South Africa Descends to Chaos, as People Try to Find Food

If you have not yet seen these reports out of South Africa, the country descended into chaos last week, with massive rioting and looting all across the country.

The South African president stated that this massive social unrest was “planned,” and he deployed 25,000 troops from the military to restore order.

Here are a couple of videos that show the devastation from the aftermath, and how many now face starvation as they try to find food.

This is not the Congo, or Sudan, but SOUTH AFRICA. They have not seen anything close to this kind of unrest in South Africa since the 1990s.

Could this happen in the U.S. and other parts of the world?

Yes, of course it can, and we already saw it last summer right here in the U.S., with rioting and destruction in urban areas that have not been seen here since the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination in the 1960s.

Those riots last summer were also organized and planned, and lasted much longer than the 1960s riots.

If you have not yet read this article I recently published on the Global Food Cartel, I highly recommend you do, so you can understand just how easy it is for these Globalists to very quickly cause chaos and massive food shortages, leading to starvation and a planned reduction of the population.

This is probably a much greater threat to you and your family than someone coming to your door to try and inject you with one of their bioweapon shots.


2 Replies to “South Africa Descends to Chaos, as People Try to Find Food”

  1. Madeleine Donaldson

    I live opposite a Chemical Factory that was destroyed in Cornubia. We have all been affected by the chemical fall out. KZN and Gauteng were the badly affected Provinces. The President is part of the Global NWO, He allowed the devastation then afterwards comes on TV with some lame poetic speech he read from. No leadership and all apologetic. We saw no Police and no Army. Only Citizens manning our roads day and night. No food, or fuel. These riots were all planned as was his putting the former President in Jail without Trial knowing full well the Zulus would be angry. Zuma is not for a NWO, he wants South Africa to remain our Country . And he knows what CR and his Cabal have been getting up too! Thats why he was put away. Its the ones in power now that are truly evil. He became a multi billionaire on money from Oppenheimer, Soros, Gates Foundation, Soros, Rupert’s, Rothchild’s and CCP!