The Key To Changing The World Is In Changing Perspective

parisseThe Key To Changing The World Is In Changing Perspective

Parisse Deza

      He who comprehends the greater destiny becomes himself a part of it.

          He who comprehends the lesser destiny resigns himself to the inevitable.

                                                                      – Chuang Tzu, c.300bc

In my two previous articles I explain comprehensively why the 3D mindset of viewing our world situation as a war to be won against evil is ineffective in creating the world we’d rather live in. Only a 5th dimensional viewpoint, with its accompanying attitude and actions, can bring us there because vibrational resonance is the root cause of everything we experience. For the many considerations those articles offer, go here:

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My purpose now is to address the key, underlying point from those articles, the import of which is much neglected in truth media discussions. When we make this understanding clear to ourselves, it will give us the ability to break the inertia that’s held us down.

This point is based on having a larger perspective of our situation. In the smaller, ego-centric view, there are two factions fighting for control of the planet, and there is a chance that humanity will lose and fall into an even darker age. That is not what is happening. Our situation is actually that we are being moved up and out of darkness by Source Itself, as a simple matter of evolution, and everything we see happening on the outside that looks chaotic is simply the ego playing out its issues. We are a ship riding waves on the ocean of Life. There is no ‘chance’ involved in this movement. In the third and fourth dimensions there is duality, and everything looks like its in opposition to something else, hence, we’re in a war with forces that could capsize us. In unity consciousness, the fifth-dimensional view, there is only the movement of the divine forward, led by love. The ship we are on is impregnable.

Evolution – the natural unfolding of consciousness in Creation – is what is making our transition possible, or the progress we’ve made already would not have happened. Life itself is carrying us into a new age. What makes it look risky to so many is their identification with being limited persons, alone and in danger on Earth, rather than being powerful spirits, held in the arms of the Source, which is orchestrating the whole maneuver.

We have yet, as a group, to make this supreme realization. Knowing this truth frees us from worry, doubt, fear, angst, and reactive behavior. It is that shift of consciousness, when made by enough of us, that will unleash the full power of the new age energy through us and create the manifestation we desire in place of what’s been here. With it, we leave behind forever the old paradigm of victimization and suffering in which we believed we were just egos stuck in bodies at the mercy of forces much bigger than us. We now have the opportunity to rise to our true nature as powerful creative beings of light, emanations of loving consciousness that are perfect expressions of the divine source, capable of creating anything we want easily and magically in alignment with that Source.

We eat fear for breakfast.

Those who choose to rise will rise; those who choose fear will stay where they are.

The Biggest View Is The Truest View

Humans tend to be myopic. We think we’re small and that the world is small. We must emulate the Source and be all-inclusive and universal in our relationship to everything. Our habit has been to see through the ego’s eyes and our personal identifications – how we learned to be – rather than through the natural self and natural mind – how we are born to be, creating things in playful resonance with the Source.

The truth of all truths is: We are not egos using force of muscle; we are spirits using lifeforce energy.

Choice characterizes our new age. It is our choice is to be Great and Happy, or small and sad. Creativity is easy when our identification is with what we really are, and it is almost impossible, a down-right war against opposing factors, when we identify with ourselves as little people doing little things. Then, we battle the forces of darkness, rather than extinguish them with our Light.

So, what is causing this change to take so long is nothing more than our view of what we are, because the view, and the thinking that goes with it, determines the actions we take and the experiences we create.

So what is the biggest view of the situation that we can have?

The biggest view is the one outside of the ego’s view with its personal concerns for safety and security which blind it to anything else. The biggest view is available only when we calm down, stop (following) thinking, and become empty and still. When we rest inside we contact the divine energy and guidance that is what we are. When we do not do this we have no creative resources to work with and are limited to programmed behaviors. Without a unified mind approach, there is only us vs. them. So the choice is, “Do I let my lizard brain run my life small and frightened, or do I access my higher consciousness and create Heaven on Earth?”

To tie this directly into the main difficulty with our well-intentioned truth media players, their view can be summarized neatly by something said more than once by a main character in the play now, ‘Juan O Savin’, as he describes the method the ‘white hats’ use in dealing with ‘the cabal’:

They do something, then we do something.”

This perfectly describes a reactive, rather than a creative, mindset. Creativity is the unified mind’s approach. It is not plotting anything. It is not in reaction to anything. It simply does the next thing it takes to create its project. The creative mind plants a garden, then tends it. Loving attention to detail is all that’s required for it to grow. No gardener fights nature to get plants to grow. It is a relationship based on love and cooperation.

And that is the best way to look at what we are doing now on Earth:

We, as emanations of the Source, are creating the wonderful project of our new world as a Garden.

                   We are stardust; we are golden

                   (Million year-old carbon)

                   And we’ve got to get ourselves

                   Back to the Garden

                                              -Joni Mitchell, Woodstock

Creating What We Want Now From The Biggest View Possible

When we access the power to create what we want, we actually do create what we want. We are literally making history – we make it up as we go along. Either we do it consciously or by default to our programming. The new age is characterized by a reclaiming of our power to choose for ourselves. This is why there is so much oppression being exerted in the world right now and so much bizarre, negative behavior. Humanity is being forced to choose which world it wants to live in – an artificial one of fear, doubt, and external control or the natural one of love, trust, and self-rule. Aquarian Age energy is all about that freedom and its rewards.

