The Pleiadians: Revolution of Consciousness

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomThe level of corruption stemming from decadence and greed among the people and the various difficulties and basic instability within the political, religious, scientific, military, medical, environmental, and economic sectors are signposts of a massive unraveling. A powerful force of social and cultural unrest is rapidly brewing in response to a newfound passion for freedom, yet the controlled media, in its business as usual blackout mode, continues to ignore all matters of dissatisfaction and dissension. In direct response to these media diversions, your intuition may be very active now, sending you very strong signals through the realm of dreams and feelings, and by way of unusual signs and symbols. Pay close attention to your state of mind as you open the door to communicate with non-ordinary reality by remaining centered and clear.

The medical authorities in today’s world often label this type of contact as schizophrenia, decreeing a dysfunctional state of mind for some who stretch beyond the boundaries of official versions of reality. Within the field of limiting beliefs that define the mind and how it operates, the inability to tell the difference between what is real and what is not is classified as psychosis, a severe form of mental illness. These labels serve as a mechanism of fear, promoting a core belief that the body is flawed and cannot be trusted. This is a very limiting belief and demonstrates an attempt by mind managers to disavow the multidimensional and psychic nature of human experience.

Your cells continuously read and vibrate with the energy of everything around you, and as you expand your perceptions, you will become far more sensitive to your surroundings. As the development of your psychic and intuitive faculties increases, your nervous system, which controls and coordinates all organs and structures of the body, must be strengthened. Your cells are in continual telepathic contact with all possibilities, and on a physical level, the nervous system is the mechanism through which this communication is most efficiently relayed. All of this activity occurs without your conscious mind being the slightest bit aware of the process. You must remember that you are in the midst of a major global awakening, a revolution of consciousness occurring on many levels of reality, ushering in the realization that you are truly a wondrous being capable of literally producing endless versions of reality. You constantly condition the energy of existence; you flavor and organize it, then project it outward without even realizing it. This is the process through which individual creation and mass agreement are made manifest.

When the quality of life for any species is unstable, existing without innate value or love, the natural order of spontaneous expression is threatened. The reality you are currently hosting appears to be crumbling, with scandals of shocking deeds growing daily like weeds in a summer rain. Pedophilia has become a well-recognized word these days as disturbing allegations race through the halls of Christianity and other major power centers, revealing a sinister pattern. And many more prominent people from outside the ranks of religion are joining the fall from grace. When those in positions of power turn their backs on integrity, ignoring their role of protecting the people, they misuse and abuse their power. And who gives them the power to abuse? How many more children will be touched by the hands of sexual abuse until a voice of outrage and concern is heard? As uncomfortable as all this may seem, it is all part of the process of changing worn-out beliefs within the mass consciousness. Mass beliefs in the power of outside authorities are firmly entrenched in your psyche; they are strong and old, and somewhat like a redwood forest they too can be felled very, very quickly, raising many questions about the truth of who you are and why you place your trust outside yourself.

**Channel: Barbara Marciniak