The Lyrans: Time for Action

lyra constellation era of light dot comWhat’s in store for us during the April New Moon energies? ACTION!

Information has been brought to my awareness that the Lyrans are offering energies and their assistance to us right now. These fierce but loving Beings from the Lyra star system hold a very clear boundary line… They pretty much, to put it bluntly, cut through the bullsh*t.

They have offered their assistance to help us in areas where we have held onto something that has run its course and is no longer serving us. Or anyone else in our field that it affects. What they’re offering is strength and courage to cut loose anything that no longer serves us or humanity.

They’re very brave and courageous warriors and so their energy is very strengthening. It gives us a boost to step out of our comfort zone and cut loose those things that are hindering us from our evolution of consciousness coming into our full power.

This also ties into the information that I was given from the Akashic Records.

We are receiving energies that are bringing forth awarenesses. We’re seeing very clearly those areas in our life that are holding us back from stepping into our true power, our sovereignty, our calling, our Knowing. So those things that have been holding us back are really being brought to the surface and we are being asked to take action. Which is interesting because Aries is all about taking action.

How this may play out is, you may have been prolonging or hesitating or procrastinating on some sort of action. Perhaps the ending of a relationship or leaving a job or moving out of your current city or town or living situation.

These energies coming in are helping us to step fully into our power and take action and cut ties with those things that have been hindering us from stepping into our fullness and our full awakening or our full calling or our full power. It’s giving us strength, it’s giving us courage, it’s giving us inspiration and motivation to take those big steps that may feel a little unnerving and complicated but very much necessary in order for us to go to the next level in our Ascension process.

It’s actually a good thing. It may not feel so good; it may take some planning and preparation but know that the energies that are coming in are fully supporting us in this way to help us take that step towards fullness and expansion.

**Channel: Natasha Sol

**Shared per request