and given. Your mind creates limits, your consciousness expands far beyond them. Meditate, work with the Angels, the Archangels and with the Ascended Masters! Invite the good forces of light into your life – we are just waiting for them!


Trust in God and in God’s help! It is a grace-filled time. Especially in the greatest need you can expect the most help and blessings!

Deny yourself to fears! Do not let yourself be directed by worries, but be guided by trust! Stand firm in life!

Do not attach importance to opinions – not even to your own! Opinions are noises of the mind.

Go your way! You are unique divine consciousness. Nobody is like you!

Keep your heart, connect with your soul and draw from your infinite spirit!

Love your life and love yourself! This is the beginning of the end of this matrix.

With the help of God and his heavenly powers, penetrate the secondary veil of ignorance! The very real game on earth is unreal.

Even if this time suggests something else to you: Reality and future are created by yourself.

Guard your soul like the apple of your eye, because you see only with the soul really well.

We are unique creatures of God and yet we are all one: through the power of love and through the power of light.

I love you infinitely.


**Translation to English by

**Channel: Jahn Kassl


40 Replies to “Saint Germain: The Corona mRNA Vaccination”

  1. Lee

    This message feels harsh to me. Really, high vibration people who got a jab out of ignorance or pressure will fall victim to this AI, and not be able to transmute its effects? It seems that anyone of a high enough vibration should be able to transmute it, and not be affected. And what of intention? Very few exceptions seems pretty strict, doesn’t feel like the universe I know of, which takes into account a person’s intentions behind their actions. Just my two cents.

  2. Deb

    The next article “Powerful Opportunities for May 2021” discusses the Violet Flame available for all of May.
    This is the frequency of Light from our Father-Mother God that most effectively Transmutes our human miscreations back into Light.
    Put any fear, doubt, judgement, anger, etc. into the Violet Flame to be burned up and recycled.

  3. K.Stmoritz

    I could tell you I’m awake. Aware. Indigo first wave. Light being from Orion. But would you believe me? No probably not.

    Especially not if I also then said that in full awareness I am going to take the vaccine. Not because of the virus and not because of societal pressures. I am just going to take it because I have no fear of the consequence.

    There are two possible outcomes. One is that it will not harm me at all. The other is that it will kill me.

    The reason why I will take it is simple. If it does not harm me it won’t harm the majority that take it. If it kills me then, then it will do the same for all that take it.

    I do not want to live in a world where 90 to 95% of the population are killed. If those that are awake and haven’t taken the vaccine are the only ones left, then those people are going to be slave labour and food for the ones that created that situation. I don’t want to live like that, I would rather be dead.

    Conversely, if it doesn’t harm me then the dark lose.

    So I’m going to take the vaccine in full knowledge of who I am, where I am from and why I am taking it and that I have absolutely no fear of the consequence.

    1. Deb

      Since you are awake. Indigo first wave. Light being from Orion.

      Do you live in the 5th dimension?
      Do you have health issues?

    2. Phil

      I believe you. Personally, I don’t want the vaccine. If your guidance tells you to take it, and you’re confident about it, go ahead.

      As a sidenote – this channeling didn’t say the “vaccine will kill you”. It said “the vaccine will install an operating system that will be further upgraded to turn you into an AI.”

      Good luck!

    3. John Sutter

      You give up your life so easily? I understand you know you have an immortal soul and you never can really die, but then why do we chose to live this life? Do we not have some purpose here?

      Submission to the darkness is never the answer. Treating your life so cheaply because you feel defeated is not why you came here.

    4. Denise

      K.Stmoritz: On a Spiritual note, the Planet Earth/Gaia/Urantia is Ascending to 5D. What has been kept from us regarding spiritual knowledge is that as we grow Spiritually/One with God, our DNA also grows with us. When we are born we come in with 3.8 Strands of DNA. Many today have grown their DNA to over 5 Strands. The Ascension of the planet is so that Ascended Masters and Humanity can evolve and hold DNA Strands up to 40. People taking the vaccine that have higher DNA may be able to over write the MRNA Protein in the Vaccine. Others will have a weaker Immune System and may have a shorter life span. Now everyone that is not fully Awakened and Ascending, will be protected for a short time…so that they can Ascend Spiritually higher….but it all depends on their Consciousness level and Sincerity. Too much to go into, but I would advise you not to take it. Is it a real Emergency Fear or Imagined Fear that you would take it? It is not an emergency as no one is yet forcing anyone to take it…..soooo….remember the Deep State want us controlled and herd us into fear. Standing in your truth with God, will enlighten you. Fear Not!!

    5. Crystal

      Do humans have a choice? What if all humans would be standing up in a loud NO!

      What then is the best contribution I can offer?

