Ivo of Vega: Emotional Alchemy

ivo of vega eraoflightdotcomSharon: Ivo, can you describe the process of emotional alchemy, please, as opposed to something like mental alchemy if there is such a thing, and physical alchemy which is what St Germain loves to do – to create things out of thin air.

Ivo: I will. Thank you for this opportunity.

Me: Folks, I love what Ivosaid today. I was looking at one of those programs about demonic entities haunting houses and other places, and somehow the idea of an angel came up. The place in question was a bar/pub and so I asked Ivoif there are any angels that drink beer, and he replied: “Yes, all of you.” So there you go folks, I know some of you are clean and sober, and more power to you, I hope this isn’t a trigger, but he was referring to everyone on earth.

So, emotional alchemy. Is there such a thing as mental alchemy, Ivo?

Ivo: There is. The entire universe is mentally based. It is based on thought. So the entire universe is mental alchemy. You must think of something first before it happens. This is the electrical part of the human being, that is thought. The magnetic part is emotion.

You realize, in the Law of Attraction, you can think you want to have a lot of money, for example, and if your frequency is low you will attract $10. If your frequency is high, you will receive greater abundance, perhaps much greater. It depends upon your vibrational level.

Me: Yes. So why do we have to have emotions? Why don’t we just have an existence based upon thought?

Ivo: Because it is more limited, for starters. There are beings who do not have emotions.

Me: Not just Data on Star Trek, or the Borg.

Ivo: Yes, there are many beings who have little or no emotional capacity and they do function rather mechanically.

Me: Can they go through ascension?

Ivo: To some degree. By and large they are either born or created by others, to hold a particular frequency. You can have your Terminator type bio robots, for example, that hold a low frequency. And then you can have biology that can be born with little emotional capacity yet it will hold a higher frequency.

Me: I’m stretching my brain.

Ivo: Yes, it is difficult to understand when you are only aware of your own biology and how it works. But there are many types of life forms in the universe at varying levels. You have met some. You met the two beings in the ship who were not very emotional.

Me: So when we have a light body that’s basically all levels, there can be beings with some levels missing or not very well represented?

Ivo: Yes. The most well known to you are the greys. Some have a larger emotional capacity than do others. Some are emotionless.

Me: So they basically put out energy but don’t attract much back?

Ivo: They are not working on the karmic system, no.

Me: What system are they working on? Do they have another system?
Ivo: Yes.

Me: And it’s part of God’s creation?
Ivo: Yes.

Me: Interesting.

Ivo: I have described mental alchemy. Physical alchemy you are all familiar with through hearing of feats that appear to be super human, such as St Germain’s creating gold out of thin air. This is physical alchemy and absolute proof that your mind creates your physical circumstances.

Me: He’s really a master.

Ivo: Yes. And he has many students who are also very adept. The basic point is that thought is a part of everything. Nothing can exist and not have consciousness, or think. What other attributes the being has depends of course, on what type of being it is, and to what extent it is capable of thought and emotion. There are universes which encompass other alchemical forms that utilize other forms of thought manipulation or physical manipulation in order to create.

Me: Like what?

Ivo: For example, another universe we know of uses different ethers merging with the, yes, entity in order to manipulate the ether.

Me: So like a third party type of manipulation?

Ivo: Of sorts.

Me: So if there’s none of this ether, then creation wouldn’t be possible?
Ivo: Yes. However there is no lack of it. There are universes that have several forms of differing ethers and what is created is either a results of each form and thought or a combination of forms and thought.

Me: Interesting. So what we’re doing, though, is emotional alchemy. Maybe we’d better discuss this.

Ivo: Yes, this is emotional alchemy. Your emotions indicate where you are in frequency, and what needs to be changed. When you change your emotions, you change your physical state as well as your experience of all levels of your light body.

Me: Interesting. So be angry and you lower all levels of your light body, you shut them all down. Chakras close so that higher levels of beingness can’t be expressed. That’s what the Matrix is about: keeping us in the lower levels of emotion, so that we can’t access or express our higher being.

Ivo: Correct.

Me: It’s interesting to know that there are many expressions of life in the multi-verse and beyond. That how they express life is maybe even more complex than the way we do it. It seems to involve more interaction with energetic elements.

Ivo: Yes.

Me: So when we’re done with this universe we can move on to another universe that expresses life differently, and learn to master that. What’s at the very top?

Ivo: I do not believe there is a finish to this. It goes on indefinitely.

Me: Pretty cool!

Ivo: Yes, we can always be together.

Me: That’s what I want.

Ivo: As do I. I would be with no one else but you.

**Source **Channel: Sharon Stewart