Crystalline Ray of Light for Anything Pandemic

share what you know image eraoflightdotcomThere is so much talk right now about should I or shouldn’t I get a vaccine? I hear many saying they do not want to be around those people without a vaccine, and others stating they are getting off-gassed by being around those who received one! People seem to be taking sides from a place of fear. Most people have not even researched what is in a vaccine being distributed at this time in their area. Many different strains can be researched from the number on the bottle.

It has also been stated that once you do receive one, there is nothing you can do about it, and yet many people are being told they need one to continue in their workplace. I have been working for a very long time using the high-frequency Crystalline Ray along with the amazing Crystalline Teams of Light, to clear and transmute and then activate ourselves, others and Gaia.

This 5D energy of Light can be called in, though most people don’t see it, yet some do! Many people will feel it. People have forgotten that it is from your will and clear intention, without fear, that can bring in these fabulous hi-frequencies. We as “Team Earth” have transmuted and cleared so much with the Violet Flame in a person, or large groups. We regularly focus on areas of Gaia and the Inner Earth, the waters, the plants, the animals, children, and the elements. When refilled, we bring in different radiations of colors and light, and then back it all up with the fabulous Crystalline Ray. We as humans are beginning to vibrate in 5D which is preparing us for Ascension, where we will fully vibrate in 5D and higher. We are meant to be crystalline beings!

I asked our teams of Crystalline Magdalene Lady Ascended Masters and Crystalline Stellar Skulls and CrystallineTeams to bring in their insights on this hot topic.

Interconnected Maps C. Mags: Right now we all want to be able to connect and stay strong, so the truth is, that we create our own balance. And again a lot of the information is creating fear! Opening ourselves up to being a test-rat of a community, receiving a vaccine or not, we have the power within us to change and affect what has been given to us. So the solution is, to know that you will be able to create internal and external change if you wish, whether you have a vaccine, a virus, or not. It is all within your control and this is part of the ability to ascend – which has not changed. It is the same path no matter what happens.

Many leave it up to others or medicine or their spiritual practice. When, truth be told, it comes from within, accessing our beings and skills we have developed over lifetimes – and perfected, and are still learning to access. Then we bring these abilities back on and alive with different keys we receive when we ask for assistance and connect with our higher selves, and with spirit giving us a constellation of light within us. This interconnected map ignites ourselves on all levels within our deep inner recesses; of our hearts, and opening our glands to universal light and source. So, it is an interconnected process, and not for everyone who is stuck in their ways!

Internal Balance It goes back to your internal balance, and we can create a healing solution intertwining the elements as a sparkling ray of light to move through our systems. As each Being has their own divine construct, we can ask that our universal flow of light and divine-self, use this incredible knowledge to implement light tools. We can then align the right places and amounts, which is going to regulate what has been done when the vaccine has been received. Do we look at each creation that the medical system has “done?” No! We work globally with the Crystalline Light Grid and use a Crystalline Light Medicine, shall we say.

Terra: Haven’t different strains of vaccines have had so many different things put into them? CSS: This would be the absolute truth, and the magnetic field of the different vaccines changes the auric field of an individual. Yes, you can bless, heal and transform them and see them come in as light before you receive a vaccine.

To assist before receiving a vaccine, or even a Covid test, strengthen your auric field. In other words, have your immune strong and do any balancing and protection you practice. For this you can be hydrated, exercised, rested and as we use Merkabas as they others uplift and balance chakras. So make it a ceremony!

Aroura: In an interview with David Icke a woman mentions, that if we take the vaccine, we are losing our souls? I am not getting this!

C.Mags.: Again this is also fear. We are in charge of our personal programs, our souls and this is part of our true ability to help planetary consciousness, with raising the level of the light grids, making sure that it is open to possibilities for so many others.

Received a Vaccine or Have Had Covid

CSS: And if you have received a vaccine already – do this double. So in other words, practice extreme healing and self-care – radically over the following weeks. People who have had Covid will have ‘stuff’ to neutralize as well.