As it is true that one cannot serve two masters, it is our responsibility now to ask the proper questions and act in ways that are responsible to our greater purpose and true nature. The biggest view then, is the one we have when our awareness is placed inside looking out as the Unity of all things. This viewpoint creates the inner experience of having no fear or doubt, only peace and powerfulness. This is so because this is the knowledge, the direct inner knowing, that we are one with our Divine Source. This makes us feel held and supported by It, and so we know we are safe. Actions taken from this state, if they are necessary, are mostly successful. There is no need to worry about what the cabal is going to do next.

We clearly are working this out in our consciousness now, as one of the most popular truth media personages, Charlie Ward, constantly contradicts himself by making two statements that are impossible to coexist: “God is having a war with Satan” and “It’s all pantomime”. On one hand he is telling us to take it seriously; we’re in a war. On the other, he tells us it’s not real. I point this out because that is exactly the current state of humanity now – we have one foot in the third dimension and one foot in the fifth.

‘God’ is not having a war with ‘Satan’. That is ego-generated, fear-based drama, born from the mistaken 3D perception of the world in separation, and it causes tension and the prolongation of struggle. Life is bringing humanity forward out of a dark age. It is not a question of whether or not. It is simply a matter of fact. Life is not fighting anything; it is composting the old as it grows the new to replace it. And the main reason why this realization is so hard to get to, to see and to utilize, is that we still firmly believe that somehow we are not directly connected to the Source, but are separate from it. That false belief drives our neurosis by keeping us constantly triggered by an irrational fear of death. When faced and felt through, our fears about dying melt into feelings of safety and security through the love we feel inside.

How Best To Handle Our Feelings

Much energy is wasted and pain created by thinking in any other way about what is happening on Earth right now. How we handle the emotions and concerns that come up as we go through the remainder of this process is very important, because we literally are creating how we go through the remainder of our transition. We create this through what we believe is happening and what we believe is possible. Seeing it as a struggle produces struggle-filled experiences. Seeing it through the eyes of unity and peace produces experiences that match that vibration.

So when I find myself worrying about what the cabal might try to do to us next, I stop myself immediately and say to myself, “Ya, I create some fears sometimes if I think about things in a 3D way. But I know that Life is bringing us forward, so I choose to go with that view and let it take me to a higher experience.”

I quell the fearing aspect of myself by telling myself the truth of the bigger picture. I choose to see it in a higher way, and to trust that choosing. It is little understood that trust is not an abstract state, but an actual power that changes reality. Going inside to the Source is the only real refuge.

Again, the quote from Chuang-Tzu describes the choice that creates life for us:

        He who comprehends the greater destiny becomes himself a part of it.

              He who comprehends the lesser destiny resigns himself to the inevitable.

The main thing is that we relax. We must relax our mental grip and think about what we really want to have happen. Worrying is imagining what we don’t want to happen. The enlightened way is to know that what we want is already done, already accomplished. Continuously asking ourselves, “What experience do I really want, despite what may happen in the outside world?” is critical. It is written that the proper way to create is to ask, have faith that it is done, and receive. There are no other steps in there like struggle, suffer, beg, or worry. There is no process at all. We tell the Universe what to do and it does it for us. So what are we going to choose to act like? Little egos who are ‘at the effect of’? Or masters of creativity who snap their fingers while smiling at the joy of having what we want, and then seeing it appear?

The answer now is to enjoy ourselves in happy expectation of arriving in our new world. Keep the vision, keep perspective, hold the course optimistically, and turn potential conflict into creative tension by relaxing into the big picture. Imagine that the situation is already where you want it to be. Indulgence in doubts, fears, and reactivity betray a lack of faith in the Source and ourselves. We can be in peace through all this, enjoying ourselves creating beautiful things even during the process of humanity having a birth-quake.

The old paradigm way of viewing our situation is the result of memory and practice after thousands of years of down-falling in vibration with constant accompanying horrible experiences like mind control and slavery and cataclysms and continents sinking and sickness and dying – none of which are intrinsic to our true nature as Beings. That was all part of the maya, the karma, the dreamed-up stuff we created with our wounded mindselves, the healing of which implies a vigorous, willful letting go of it all.

Here, it is wise to remember the insightful words of Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NeuroLinguistic Programming:

The best thing about the past is that it’s over.

So, now all that’s coming to an end, and we need to stay calm and spiritually aligned so we know where to go and where not to go and what to do and what not to do until the dust clears. Leave the cleaning-up process to the Source and let everyone do their job within their merit and calling. It is comical to hear the ego-placating new age exclamation: “The Alliance is in complete control!”, when it is We who are actually in control. We have creative control. Those working on the outside can only reflect what we make possible to happen from on the inside. We are supposed to take the reins of power in hand and drive the horses where we want to go. Creative imagination is not daydreaming – it is the power to create what we want to experience. And it must be accompanied by powerful intention filled with confident emotional content.

So grab hold of those reins, y’all, and drive those horses! 

Parisse Deza is a new age Renaissance man, a visionary with 48 years experience in self-cultivation arts, who calls his field Consciousness and Creativity. He is an educator, counselor, reader, visual artist, writer, and Daoist internal alchemy, chigung, and feng-shui adept living in Sedona, Arizona. His main purpose is seeing-in the Aquarian Age and the fulfillment of the original American dream of absolute personal freedom in relationship with all Life.

You are always welcome and encouraged to share my writing, respecting my rights and needs as an author. If you use excerpts, be sure to leave them in the form they came in, employing “…” between passages you want to shorten. This way the work keeps its integrity. Thanks.

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