A Sirius Look At “Lion’s Gate,” The Egyptians, and Why New-Agers Always Seem To Miss The Point

parisseAs this new-age holiday is upon us again, I have decided to republish this article from last year, slightly edited. In it, I use the term ‘new-agers’ quite disparagingly. To clarify, the term ‘new-ager’ has two very distinct meanings. It can refer to the cult of new-agers (those so beloved by modern ‘Christians’). These new-agers have a rather trippy, ungrounded spirituality and are very emotionally self-indulgent. The other meaning of ‘new-ager’ refers to every one of us who is living on the Earth at this time now, because this is a new age, one created to replace the old age and paradigm that is falling apart. The new spiritual energies do not support its corrupt ways. So, by virtue of that fact, all of us are new-agers, including all the ‘Christians’.


The purpose of this article is to clarify the actual astrological event that new-agers have arbitrarily termed “Lion’s Gate/8:8” so it is finally understood and can be used beneficially. To accomplish this, I repeatedly contrast functional and dysfunctional approaches. If I seem a bit too ‘serious,’ understand that what I point out with regard to this one event is much too universal in the behavior of new-agers still at this late date.

A Sirius Look At “Lion’s Gate”

In 1992 a new-age teacher named Solara announced to the world that she had been “told” that on November 11 there would be a special influx of galactic energy reaching the planet that would produce powerful changes in human consciousness:

We hereby announce the next major planetary activation to take place on January 11, 1992. This is the Opening of the Doorway of the 11:11, said the voice.


Many people enthusiastically accepted this pompous pronouncement, gathered for this never-before-heard-of-and-frankly-hard-to-prove event and, basically, had a new-age party. Many have been partying religiously on this date ever since. Somehow, 11:11-ers still haven’t put it together that galactic forces do not follow the Gregorian calendar.

While it’s great for groups to gather to raise energy and consciousness, many do it under the guise that something “galactic” or astrological is occurring, when nothing is actually going on except in their imaginations. Pulling the cosmic wool over our eyes and going into a pretend state does not draw merit from the stars. Only sober, consciously reflected upon, universally-supported action really does anything for our field. When we go into fantasy we actually create a split in our psyches. We lose a lot of power through these distractions. We end up blowing off the very steam we could be using to push the human evolutionary train farther forward. This is NOT how ancient peoples worked. This is NOT how enlightenment is cultivated.

You may ask, How do you know the “11:11” is a phony?

I knew immediately, because in 1992, when I first heard it was coming up, I tuned into the concept to energetically feel what was going on, and nothing was going on. It was an empty idea with no tangible lifeforce. The feeling was quite similar to the one I had a few years later when folks started talking about “Y2K”, when civilization was supposed to fall apart because we were turning from the 1900s to the 2000s. It was an empty idea without substance. Energy-less. Unreal.

The “11:11” invention was the progenitor of quite a number of pseudo-holidays, such as the “12:12″s, “1:1″s, and the second-most popular of all, “8:8/Lion’s Gate”. This one is of particular interest to me, because it is based on something the ancient Egyptians really did celebrate, but somehow new-agers have managed to distort the original event into something the Egyptians never had nor ever called it. The name “Lion’s Gate” sounds formidable, but serves only to distract from what is really going on. Sirius was not “The Lion Star” to the Egyptians – it was “The Dog Star”.

And this is why I have taken the time to write this clarification: these habitual, calendrically-determined new-age holidays are enjoyed immensely by dark forces who love to provide distractions so we miss the mark. That way, they stay in control of the actual stellar power. While we’re busy chanting “Lion’s Gate – Eight-Eight!”, we’re missing the actual timing of the energy doorway through which we could do some good.