We suggest you refrain from overexertion and be conscious of your moves – as in truly being aware of how you feel, and being in touch with your emotions, so you are not set off in one way or another. Use your day, your breath, your awareness as a conscious practice, and be present with yourself.

You May need to clear out your chakras and clear and protect yourself and others before meditations? Do some breath-work. Ground and call in your (completely confirmed) guides, and then do your grounding practices. Make certain you are fully connecting to Gaia’s precious heart, and use your own techniques of clearing your energy. We often use a Violet Flame technique. We find the Crystalline Light serves to also clear out bodies, minds, and spirits, and this is something to call in, even before any of the medicines are received. Do a clearing on the space you are receiving the vaccines, should you decide that this

is your course of action. As with any release, refill your light bodies so you can ground yourself fully. Then energize the vaccine before it is received.

Using Your Protocol C. Mags: For those who are planning to receive a vaccine or looking to do this, we use our tools of this magical crystalline nature with Clearing to the Core, meditation and protection with our grounding to keep us fortified, resilient, strong, connected to spirit, and remain in love and harmony – and this fortification is true to nature. So using all of this, plus inviting in our Crystalline Light to open up your DNA strands for pure healing energy, is part of this to keep us connected to Earth and our ancestral strains. For this is how we keep the integrity of our lines of energy connected to the light grids. As you can imagine, it is a state of mind, heart, and spirit, and using your abilities to keep you blessed with your digestive system on. Releasing the stress of the day is part of your protocol that keeps you functioning at an optimum level. As we know, “as above so below”. Using the energy of this magnificent, universal healing grid of light, and the original multiverse energy, the Crystalline Ray, and becoming the conscious being that we are meant to be – is part of you keeping your inner and outer selves strong. If your question is “How do I keep my body blessed, and able to tolerate all of the input that scientists are deeming ‘certain’?” It will help you to know your own heart and mind will keep you strong. And the fear is something to be released. This is of the utmost importance!

Opening yourselves and cells to receiving these light and energy healings, helps you retain the integrity of your brain and immune function – and this is key! We have just that –- we have the keys –- with our intention and focused abilities, to be a part of our process to live a long healthy life. And as we know, our ancestors made it through so much. We have all of these strengths still within us, to be stronger than so much that is being thrown at us. Focus on your ability to live and thrive. Now we know we have all of the developed focus and so much more to continue to thrive.

We often get in our own way when we doubt ourselves. That is a huge block for many to overcome. And yes, it does take the support of others to reassure us of our innate abilities, and that we can develop and go much further. Reach out to others for support and assistance when you need it.

Do Clearing on the Space You Are Receiving a Vaccine

CSS: You can even meditate on it ahead of time. Ask the angelic and Crystalline Teams to clear you. They are around and free the energy from those who have come before. Not all of the people you may be around are feeling grounded. They may not be conscious, or they may be psychologically or physically ill. Their fear or energy can remain in the space.

All of us are powerful beings of light – and we are energy. Healing our auric fields and ourselves using the brilliant Crystalline Light and moving it through, does create harmonic resonance in alignment with the cosmic light, and the energy of Gaia as well. So this is how we are using the elements. We even see Gaia spiraling all of the precious elements into a beautiful, spiraling light that we use in the Crystalline Light as well. There is a complete balance of elements and light in the Crystalline Ray. And then the Universal Light comes forth with ancient and future energy. So know this is how we infuse ourselves with the glowing harmonic light. It does sparkle and can be rather phosphorescent.

Transforming the Altered Energies Terra: Can we transmute the negative responses from vaccines?

CSS: We see that still, you can transform that altered energy, so using your protection and essential oils will help this. Again, this is your auric field, bringing into your cells the information which consists of your cellular vibration from others. A reminder that it is all energy. (The auric field is magnetic and can bring in other low or distorted energy frequencies, bacteria, viruses, infections, and dis-ease before it moves into the physical body. This can be cleared out.)

