The Anshar: Anshar Civilization

earth shining eraoflightdotcomGreetings Humans,

I am Ka-Aree, the priestess from Anshar Civilization, I would like to introduce myself today to humanity.

We have been residing in Inner Earth for a long time over 100 millions years. I come from the future, my society experienced an issue with the timeline during our transition to the next higher dimension, so to fix the issue we needed to go back almost 20 millions years in time to the place, where the problem first originated.

The glitch in the timeline has been fixed, meantime our population expanded to millions of beings. Some of our youngsters decided to leave the Inner Earth and they found a new home outside planet Earth in a far away Galaxy.

They wanted to have a choice of living on the surface of the planet or on the inside. I call them youngsters as they are much younger than me, I am over 100,000 years old. I am one of the oldest in my civilization. We are from 8th density. I am much higher than the rest of our population, because I am a priestess.

The Anshar Civilization resembles humanity in many ways, the difference is our bodies evolved and went through many transformations. We love to use crystals everywhere for protection, healing and decor. The floors in our homes are made from multi-colored crystals, and when you step on them, it feels like your walking on a soft sand.

We use advanced technology and spacecrafts, which are activated with our consciousness. Our buildings are built incorporated with glass and crystals to enhance the places and to keep an energetic balance.

We preserve in crystals ancient papers and books. Our library is pretty extensive, it has millions of books. We are vegetarian and plants eaters. We love nature and surrounded ourselves with beautiful gardens. The Animal Kingdom thrives here especially those, who got extinct on Mother Earth. These animals found a new home with us, as we respect and preserve life in any form.

I am priestess, so I personally like to use teleportation to any destination I need to be. It’s easy for me, as I am a high multi-dimensional being. My preference is a telepathic interaction, so I communicated in this way with the Universal Channel. I learned a lot of wisdom and healing techniques from the best Priestesses in the Cosmos. I love to heal beings with my own power and consciousness.

You and the rest of mankind have hidden powers and gifts within yourself, it’s only a matter of time, before you will discover them. Being connected to the Universal Consciousness gives everyone endless possibilities to expand your horizon and learn each day more about yourself and others.

Thank you.

I leave you now in Light, Peace and Love.

Be Blessed
Priestess Ka-Aree

**Channel: Erena Velazquez

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  1. Viet

    Hi priestess ka-aree , hope 1 day u will let me go in there visit Anshar so I could understand more about inner earth

  2. Harriet

    I am very glad to meet you. Thank you for introducing yourself and telling us about yourself, your people and home. I look forward to meeting you in person some day. I am sending lots of love and all colors of light to you and yours. Thank you for your healings. HarrrieC


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