I read articles by these celebrants of the “8:8” feast-day who try to correlate it to something Sirius did that the Egyptians liked. They even write about the Nile flooding and Sirius somehow being connected with that. But they don’t do the research to see what really happens or that it is not a fixed date every year when it does. (Yes, you read that right.) Here is a good example of their very confused thinking and its extrapolations:

“Welcome to the August 2020 Lions Gate Portal Energy + Ascension Update! The Lions Gate Portal opened on July 21st as we entered Leo season, right after the New Moon in Cancer and closes on August 12th. Every year the epicenter of the Lion’s Gate Portal is on 8/8, this year it falls on a Saturday. On this date (every year) there is unique astrological alignment of the Sirius Star System with Orion’s belt, the Great Central Sun, Our Solar Systems’ Sun, Earth and the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Ancient Egyptians were deeply connected to the Ascended Star System & Civilization of Sirius. The Great Pyramids were all built on powerful Earth energy vortexes to be conduits and portals of energy connecting Earth and the key Star Systems, they were literal Stargates.”


There is a lot of made-up stuff in that statement. But for us, the relevant questions are:

Where did anyone get the idea that a special portal suddenly opens when the Sun goes into Leo and that it’s called “Lion’s Gate”?

Or that it always has an “epicenter” on our August 8th?

And what is this “unique astrological alignment of the Sirius Star System with Orion’s belt, the Great Central Sun, Our Solar System’s Sun, Earth and the Great Pyramid of Giza”?

Are you baffled? So am I. Sirius and Orion’s Belt are fixed stars and are always in the same relationship to each other, and there is no special alignment between the Great Pyramid and them and the Earth or their Aunt Tillie and her dog. Wait. Maybe the dog! Sirius was called the Dog Star by the Egyptians! That must be it! We should rename this holiday “Dog’s Gate”!

New-agers force the made-up term “Lion’s Gate” onto Egyptian mythology, and conflate the sign Leo into it to make up an imaginary mythology to play in. What an illusion! And how completely unproductive. If you want to get to L.A. and you pretend you are in Brooklyn when you are really in Detroit you will get lost. Fantasizing is pretending, and it’s based on illusions. Imagining is creative, and it’s based on reality.

Above: Ancient Egypt’s version of the holy trinity associated with Sirius: an obelisk representing the masculine energy, Osiris, a half circle representing the feminine energy, Isis, and the five-pointed star representing their child, Horus.

What The Egyptians Actually Did

The Egyptians celebrated a Sirius season, from our July 3rd to August 12th, when the Nile flooded the surrounding plains, giving life to the fertile soil, and the heliacal rising of Sirius, which took place at the end of the season was the climax.

“Heliacal” is formed from the Greek name “Helios,” meaning the Sun. The day on which a star or planet rises exactly with the Sun is a conjunction, but as we cannot see that star or planet because the Sun’s light is too bright, we must wait for it to rise ahead of the Sun before we can see it. The day it becomes visible is the day of its heliacal rising, and that is what we are celebrating. For the Egyptians, this was the start of the new year.

This is the event our new-agers would like to pin down to August 8th every year. The date, in fact, is constantly in motion because the stars and planets are constantly in motion.

According to astronomer Jeffrey L. Hunt, to whom I wrote about this:

“From my latitude 41.7N, the sun and Sirius rose at about the same time (within a minute) on August 3 this year, according to U.S. Naval Observatory data. At 1350 B.C., just before the time of King Tut, the heliacal rising date at Giza was approximately July 19, from a quick look at the computer program Starry Night. Remember that we have had corrections to the calendar; so before 1582, the dates do not match the equivalent dates with today’s sun’s position.”

Read his article: “2020, August 15-16: Helical Rising of Sirius”.


This means:

1. For the Egyptians of 1350 B.C., Sirius had its heliacal rising on about July 19th.

2. Sirius now, 2020, conjuncted the Sun August 3rd, and reaches its heliacal rising on August 15 or 16th, depending on where one is.

Nothing happens on the fixed date of 8/8. Period. Fixed dates do not reflect the actual state of the Universe. Everything is always in motion. And if you do your ceremony on 8/8, despite what the Universe is actually doing, you will end up with little more than superficial excitement for your efforts.