You are also able to transform the space you are working in. If you are working in-person with healings or massage, or also in a household with both mixed members of those who have received the vaccination and those who have not – you can use potent air purifiers to help. You can use your protection and clearing for every instance.

It does take time and awareness, and as with any new practices you may have to schedule it, rather than look at your day as a spontaneous movement of energy. Becoming aware of where you are going, what you are receiving, and how you wish to interact. So much of it is about protection, grounding and clearing.

Protecting You and Your Space

Terra: Many of our clients and our friends do massage and healing work. We recommend the use of pure therapeutic grade essentials oils. The high frequency will raise both your and the clients’ frequency and set up an anti-viral shield. Use sprays with oils, on and around the body and auric field of the practitioner, as well as in the workspace. If the client is willing to be sprayed before and after, it will calm them and sometimes their frenetic auric field calms down, which is sometimes present if they have had a vaccine.

The Crystalline Ray and Violet Flame If you are working in an office, a restaurant, a shop, or anywhere people are coming and going, you can call in the incredible transmuting, transformative Violet Flame from the Heart of Gaia. Clear out the space before you start work, and at the end of the day. It only takes a moment to visualize a cool violet and purple flame flickering in gold, coming from the heart of Gaia. It transmutes and clears out space as well as the people in them. See it moving up in a counter-clockwise spiral right up from the center of the Earth. Ask to have it clear out any unwanted or lower frequency energy or vibes, and it will. If you need super- clearing of an area or yourself, call forth the Crystalline Stellar Team. They will come in with it and their crystalline energies to clear out even more since they can see everything.

Here is a great opportunity to call in the Crystalline Ray. Create a bubble of Crystalline Light around yourself. Put one around your workspace and amp it up each time you are there. Send one around the hospitals, grocery store, or gas station before you arrive. Use the Crystalline bubbles around yourself a lot.

The Crystalline Ray and Violet Flame are from the fifth dimension and higher and showers right in with your intention and words. Speak it out loud when you can and breathe deeply. The extremely high frequency of the Crystalline Light can be seen or imagined as sparkling blues of every shade, of whites that look like fairy dust with different color sparkles. It shimmers with platinum as it moves. It will swirl, shower, and spin in a clockwise spiral as it shimmers in from above. Other high-frequency colors may be called in with the Crystalline Ray for opening, grounding, awakening, and dance around and through you and others in your space. Magentas, golds, and azure are also good add-ons.

One of our clients started to get nose-bleeds while working on massage clients and was concerned she might be picking up something from the clients since she too could feel the intense energies in their auric fields. So I asked about this and what she needed.

CSS: Put up a protective shield for not ever getting the illness. For Light-workers or those coaching, counseling, healing practices, clear out your energy before and after each client, shaking out, and clearing the chakras is a fine practice. Revving up your immune-strengthening program and hydrating more is also important. So, using more of all of these tools really!

Crystalline Teams by Crysta of Team Earth

Terra Rae and her dynamic Heartfelt Galactic Team, and “Team Earth” can track and clear through the Timelines, setting you free. She has mastered Emotional Release with Past-life clearing, 5D Tacking and Scanning. A Body-worker, Writer, Author, Healer and Young Living Distributor. Dedicated to the transformation of Gaia, and seekers of truth. Offering extremely deep healing and Clearing to the Core with the Crystalline Team is her passion.

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  1. Hannah j schneider

    Simply put a way to create seperation and scarcity. The sheeple will follow. Its high risk many can argue and im fine with that. I DO NOT agree with the vaccine.

  2. Madeleine Donaldson

    There is no need for any vaccine for a flu with a 99.9% recovery rate and cures that have been on the market for decades actually. Governments banned the HCQ and Ivermectin because they work. Give the vaccine to Globalists and leave the rest of humanity alone We trust i God who gave us Immune systems. And many natural cures grown in the ground.