Turkey Warns Israel; Gaza Has Suicide Drones! Attacking Iron Dome and Israeli Military Targets

top news article eraoflightdotcomA shocking development inside Israel: Forces in the Gaza Strip are deploying suicide drones, able to evade Iron Dome because they fly so low; Iron Dome sites being destroyed!

It must be pointed out immediately that in the most recent war globally, the one between Azerbaijan and Armenia,  the Armenians LOST despite vastly superior weapon counts, because suicide drone strikes eroded those superior numbers.  Israel is now facing that exact same fate.

At least FIVE (5) drones have been seen and radar tracked over cities in southern Israel and some of those drones have successfully destroyed Iron Dome missile sites.

At this time it is not known who is supplying Hamas and the Gaza Strip with such weapons. Both Turkey and Iran manufacture such drones, and both those nations have publicly decried Israeli air strikes on civilian targets in Gaza.

This is a staggering development in the hostilities between Israel and the Palestinians.

So game-changing is this development, that Israel has instructed citizens in the border areas of Gaza to take immediate shelter and remain in their homes until further notice.

Those residents have also been urgently instructed to shut off all camera-enabled doorbell systems, home security systems and disconnect them from the Internet because, it is believed, Hamas is using cyber hacking to access those camera systems for targeting data.

There is much more to report, and that additional information will be added to this story as UPDATES below.  Please check back.


Video from the Israeli Defense Force shows a fighter jet engaging a new suicide drone launched from inside Gaza.   Please take note in the video of the AUDIO from the aircraft warning system, warning the pilot he is flying too low; it says “ALTITUDE – ALTITUDE” which gives viewers an indication of why these drones are now successfully evading (then destroying) Iron Dome missile launch sites.  The drones fly too low for Iron Dome to engage them!


Israel is now calling-up seven-thousand (7,000) military Reserve troops and ALL LEAVE CANCELED for combat troops, over a possible ground invasion against Gaza.  If Israel cannot put a fast halt to the suicide drone strikes, their military will be decimated.


2 Replies to “Turkey Warns Israel; Gaza Has Suicide Drones! Attacking Iron Dome and Israeli Military Targets”

  1. Roshne

    Ashkenazi Jews are Europeans. Killing Muslims is European culture and Christian Holy War. Satanic Ritual Abuse led to sacrifice of whites in white Churches, still the case. And world over Muslim genocides are Christian Holy War, Ritual Sacrifices. Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and it goes on. Satanic Bush Jr said, “this is going to be a long Crusade”. This is all a wake up call for the white race, programmed as killers for the Church and Monarchy, the sheep who serve in military and celebrate genocidal killers. You are with us, or against us, reminded Satanic Bush. But they are too evil to wake up and be on the side of Peace. Satanic ritual abuse has reacted psychopathic killers that love chaos, it is in the DNA for almost all. They plant and create the “enemy”, arm both sides of war and tell lies on TV. Karma is coming for all….

  2. Daedalus

    IMO, this is a bit dramatic Hal Turner’s post regarding the situation on ground, but nothing too unusual for his claims.

    Truth is more that Israel has large technological edge over both Hamas, but also many Arab states around them. This has been shown in past and recently.

    The comparison here is between recent Armenia / NKR-Azerbaijan war where there was large support of Turkey with modern drones, and current Gaza conflict with some improvised drones ( like smaller non-conventional military drones with stripped bombs onto them ).

    While drones are certainly becoming a bigger factor in modern warfare, drones cant occupy the territory.

    However, all of this is more of a war of attrition, with lesser direct invasion, and more of a stand-off punches and counterpunches.