To clarify: If we do not act in sync with the Universe, there is little real power for change.

The solution, then, is to time your Sirius ritual with what is really going on in the Universe or you will miss the energy Sirius bathes us in when it clears the Sun so we can see it.

The entire Sirius season is so important….

…that the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4th to coincide with the beginning of it. The Masons, who were instrumental in designing the US before that society was corrupted, were Sirius lovers. Even if one is not a Mason, one can appreciate the spiritual impact of this, as it is now known scientifically that the natural pulse given out by the human brain literally syncs with the pulse coming from the human heart, which syncs with the pulse coming from the Earth, which syncs with the pulse coming from the Sun, which syncs with the pulse coming from Sirius. What happens beyond that, we don’t know yet.

We are intimately involved with whatever Sirius is doing in the Universe. This makes it all the more important that you time your ceremony or meditation with the actual heliacal rising and sync your heart-mind with Sirius’ and the Beyond.

The star Sirius

Now back to the new-agers, and how they can get the point…

Most new-agers want to ascend (to Heaven), without first descending (to Earth). They don’t have their feet on the ground, so they never actually get off it. Try jumping up, without first pushing down. Trees grow up because they first root down.

If one sets out to do a full moon ceremony, it should, of necessity, be done on the full moon. This is simply rational and functional – to resonate with the power of the full moon you wait for it, time your work with its cycle, not too soon and not too late. What good would it do to pretend the full moon is three days before or after it actually happens?

Don’t be one of those who insist that if they get together on a fixed date that has cool double numbers, for which they have made up a dramatic, completely unrelated name, that they are somehow acting in harmony with the ancient Egyptians of several thousand years ago (who celebrated the heliacal rising of Sirius when it was actually happening), and that this absurd act is somehow going to raise human consciousness (meaning our level of spiritual maturity) and bring humanity into an age of enlightenment.

You can’t get there from here.

An image of Sopdet – Egypt’s name for Sirius

Concluding Advice

The true spiritual path is through emptiness of attachment and agenda, not emptiness of awareness. Take the time to align with celestial events that are actually happening and you will make a positive difference in human consciousness. (Practice having consciousness to increase consciousness.) The ancient Egyptians were probably the most famous people in history for being EXTREMELY precise about their timing, their rituals, their art forms, their architecture. No people were more aligned to the Earth and Heaven with precision than the Egyptians. And no one has yet to create a more beautiful civilization because of that.

Learn to know the difference between creative spontaneity coming from divine alignment and wildly blowing off steam in emotional orgasm because you are excited about an idea. In the end, there is no freedom without discipline, so, please, no more new-age koolaid.

The Chinese have an old saying: “It is like a finger pointing to the Moon. If you concentrate on the finger, you miss all that heavenly glory!

Don’t be distracted. Concentrate on Sirius’ actual heliacal rising: August 15-16, and the Egyptians will be proud of you.

Further Study

For my article on why the greatly misunderstood 2012 phenomenon falls into the same category as the “8:8”, and that in focusing on it one misses the blessings that come from realizing the enormity of the actual transit that’s been taking place, read:

The Aquarian Age And A New ‘Great Year’ Began In 1998


Since 1962, the Earth and humanity have been in a massive 72 year transit thru the one degree of space which aligns our Sun at winter solstice with the ecliptic (the ring of our solar system) where it forms a cross with the Milky Way (the galactic edge) at the center of our galaxy, in the ‘Dark Rift’, a spooky, mystical, black area, potent with new stars.

This transit, which so many new-agers have insisted took place exactly and only on December 21, 2012, did in fact start in 1962 and will end in 2034. Its mid-point was May 17, 1998, making the year 2012 just one of the seventy-two times our Sun has transited the center of the galaxy, and, of itself, a total nothing burger.