      To keep myself as intact as possible, in order to fulfil what I, as a starseed volunteered to come here to do in these decisive times:

      to offer my frequencies – caring to keep them as high and as pure as I can in order to help tilt the scales.

      Humbly and in service

    6. Crystal

      Humans could as well say NO to this inoculation. Most rushed themselves into it instead. If there is still a choice, how about our conscious choice to care for the quality of our frequencies?

    7. Galaxy A

      Orion kid- you are playing a dangerous roulette game with Dark Force Black Magic. You are offering yourself as an easy sacrifice rather than standing strong against what is poised to destroy humanity. Why ! To prove a childish ego point? Stand with the Light Forces and wait for the resolution. These beings have already lost their war against the Divine Plan for this planet. This is the time to stand firmnin your freedom so that humanity may regain its freedom from this long spell that has dominated us. Open your inner eyes abd allow your Higher Self to guide you. Be not misguided by your false ego/- for it is this one who is playing this stupid game. Good choosing.

    8. Roy

      I’m in the same boat. I was guided to take it . Fully vaccinated. It closed my third eye for a bit, but it didn’t take my power away from me which is what they want. The only person that can take your power is yourself.

      It doesn’t make sense for them to kill us all with the vaccine anyway. Who are they going to use as slaves if there’s no one alive? They need us.

    9. Evan Nonge

      There will be no SLAVERY and those who would like to do HARM unto others in 5D+ Gaia/Earth. It looks like your ANALYSIS is not based on RESEARCH, but guess work.

  4. Soleil M

    Thank you for this beautiful message St. Germain…as someone that doesn’t watches media or news and tries to stay away from any 3D engagements, a few weeks ago I was faced to make some traveling desicions for work and as I mediated on this subject this message deeply resonates and confirms what my guides have told me. Not only the awaken will be face to make challenging desicions but also many will lose their jobs and financial stability as the vaccine will become more and more impose on our society. Stay strong !! I love you!

  5. Mason

    This thought came to me more clearly than language will allow me to express. The “greys” involved in abductions in recent history are the descendants of SOME of the humans now getting the non-vaccines. The humans being abducted are predecessors of the greys. “Consciousness” is taking a trip from Spirit to limited human consciousness to artificial consciousness and eventually, back to Spirit Consciousness.

  6. AlwaysLight

    I wish to raise an important point here. Yes it is good to know the information that you feel guided to, but I feel there is so much unnecessary wish to entertain and seek out ‘what’s really going on over there, what are they really doing to those people’ etc. Yes, there are those in the waking up phase who probably need to be aware of this. But I feel there are far to many who are already awake who continually keep seeking out 3D information as if spending vast amounts of time in a 3D library, ferreting for any and all information they can find. Is that the soul speaking, or an over active mind that wants all the ends of the string tied together? My point is that I feel the ‘separating’ of the wheat from the chaff is really about those who wish to embrace and fully embody their universal beingness vs those who want to stay in 3D, to continue their messing around in the illusion, fear and 3D information play pit. It seems far to many are spending their time sifting through all the next batch of who’s doing what, what’s that doing over there, rather than connecting with their universal beingness. And actually myself included, I see myself as having spent and wasted lots of time roaming through this stuff. 3D information and the rags if 3D’ness are not going to get anyone over the ascension line. Being at peace and connecting with your heart and going within will. There are people that have decided on a higher level that they’re not going to make ascension and wish to check themselves out of the hotel using this way, that is for them to decide. But I would say that for those who have a good chance of jumping to a higher level, use your energy wisely, there’s not much ‘time’ left. I wished to share this message in peace and a place of helpfulness :).

    1. Rafael Ferreira

      I spent months looking for answers and didn’t get it, my doubts only increased, I will stop reading all messages and websites for a few months.

      1. AlwaysLight

        Hi Rafael, this is also the conclusion I came to. I had to experience it to realize that 3D information is for, and only serves, 3D experience. It doesn’t come through to 5D and beyond, it is utterly useless there. And I realized that as long as I was engaging in it, my attention, my focus, my consciousness was brought back to engage in 3D, like an elastic band. This is the real key in my view, what we use our focus on is what becomes our conscious experience, our reality. I’ve come to see anything 3D, the artificial non-world, as a kind of lego land. Many complex and sometimes amazing things can be built out of it’s pieces, but they are, and will only ever be, lego, nothing more. They hold no truth or revelation of ourselves other than to show us artificial constructs of our own illusions. And by continually re-focusing on them only re-aligns us with that which the ascension process is trying to move us on from :). We need to leave this 3D world behind fully, there is nothing here for anyone who wishes to live in truth, love and peace. It is kind of synchronistic as I had a dream recently where I was moving from this place and everything had to be left behind, even things that held sentimental value. I believe this is a message of this nature.

