Australia Announces Beginning of ‘New World Order’ As Harsh COVID Lockdowns Imposed

Rise For Truth and Freedom EraofLightDotComDisturbing footage out of Australia shows a New Wales’ MP declare the beginning of the “New World Order” as the government locks down the country over COVID once again.

New Wales Minister for Health and Medical Research Brad Hazzard dismissed lockdown concerns as “just the way it is,” claiming citizens must “accept” this “New World Order” paradigm.

“This is a world pandemic,” Hazzard said Saturday. “It’s a one in 100-year event. So you can expect that we will have transmission from time to time, and that’s just the way it is.”

“We’ve got to accept that this is the New World Order.”

As part of the “New World Order” model, the following measures have been imposed upon Australian citizens:

  • Outdoor gatherings limited to 2 people
  • Exercise permitted no farther than 10km away from home
  • Browsing shops forbidden
  • 1 person in household allowed to shop for essentials
  • Funeral limited to 10 people

If that sounds unreasonable and authoritarian, that’s because it is.

In fact, Australia recorded its first COVID death of 2021 just last week.

So 1 person dies, and now a country of over 25 million must be locked down forever.

Welcome to the New World Order’s Great Reset agenda.


4 Replies to “Australia Announces Beginning of ‘New World Order’ As Harsh COVID Lockdowns Imposed”

  1. Madeleine Donaldson

    No! We must remove all Globalist puppets who are being paid a lot of money to destroy our World They are 1% . We are 99% and we have God Almighty

    1. Perry

      I’m in Australia and this is dead right , we live in a bubble here, they tell us we’re better off than the rest of the world , but Australia is still a penal colony and only a few handfuls of us know it, it’s all about forcing people to have the vaccine, they have crippled small businesses, cancelled festivals and major cultural events the day before they open inflicting maximum damage to livelihoods, fining people thousands of dollars for not wearing masks, a group of footballers from the one team got together and the bloke that held it was fined $30 000 , fuel is $1.60 per litre, rents are rising 40 percent in one jump , all while wages stagnate or go down, they have destroyed manufacturing in this country , hey but we still need billion dollar submarines, being built by the French mind you ,and won’t be delivered until they are obsolete, Oh did I mention the sell off of major agricultural lands to the Chinese , we are leasing them Darwin harbour for 99 years , they have built a massive airstrip in the Pilbra ( large dessert area in Western Australia) the corruption within our government is so blatant ( recently they payed party doners $30 000 000 for a $3 000 000 block of land for an airstrip) and people do nothing .New Zealand is the same and also harbours big players in the Illuminati, there is a ridiculously small amount of people in the Southern Hemisphere, so why wouldn’t you start here , the next major sports event you see from Australia could be a Ping Pong grand final . Why do we let such a small amount of people ( maybe they’re people) dictate to us , Australia needs Trump back in office as much as Americans do , having said all that ,Prime Creator alone is power , and I truly believe and trust that this final act in the Earthly theatre will be the making of us all , it is the will of Prime Creator ,