Parisse Deza is a new age Renaissance man, a visionary with 48 years experience in self-cultivation arts, who calls his field Consciousness and Creativity. He is an educator, counselor, reader, visual artist, writer, and Daoist internal alchemy, chigung, and feng-shui adept living in Sedona, Arizona. His main purpose is seeing-in the Aquarian Age and the fulfillment of the original American dream of absolute personal freedom in relationship with all Life.

You are always welcome and encouraged to share my writing, respecting my rights and needs as an author. If you use excerpts, be sure to leave them in the form they came in, employing “…” between passages you want to shorten. This way the work keeps its integrity. Thanks.

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22 Replies to “A Sirius Look At “Lion’s Gate,” The Egyptians, and Why New-Agers Always Seem To Miss The Point”

  1. John L

    Patisse. I do see your point and your accuracy relative to this particular topic, I was speaking in very general terms also with slight humor at the end and I am not suggesting we have Humpty Dumpty prayer meetings or anything else not relating to the project at hand ,but you are projecting what you think I have in mind and it is significantly off. If people want to send out good energy, let em. No point in me discussing this any further. Peace

  2. Nan Cavasin

    Era of Light posts a wide variety of articles from various authors. I choose carefully and listen to my intuition. We are all entitled to Free Speech even if the Cabal would have us believe otherwise. I am a sovereign being and I alone decide what is my truth and what is not. No person, or group of persons, organization etc. is going to dictate to me what is truth, what I should do or think or believe, what is right or what is wrong. I am entitled to post my thoughts with the understanding that others may disagree. This article represents one person’s perspective, the choice to believe it or not is up to the reader.

  3. John L

    Well of course there is only the Gracious Spacious Moment of the Infiinite Loving Now!, but are you hinting at some kind of nebulous Spiritual pragmatism? I thought the point was to use catalysts to get groups of people energized which has an exponentiating affect which ripples out around the world whether extra energy is coming through or not. Should we still get together and celebrate birthdays?, because, after all is it really somebody’s “birth”day? Most people understand that. Peace, Light and Love to All

    1. Parisse Deza


      The point is not, “to use catalysts to get groups of people energized …whether extra energy is coming through or not” because then one is lying to oneself about what is happening to accomplish that. If you tell yourself something big is happening in the sky when it isn’t, you are in an illusion, not reality, and the energetic of that is not sound, and the acts stemming from it are not powerful. This is basic spiritual practice. Getting people together for world change is good, but not by lying to them about it. This is such a basic common sense point that I can’t believe I have to clarify it to anyone. Lying causes the ego to split. Living in illusions does not create a new age of consciousness.

      My central complaint about “new-agers” has always been that they lack groundedness – the ability to stay in touch with reality – and almost all I’m hearing in these comments is folks trying to deride me for pointing this out, saying I am holding back humanity’s evolution and other ridiculous nonsense excuses they fabricate so they can dismiss the point. And the reason, as always, to try to dismiss this essential point is because, if it were accepted, then everyone would have to actually look at themselves, their beliefs, their feelings and thoughts and CHANGE. As long as people stay in denial of what they do not want to see they think they are safe, just like Christians living in their righteousness. The last thing most of the people who have made negative comments want is to change. They want to protect their rigid views and continue to live in illusions like the “11:11” because it gives them security. But as I said, there is no new age coming to them. The new age is based on being conscious, not on lies.

      Parisse Deza

  4. youwontknow

    1. The Earth is inside the trinity energy of Sirius from her birth .
    2. The dolphins , OS [ Wrongly spoken as Nomos ] and other subspecies either have been being there on earth or have been visiting earth for eons or short times .
    3. Every human beings incarnated on earth have Sirius energy within .

    So the above three reasons give you the idea that you do not need to specifically pay attention to Sirius Lion Gate . You have all these inside your multidimensional heart . Go inside and you will find those beings projecting themselves as Amphibians or Aquatics with your higher eyes .