        1. Phil

          I believe we are in 3D because it’s necessary to face some karma – personal and collective – and 3D is the best place to do so. We’re not escaping or jumping out, we’re doing our job until we’re done. This isn’t a prison break game, it’s an assignment.

          I’m not wasting too much time on the news, but I’m not ignoring them either. Anyone is free find their own balance, of course.

        2. Wayne Hansen

          An example of 5D and 3D people is when we see the Hare Krishna devotees singing the Hare Krishna mantra, with great love of God, in a street troupe. Then the 3D people walk by not interested in anything outside their 3D world. The 3D people cannot understand why anyone would take to spiritual life like that. The 5D people cannot understand why anyone would take to material life like that. The 3D people will reincarnate as a 3D baby again, and the Hare Krishna devotees will graduate to a higher 5D world; and then to the perfect spiritual world with eternity, knowledge, and bliss, where Krishna and Radharani live.

        3. skorpio1111

          What about those of us felt compelled to try to help others that are not yet aware, and warn them, especially now that the deception is at the point it concerns their very Souls? I personally can not totally focus on only my own deep desire to be Free and finally happy in order to skip off whilst singing zippity doo da into 5D, by my own will, with a clear conscience right now, not when there’s still a chance of reaching someone, anyone, in need of help to snap out of the spell they are under due to the extremely strong black magic of the negative forces still here and still running things.

          1. AlwaysLight

            If you read my post carefully, I say that there are likely some who need to read this. But, there are those who are leading the rise to 5D who will turn back and help those behind to attain the same. The 3D information you’re talking about can help those whose souls are asking for it. But there is a difference between going off on a 3D information wake up rant because you’re triggered to on personality agenda level, and being genuinely guided from within to do so. Further, your point completely disregards the individual soul mission, in saying that from your personality point of view, you should wake as many as you can and who cares what their soul actually wishes, as if you have a better understanding than those people, on a soul level, you wish to just try to wake up. This is massive, and the only place to see this is from the higher self perspective. If you can’t do that, I highly suggest you learn. There are literally souls who came in with the intention of checking themselves out right now, that’s their soul plan, who are you that think you know better. This is always the danger here with people going off on their 3D information spree, you’re forgetting that each soul is making their choice, if they want to be woken up, they will seek you out, just as you were impulsed to find the information relevant to you. This process will not wait for anyone, and it is not selfish to work on yourself and raising your vibration. Do you honestly believe (genuine question) that offering 3D information is in anyway more valuable than offering a high vibration? If so, then you are still very much in 3D. The theme of just about every channel is, raise your vibration, honor the decisions of others, and by offering a high vibration you invite them to join you. You cannot force people to jump by throwing 3D information at them that they may not be asking for on a higher level. Doing the inner work and taking inner guided action from there is infinitely more valuable than 3D information that belongs only in 3D.

    2. Adrienne

      You make an important point, friend.
      Thanks for the reminder.
      It’s too easy to waste time.
      Bless you!

  7. Peter

    What an incredible masterpiece this message was. So much wisdom and truth. Thank you St. Germain on your wonderful spiritual teachings. In the end all we have is our soul, our true and genuine self.

  8. Rafael Ferreira

    I suspect a little of st. Germain, sometimes I don’t think we have any help here on earth and if they helped, would they be hindering our evolutionary process?

    1. Galaxy A

      Rafael— we don’t need help. You among many other 3Drs are exercising free will. Higher beings understand and respect the gift of choice making. Let yourself rise to your Higher Self — you may realize ( use your real eyes) you are operating from a low frequency engaged in a saviour complex. Your Higher Self knows better and is ready to stand for your self sovereignty and self liberation. Blessings and Light.

  9. Tylette Crosby

    A experimental drug which evil it or one concurrent are fraudulent too humanity there are top scientist know that the vaccine is dangerous too humanity make up a batch of poison and think the whole planet going too take it in fact what do you think the flu shot is a bad bunch of it do harm and the government know it in fact no one should keep telling no one to take nothing that’s your free will if you do So each and one better wake up

  10. Wayne Hansen

    MASTER ST. GERMAIN: “The earth’s population will decrease significantly. There will be many people leaving this plane of being.”

    Is he talking about vaxx or earthchanges? The worldwide earthchanges that happened about 200 years ago is called Mud Flood. Look for the buildings that have dirt up to the first floor windows. The previous society was destroyed. The cathedrals were made for giant people. That is why the doors are so large.

    “Extraterrestrial light forces reveal themselves and they assist the people.”

    The large space ships of advanced people are seen. How do they assist the people of Earth?

    1. John Sutter

      I put forth this question in a previous channeling. The vaccine is suicide spiritually and physically. St. Germain has answered my question those addicted to this 3D reality will leave Earth for other 3D incarnations.

