Ayaeshion and Sirian High Council: Starseed Activations

Greetings, friends and colleagues. We are the Sirian High Council. We have been watching over this one and many of you reading these words, for many starseed activations are now coming online for those who are of Sirian descent. We would like to say ‘of Sirian ascent’ for levity, for your vernacular is a strange one. Your human language has been so weaponized. This too will change. All is coming into alignment. It is true that you will remember more and more of your past lives and lineages, of your forays into other worlds and realms and adventures of the light and the not-so-light. You have had many experiences with the dark ones. These experiences have hardened, you, tested you, and created many opportunities for growth and discernment. This one had her basement flood and so she had to remove and sift and sort through. Much of this sifting and sorting is occurring now in your realm as the energies rise. It has been an exhaustingly intense week of starseed activations and upgrades but we tell you – you will need them. Be thankful for them. And rest when you can to allow these codes more deeply into your beingness. (I am seeing a wet sponge absorb more water more easily than a dry sponge.) Yes. Meditation quenches your thirst for the higher dimensional vibrations and open you up to them more and more so that you can absorb them. People who are like dry hard sponges will not be as quick to soak up and are not as open to the experience. We see much of humanity has shifted. The experience of being human has changed. It will be a brighter future for you.

I am Ayaeshion, speaker for this council in this instance only. We take turns in leadership roles in three year increments so that we remain fresh and well balanced in our perspectives and leadership. We are almost fully aligned with our energies from our home system, Sirius, and your world of your current embodiment. We are with you. We are near you. We offer our humble assistance and we are eager to know your viewpoints on how we can best assist our beloved starseeds who are feeling perhaps quite alone. We assure you, you are not alone. Solitary experiences enforce growth and you are all growing at an astounding rate. We are most pleased with your progress, as we know you will be pleased. Your higher selves are watching over this entire process so closely. We are all one. We care about your viewpoints for we want to help in the most effective way possible. We are scientists, after all. (I am seeing moving mathematical equations that are hyper-dimensional. I am being shown multidimensional math and spacial probabilities, as the timelines interact and fade or morph the math morphs. It is an alive breathing computer calculating all of the possible variables for solar flares, and consciousness reactivity.) Galaxygirl, all is in flux but Creator’s will is sure. We are all experiencing your ascension in our own way, for as Source beings we all have our individuated spark-filled view, our own perception of events. We enjoyed walking with you today and seeing your world from the viewpoint of an embodied human. We treasure the nature in our societies. (Let me share that as I was walking by a neighborhood pool they were shocked at the chemicals in the water. I could feel them calculating the toxins in the water and they were absolutely disgusted. They showed me children playing and laughing in crystal clear lakes on New Earth in pristine conditions instead.) Yes, we enjoyed that insight with you. And yet, the earth children, these high vibrational beings currently embodied in little children forms, they were so happy at the pool, galaxygirl. Their joy was genuine. They were fully alive in the experience. We wish for you to be like these little children. Find the joy in your moment you are in. Surrounded by toxins or not, find the joy in it. This will elevate your consciousness at lightening speed. We did take care of the chemicals in that pool, galaxygirl. We help in our own ways when we are allowed. We will not interfere with free will, which is why we are hovering in the skies near many of your homes, friendly and waiting, wanting to know how best to be of service. Please tell us.

We are the Sirian High Council. I Ayaeshion am speaking on behalf of many. It is a great honor to address the starseeds of Gaia at this time of intensive planetary change and transition. Know that things are increasing rapidly now and your world will be unrecognizable by this time next year. Do not be afraid. Be expectant of good things and they will find you. This is how one manifests. Now that many of you are mostly both feet into the 5d vibration your thoughts are manifesting at lightening speed. It is a great responsibility and a great honor to be aware of this gift of strength when embodied. Many do not. Many are unconsciously creating their same reality day in and day out. The pandemic changed reality, forcing many to look within and find their own god-spark or be suddenly alerted to the lack of joy in their lives and the need to cultivate deeper relationships with others and most importantly with their higher selves. It is all about your journey home, and your higher self is you in fully enlightened form, your Christed self. Be open to direction for your paths may change for as the energies rise nothing can remain the same. Nothing will ever be as it was again and this is a tremendous blessing for Gaia for she has suffered so deeply for so very long. It is time to welcome her fully, completely and concretely into the higher dimensional realities. All aspects of earthly society must shift. It will not be an easy path but you did not come here for ‘easy’. You came her to serve brilliantly on a most difficult assignment, and you are. We are tremendously proud of you. Please remember to ask us and have an open dialogue with us so that we can individuate your needs and improve your starseed connections. Think of us as your colleagues. This is the ultimate in networking, for we are all one network of light. Gaia is changing. Allow yourselves to change with her and all will be well. All will be different. Those who choose to fade away will do so. Those who choose to fully embody the Christ consciousness of the higher dimensional ways will do so, and make their home worlds proud. We honor you. It is a great and noble thing that you are doing in this now. I bow to you in service. I am Ayaeshion of the Sirian High Council.

**Channel: Galaxygirl

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    1. bb

      Yep,or torture first publicly,make them sincerely acknowledge harms and beg for forgiveness,give us All codes/keys/passwords and reparations to humanity,earth,animals,elementals.also,stop chemtrails,deathrays,nanobottech.Thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-)!

  1. Marilyn G.

    Would I seem like a complete ingrate if I said that nothing was said in this transmission that we weren’t already aware of? Just a mouthing of words. Words and more words. How about giving us some interesting and relevant information. Will Trump be reinstated? Start with that. Will the colossal hoax known as “covid” be finally revealed as precisely that? Will Fauci soon be brought to trial? What’s going on with the GITMO trials, if anything?

  2. Gunny HiWay

    Honestly… Been reading this stuff since 1983 when I first heard of NESARA.
    Well, I am now in my LAST DAYS and NOTHING has “changed for the better”.
    Race relations are at all time lows, communism has taken over the USA.
    LGBTXYZ are intent on destroying our children.
    BIRTH RATES are NEGATIVE almost worldwide.
    Starvation, Homelessness, Oppression are rampant.

    Dear Aliens…. Either do something or STFU already.

    A FORMER “lightworker”.

  3. Madeleine Donaldson

    Thank you and thank you for your presence here around us. We need all the help we can get at this time in History. Patience is needed as the planet is cleansed of evil, but her where we live we are rules by evil forces and the wearing of masks is horrible. It is so sad to walk around and see all those faces hidden under various cloths and rags and paper Not right. Prayer is our comfort and God is our strength Bless you all <3

  4. Trisha Perretti

    Thank you, Ayaeshion & Galaxygirl! There were sooo many ships (?) above & around my house last night! Was that you, the Sirians????! I would love if you, Galaxygirl could confirm this with them the next time you channel. There was also one big one “floating” around the whole area. It kinda had an orange glow. The all look like the top of an arrow, with little lights coming down on each side from the point. Anyway, it was awesome! I love this website & thank all of you who channel these messages!!!

    1. wiley

      U.S. Military has triangle ships dating back decades.TicTacs are ours,also.Heard the missile looking one may be Annunaki.Many countries have scalar zeropoint alien tech.Plasmatechs old news.dr.judywood.com.whatreallyhappened.com,stopthecrimes.org,medicalveritas.org,Citizenwells.com,Abovetopsecret.c,Projectcamelotportal.org,Royal Rife frequency healing machine.Frequency/Resonance is Key.


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