Ashian: How to Activate Your Portal

commander ashian eraoflightdotcomJ: Hello!  I have a question about a thought that ‘landed’ in my head recently: ‘You are a portal’.  I feel as though I intuitively know what you mean, but could you say more about it please?

A: Greetings! It is wonder-full to be with you all in this discussion. Yes, you are correct when you say this thought ‘landed’ in your head… or perhaps it evolved?

J: That’s entirely possible, because I’ve been thinking that we can expand the potency of our light, our meditations, our actions, by seeing them aligning with the light grid, thereby adding our power to the light grid and almost gaining quantum traction, for all that we do by consciousness alignment with the light and with the collective.

A: That is entirely correct, and yet it only goes so far.  That is expanding the potency, the resonance at the collective level, but it also creates a personal affect too.

When you in a state of constantly dedictating your thoughts, words and actions to the collective, to the ascension energy, your vibration begins to raise higher and higher, so that you create a portal within yourself.

J: Will I fall into it?!

A: No!  Consider it this way, a portal is a higher vibrational vortex; it is a now moment of much higher alignment than is usual in a given space-time moment, it is a connection to a higher vibration that is pulled through space and time to a specific now moment, in this instance, within you in that now moment.

J: Yes, that makes sense… It feels like a bubble or an expansion of love and energy through my chest.

A: You describe it will, like a bubble that connects to another, higher expression of energy.  Like will always find like, high vibrational energy will pull high vibrational energy to it, even if it seems that it is not present in that moment.

Can you see how you are acting as a portal now?

J: Yes.  I wanted to check with you, I’ve noticed sometimes in the past, the feeling of joy, expectation, love and connectedness – especially in the early morning sunlight – sometimes creates a similar experience?

A: It does.  There are many ways, but what is happening is a high vibration is attracting a similar high vibration, which comes from a space-time outside your now moment.  This is why we go on and on and on about feeling love and joy, about following your bliss, about seeing yourself as divine beings undertaking a divine mission.  They are all pathways to creating the internal 5D vortex, the 5D portal within you.

As more and more of you are able to expand your energy this high, and hold your experience for longer, you are anchoring the 5D on your planet, and moving closer to the tipping point.

J: Oh… the tipping point… We’ve heard a lot about that: 10% of the population, 60% light quotient for the population as a whole…

A: There are many tipping points!  As your light level increases, you hit new energetic ‘markers’, that then prompt new actions in your timelines, almost like a gradutation, where each marker or tipping point moves you on to a higher vibrational energetic, a higher timeline.  It is like you are graduating from one class to move to the next and the next.  Each new timeline is faster and – believe it or not – smoother than the timeline you have graduated from.

J: Are you sure about that?!

A: We are!  You do not know what you have left behind, and that is truly for the better.  Focus your energies on the now moment, on expanding love within, on dedicating that love to collective… that is light service.

J: Thank you so much.

A: It is always our pleasure to be with you all.  We are always with you all, simply call upon us to feel us closer to you.

J: Thanks, I know so many of us are tired and many are lonely, it’s good to feel you are close and have our backs.

A: We are as close as your breath, if you call upon us.

J: Thanks Ashian.

**Channel: Jennifer Crokaert