Love with Great Tenderness

The deepest and truest of love holds within the following Sacred Treasures which truly need to be cultivated: not only in heart to heart relationship, but in the same measure to the self. For you can only love another, to the degree that you love yourself, into the deepest shadows and the highest light!

In German if you love someone, you call them “Schatz, or Schatzi”! Translated into English this means “to treasure, to hold dear”, as if you have found the rarest of treasures, that which you value the most and hold dear within your heart and soul and wish to nurture with tender loving care into the utmost of Being!

To me, I would love to add the word “Cherishing”. To cherish means to protect and care for someone lovingly, as if there were rare, precious and most esteemed, and held forever in your heart and soul for they add value, love and indeed, love with great tenderness, to your soul and life.

What one treasures and cherishes the most, is what one holds within one’s heart. True love indeed, lasts lifetime after lifetime and indeed ad infinitum. It has no end, it merely changes form and indeed expresses itself in so many different ways and forms, yet, the love deepens, and so does the cherishing, as one grows ever deeper in love – without one seeking this, or indeed trying to force it, or indeed needing to beg for it. It kind of lights upon you, without you even being fully aware of it. You just one day have a wide open heart and soul day, and suddenly you see and know what you indeed were not fully conscious of, before!

With such, comes a deep trust and respect, which goes beyond words. Indeed, it is a deep soul companionship, which holds within it the ability to keep the heart open, no matter what, and indeed, to be able to bare the depths of your soul and know that you are safe. That there will be no judgments, no criticism, no finger pointing, no trying to change you into someone you are not: – but merely unconditional love and a deep acceptance. For you indeed, are worthy to loved for who and what you in truth are! Just like your Beloved indeed is worthy of the very same!

More than this, there is a deep respect for one another – and indeed, this respect goes beyond words. For one now does not use words like daggers, and indeed thoughts as well.

Indeed, you know that this soul will go with you through storms and fair weather and will always be there, to watch you back, when you cannot see what is lurking there behind, and around you! Such is trust and respect that it bonds together, and forges the love bonds, through eternity!

I have in the last few years, since I first came truly in contact with the Cathars (deep remembering of much far beyond all of this) and the Mary Magdalene’s Book of Love, in my quest for the White Flame, indeed, have asked that the Power of Love be revealed to me. The first part of this journey culminated in my book: “True Love and Sacred Union: An Ode to Love and being Loved.”

Since then, I have come Lightyears in my deepest experience and indeed transformation on the path of Love.

This morning I woke up with crystal clear guidance, about the New Earth Relationships and indeed the words CHERISHING came to the fore in the most powerful ways.

The deepest truth is, that you cannot CHERISH nor TREASURE another soul, if you cannot cherish and treasure yourself, and the same applies, to trust and respect and unconditional love for the self.

More than this the Power of Love itself, lies within Divinity, the Divine Source, the very SOURCE of LOVE at the Infinite Core!

There is something very deep and profound happening here, as the Power of Love is being returned to the New Earth at full throttle. Therefore the old ways of relating and relationships will simply not work any longer! We need to make quantum shifts in our true soul remembering of what true love in truth is!

During my webinar, next Saturday, 10 July 2021, I will go very deeply into this very subject and indeed, into why it is so important to first find true love within yourself, as you marry the Beloved within! Here lies a very ancient secret which few indeed ever manage to find. More than this, it leads to the deepest connection with your own soul, and within your own soul, lie the very keys to the ultimate true love and indeed the ultimate experience of Love in the Highest Degrees.

Yes, all paths lead back to yourself – before it expanded into Oneness and Unity within and without!

Webinar registration (registration closes next Thursday, 8 July 2020 at 6 pm South African Time and space is limited)

**By Judith Kusel

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