The Unreal Earth and Time

the light within eraoflightdotcomARE YOU still believing time exists? Asking questions based on time? Still think about it?

Do you think you are in it?

Do you think EARTH IS how you think it is?

If yes to any of the above, then you are among the many that exist in a STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS in a world that you think is solid, that the common belief of time exists, that is a mass consensus in which consists mass CONSCIOUSNESS.

THIS STATE then, you are existing through is a paradigm of limitation, in an UNREAL WORLD, a cut off frequency of separation CONSCIOUSNESS. IN this state the wholeness of all that you are is unbeknownst to you.

Approximately less than one percent exist on EARTH Outside of the common beliefs of mass consciousness.

THIS STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS is one of COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS. WHERE union with all worlds, all Universes, all existences, all aspects, exist as ONE SIMULTANEOUS NOW. These are not just words you are reading. THIS DOES EXIST NOW! This is the real part, not the fake unreal world of solid separation of consciousness.

I consciously DO EXIST IN all worlds now, yet allow a body to function on EARTH, AS IF that is me.

This world is a surreal holographic virtual reality MADE OF CONSCIOUSNESS. That allows a so called solid body in appearance to APPEAR to those in 3D mass consciousness.

The creation of Earth is now.

Consciousness is not linear.

All futures, all pasts, all potentials EXIST SIMULTANEOUSLY NOW.

SO WHEN will this or that take place you may still ask through the unreal world of solid reality consciousness ~ it already does! IT IS ALL NOW, THESE are not just words. It is all NOW.

The access space is harmony through the heart, then living as a coherent radio wave who’s signal is CLEAR you become conscious of interacting with it ALL.

THIS IS NO joke.

ALL worlds, all realities, all so called past existences and so called future, all potentialities, EXIST ALL NOW!

IN THIS now place of perfect love and harmony, we activate you NOW!

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