  5. Ben

    I am surprised to see this article here. This is like someone taking the materialist position and saying God doesn’t exist, and if God does exist then prove it. It is not possible to prove that God exists. It is very easy to poop on everything people say to the contrary to explain that God does indeed exist. Does not take much brain power or imagination at all. All you have to do is view everything the same way the author here views whatever it is they’re talking about. Just because the author didn’t feel anything doesn’t mean anything. No one felt anything on 12/21/2012 yet it was a major event.

    I did not bother reading the article as I didn’t want to waste my time. I just read a sentence here and there. We are moving past this prehistoric, barbaric, and materialistic viewpoint now.

    1. Parisse Deza

      Ben, if you didn’t want to waste time reading the article, then why did you waste time concocting a response to it?

      It is astounding to me how many people who think they are working a path of consciousness and entering a new age are interested only in skimming the surface of something to see if it fits into their normal box of thinking, and then, when they find it doesn’t, but are offended by what little they saw of it, decide to attack the work.

      Ben, please explain to me how my pointing out the real astronomy involved, the way the Egyptians saw the situation, so that we could emulate them and actually make contact with Sirius energy is a: “…prehistoric, barbaric, and materialistic viewpoint…”.

      You have it backwards. It is you and your confederates who refuse to examine a situation realistically so it can be used properly that are behaving in a prehistoric, barbaric, and materialistic way. You are not “moving past” your current consciousness status as long as you insist on having an attitude of arrogance and willful ignorance.

      As far as the 12/21/12 winter solstice goes, which you believe was “a major event”, there were years of research done by scholars like John Major Jenkins long before that date that showed that that date , of itself, was completely unimportant, because the transit involved that everyone was so fired up about was being completely misunderstood by them. The transit of the Sun conjuncting the ecliptic and the galactic edge at galactic center during winter solstice was astronomically exact, according to world class astronomers Jan Meuss and others, on May 17, 1998. And the entire transit has an expanse covering 72 years worth of winter solstices from 1962-2034. As I noted in my article above, but you failed to notice, I published a detailed analysis of this transit which you can find here:


      The purpose of my writing these articles is not because I am “taking the materialist position and saying God doesn’t exist”. Quite the opposite. I am saying that you can’t contact “God” without being grounded in material reality. People like you who refuse to understand this basic spiritual fact are living proof of what I say about “new-agers” when I am speaking disparagingly. You prefer to have a space cadet view of spirituality, and that leaves you nowhere but in an illusion of your own making.

      Parisse Deza

    2. Hannah j schneider

      God lives in each of us. Thankyou 😉😇🦋 for sharing your thoughts. I agree. He as “Mighty God” lives in each of us. Through conciousness is one way!!

  6. Chris

    Maybe instead of telling everyone how stupid and wrong they are for believing a certain way you can skip that completely and speak the truth as you know it🤷‍♀️ I find that this post is not very compassionate, spiritual or tolerant at all. I must say, I agree that people should not get caught up in certain dates, however I too can tap into cosmic ascension energies and I assure you there is validity in the lions gateway openings , as a cosmic new year and a time when the earth is flooded with ascension codes for the year to come. That’s not fantasy and that’s not guessing. I see feel and interpret energies. This year in particular is a cosmic reset. It goes beyond earth and humanity. It is a complete transcendence of the 3D template. It is physics, it is a density shift.

  7. flazak

    The Dogon tribe of Africa worship Sirius, are aware it is a binary star system and they even know information about how they orbit each other. This cannot be known without a large telescope, which obviously the Dogon didn’t have.

    It’s a very close and huge star system, lots of gravity/light/mass and must have effects on the local star systems including our own, we are neighbours. Also we should not forget galactic waves etc, various cycles within cycles set in motion by the creator.

  8. Jacqueline

    Blessings to All.
    This piece is another perspective of the whole.
    Not Right. Not Wrong.
    Just another perspective. Together All of our perspectives make up the whole of the collective consciousness of Humanity.
    Blessings to us All as we rise.
    The only truth that matters for You, is the one inside of You.
    Not All perspectives are relevant for All.
    Your Truth however shines the Light on Your path.