      It seems the dies has been cast. I know many people who have had the injection that they call a vaccine. Vaccines are allegedly to enhance heath, their true purpose is quite the opposite. It is to destroy health not enhance it. Germ Theory is one of the greatest foisted upon us. No virus, let alone SARSCOV2 has ever been isolated and proven to be pathogenic. The sub-science of Virology is a ridiculous farce. What they call virus particles are the body’s attempt at ridding itself of toxins. Most of the particles are the remnants of dead cells. There is no SARSCOV2 virus. There is no pandemic. There has only been lies upon lies by the media, government, corporations and medical establishment. The lies is based upon a so called test in RT PCR which is no test at all and does not prove anything. It only magnifies small fragments of DNA which everyone and everything has in their bodies, hence you have goats and fruit testing positive. They have used this chain reaction as a test to prove infect and this completely unproven notion of Asymptomatic Transmission. Those who have taken this shot are doomed.

      I still pose the question though if people supposedly have free will how can this be true when so many have had their free will taken away by continuous brainwashing, chemical poisoning, and radiation. I think their free will has been destroyed

      I still pose another question, why is it positive ET’s and Archonics cannot interfere but is perfectly fine for the Dark ones to interfere with humans in the most egregious way?

      And lastly, I would completely disregard all posts from Matthew Ward who tells people not to be concerned with the jab go ahead and take it because positive ET scientists have neutralized it. THIS IS A LIE. THIS IS NOT TNE LIGHT BIT THE DARKNESS.

      Clearly, large numbers of vaxxed people have already perished. Many more have suffered irreparable harm.

      This channel has just confirmed this

      1. Steve Flint

        Believe what you like John.

        But why choose to believe Jahn Kassl and not Suzy Ward?

        The difference between them is there are at least 4 people on this blog that channel St Germain (Jahn Kasl, Natalie Glasson, James Mcconell and Sharon Stewart) and they all have very different styles, so different one questions whether they are all channelling St Germain.

        1. John Sutter

          I choose not to waste my time with Suzy Ward for several reasons:

          1) This Matthew Ward always state the virus and the pandemic is real. This is simply not the case. SARSCOV2 does not exist. Viruses do not exist. Anyone saying anything different is serving the darkness. Viral theory and germ theory are great lies foisted upon the masses so they can gain entry to our bodies with poisonous vaccines. Vaccines do not create health, they destroy it. They kill and maim children.

          2) Matthew Ward tells readers to go ahead and take the COVAIDS vaccine, don’t worry, Pleiadean scientists have neutralized them. This is another huge lie. Thousands have died, perhaps 100’s of thousands. We will never know how many because that will be hidden from us. Millions mote have been grievously injured and probably won’t live much longer.

          3) You cannot defeat this evil by acquiescence to it. You have to say NO.

          4) Any Archonic entity or deceased soul telling ANYTHING untrue is a false message. It’s not the word from someone on a different plane of existence with a pellucid message, that would never propagate falsehoods…unless they were themselves of the darkness.

          1. Galaxy A

            We have to use our higher minds to discern these messages: who made Ward a seer ? His mother. I look at patterns of information from many channels before I even consider whether there is ANY scent of truth in their message. And even then, I reserve judgement. All channels are inherently imperfect. Most channels are very pedestrian in their consciousness and need to be viewed with barrels of salt. Use your gut discretion and inner eyes. Learn to ignore the Ward types. Moreover, this site needs more discretion too—lots of useless postings .

      2. Grace

        John, you live in a world of darkness and fear. I feel sorry for you. You choose to believe only in the negative and seek out the messages that confirm your fears while lashing out at anyone that points you in the direction of the light.

        What you believe in, and give energy to, you will manifest.

        1. John Sutter

          Firstly, I’m not afraid so I don’t need your pity and sanctimonious words.

          You are not living in a world not based in reality.

          I look for truth. I tell people the truth. If this makes your emotions trigger I am not responsible.

          I have lashed out at no one. I have pointed out Matthew Ward’s lies.

          Telling people to go ahead and take the COVAIDS jab and not to worry is no different than telling someone to put a gun to their head the bullet can’t hurt them.

          You can go around believing everything is just fine and pretend you are living in some other reality all you want, I don’t care. But, people are dying and suffering in this reality. They are unable to see their oppression due to decades of war waged against them through the media, government, education system and the medical establishment. The that fact you are reading this is proof that you are part of the same reality as me no matter how much you choose to believe otherwise. You may not believe in reality but reality believes in you. If we don’t actively resist, that reality is going to hit you….hard.

          Grace, if you jump off a building you are going to go splat.

  11. Beth Stormont

    This is the most clearly-detailed explanation of the vaccine and its effects on the human body and soul – and consequences – of any I have heretofore read! Though to the human 3D way of thinking it is a very sad message, it has yet tremendous hopefulness and positivity once beyond the typical 3D perceptions of life. Thank you!.