The Astrological Movement of Our Planets Expresses Our Alignment With Our Soul

A couple of years ago on a social media site I was asked about the relationship of our Soul to our astrological planets. What follows is a brief discussion of a very large subject.

The question was “How does the Soul perceive the astrological movement of the planets – as it is Eternally Present?” At the time I answered, “Our consciousness moves through experience and measures it through the thing we call time. Our Eternal Soul/Spirit (more correctly termed Atma-Buddhi-Manas) dances WITH the planets which indicated our vintage, our lessons, and our “path to Spiritual maturity” when we were born. “

Today’s offering expands quite a bit on the original piece done two years ago. There was a lot I didn’t flesh out and so have expanded it substantially for today.

As long time readers know, I don’t regard the planets as separate from who we are. This ties in with “As above, so below.” The planets are not “causing or being caused.” They are the means by which we express the archetypes of our journey from darkness to light and ignorance to awareness.

The planets in our charts are not external to our experience. They move, and we move with them. Their motion indicates our internal and external responses in alignment with those energies in the moment. This is where a planetary motion indicates a potential, but how we translate their energies is entirely up to us and how healthy our personality is.

If given the opportunity, our Soul/Spirit will gladly express the highest love and wisdom it can, regardless of which planet it expresses this through. There is Solar Love-Wisdom, there is Lunar Love-Wisdom, there is Mercurial Love-Wisdom, Martian Love-Wisdom, and every other planetary Love-Wisdom able to be expressed. The Soul/Spirit, being infinite Living, Loving Light, is very resourceful in expressing our Eternal Light and Love any way it can, given the skills and limitations of our personality.

Any response we make to a planetary motion is both limited and shaped by our personality strengths and weaknesses. We always have the ability to express our Soul’s Love and Wisdom or not. Everything depends on our ability to respond that way in the 12 “frequency zones” of human existence. Our personality is shaped by our experience on the material, emotional, mental, and “spiritual” levels of existence. Each of these exist on the personal, the interpersonal, and the transpersonal dimensions of life. As our experience is shaped by our responses in these 12 areas of growth into higher awareness and spiritual maturity, behind it all stands the Soul, with its love and wisdom.

Our planetary responses begin in ignorance and over time express with more grace and intelligence if we cooperate with our growth process. All our responses are learned, and when younger are shaped by two forces which eventually come into conflict. In psychology these are known as “Nature and nurture.”

Nature is shown by our birth chart, with its inherent tendencies and virtually limitless potential. Our planetary positions and configurations are a unique set of identifiers which express in both inner and outer circumstances we either align with or do not align with. Our chart indicates the lessons of this life, as well as the gifts we were born with and the strengths we are to cultivate.

The movement of the transits represents the inherent harmony of the moment, triggering various responses both within us and outside us, usually in several of the 12 frequency zones of our reality. Whether the configurations and accompanying events are stressful or harmonious, challenging or easy, our Soul merely wants to express its inherent Love and Wisdom, regardless of the outer events and circumstances.

As our Soul is eternal, it stands “outside of time,” and simply is what it is, loving in each unending flowing moment and accumulating the Wisdom which comes with an ever-increasing unconditional Love. So while our Soul may not “perceive” the planetary movements in the same way that our 5 senses and minds interpret that perception, it persists in its Loving Wisdom regardless of whether the external movements of the planets are doing this or that.

The NOW beckons us each moment to fulfill that moment, whether through doing or Being. The personality does; the Soul IS. The personality “chooses” its responses based in pre-existing conditions, but at the same time, since our Eternal Self is ONE with “All-That-Is” in every moment of our existence, our Higher Self simply moves in harmony with the moment as we express our highest best responses we’re able.

Often we are challenged to concentrate, other times to turn away to other views. Everything depends on how well our personality expresses our Higher Self as vehicle for our Soul/Spirit. And since striving generates momentum, we are forever lead through all kinds of circumstances and relationships which each reveal our lower self to our Higher Self. And depending on our focus, sometimes we get distracted, and sometimes we ride a hundred foot wave with grace and style.

Each spiritual truthseeker, regardless of their local heritage and traditions, has their own spiritual practice and spiritual realizations to be translated into actions and expertise in the 12 zones of human reality. We are living in a particularly dynamic period of history where all of us are quickened, and the lessons are all pointing us to a more perfect expression of our intelligent loving wisdom through our cultivated personality strengths.

Our planets constantly point us to their better expression. Each planet has a duality, a healthy and unhealthy function, as outline in my book Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend. Our job in each lifetime is to transmute planetary personality dysfunctions into a more perfect expression of that planetary part of our personality. Over time, as we transcend planetary weaknesses and turn them to strengths, we integrate our personality so all parts of us work together to cooperate in our evolutionary process.

Astrology helps us transcend individual differences in style while guiding us through various life conditions, always pointing to ways to be our Higher Self in each moment, expressing the Light, Love, and Power of our Soul as we choose to live its Loving Wisdom in each moment. Identify with the Eternal Self, and the rest of it begins to make sense as the divine play we all engage in while being Spirits in the material world. It’s the way to embrace our eternal Loving Wisdom and turn away from being confused by the contradictory dualisms we find related to frequencies of matter.

**By Robert Wilkinson


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  1. Gem

    I’ve never been more grateful to have learned my personal astrology and to read tarot. Thankh you for sharing!

    Leo Sun