    1. Parisse Deza

      I am most certainly not a Christian. Please explain how you came to that conclusion, especially since I poke at Christians at the beginning and the end of the article itself, which you purport to have read. Read my bio under the articles I write to understand my background and philosophical base.

      Also please explain what fake doctrine you are talking about and why what I say is ridiculous, give us some details so we understand what you are talking about, instead of just giving into an emotional reaction you have had because one of your cherished, and totally unexamined beliefs, is threatened by fact and actual intuition.

      “Do some research”? Are you kidding? The article IS research.

      Why bother to make inane comments designed to tear apart someone’s work because it contradicts your view? Challenge yourself to do better than that.

      The reason I wrote this article, and others like it, is to speak directly to individuals like you who refuse to critically think anything through and are stuck in emotional reactions. It is my hope that you will get so frustrated from the article and this interaction that you will be forced to examine yourself. This is what the world needs now – more consciousness and less emotional reactivity.

    2. Hannah j schneider

      This is beautiful, leo here the 1st of August actually! Thankyou. ❤ I enjoyed reading this!!

  9. Glenn A Kaufmann

    As a professional Astrologer for over 40 years I have been saying the same thing since the events of 1992. Great job. Another fallacy to address in August is the concept of a Blue Moon. It has nothing to do with our calendar month, it has to do with the Full Moon falling in the same sign. And in 2021 the Full Moon in Aquarius is truly a Blue Moon falling right after the Full Moon in Aquarius in July. http://www.MountShstaAstrologer.com

    1. Parisse Deza

      Thank you, Glenn.

      It is amazing how so many people can hold onto beliefs such as the “11:11” and the 2012 story when there is so much science and general research available to help them understand what is really going on.

      The problem of the 12/21/2012 event is one of even more depth and importance than the “Lion’s Gate” story. Please read my article from last year, “The Aquarian Age and A New ‘Great Year’ Began in 1998,” where I explain the actual astrological transit in question – an enormously long one – and why nothing happened on 12/21/12 other than normal. https://operationdisclosure1.blogspot.com/2020/12/the-aquarian-age-and-new-great-year.html

  10. Nathaniel

    I remember reading this last year and thinking to myself, “this perspective must have value, but to me this article is nonsense”. Personally, I was woken from a deep waking slumber by the constant showing of “11:11” for a year or 2 before coming to the knowledge that is is a pretty common phenomenon amongst those being actively awoken by the non-phydical. Love to All.

    1. Parisse Deza

      It seems to me that those who cannot understand the science and concepts of this article and others like them are not yet able to see its validity, and so they don’t.

      A small group of people (out of 7.6 billion) having flashes of “11:11” in their daily lives falls into the category of group thought-form sharing. It is superficial psychic phenomenon, that, at best, would serve to tell some people that something more than normal is going on in the universe than they think, but that in no way means special waves of energy reach the planet every year just because the Gregorian calendar, not a very accurate instrument to begin with, says it’s November 11th. That is silly.

      1. Claudia

        For reasons too long/(annoying) to explain “MY INTUITION” wants me to say this to YOU&ME:

        This “11:11” phenomenon (and even the “November 11th thing”) IS NOT SILLY but sth you/me don´t yet understand.

        (LOL… this is the first time I´m getting a reaction/feedback concerning “MY RUDENESS” each time I AM BEING FOCUSED TO NOTICE those numbers… bc “I 2” have thought that was just some not noteworthy hype…)

        Needless to say that “IF” THAT IS TRUE you´re behaving no better than those you are sharply criticising here, right?

        “Sorry Parisse” but I HAD TO give this to you or I won´t get no sleep…

        [“Oh là là Parisse”… I might have not known about the 11:11 but I KNOW what this weirdsounding comment means TO ME… so TYVM for making this message available for me… 🥰🥰]

  11. Parisse Deza

    Val, Please explain how the detailed astronomical science explained and the practical application of spiritual technique used down through the ages is “nonsense”.