Ashian: Raw Authenticity

commander ashian eraoflightdotcomA: Jennifer, we would like to discuss ways of being.*

J: Great!  I’m up for it… especially with the somewhat dubious title of ‘Raw’.

A: We wished to get your attention! Raw authenticity: that is what we would like to discuss.

Your society is used to the perfection of film stars on your screens, of influencers in their perfect lives on your various apps, yet there is a vacuum beneath all the gloss and polish.  It is not true, it is not authentic, therefore it is not aligned with divine essence: it is a distortion of divine essence.

Perfection is found in im-perfection.  It is so often the paradox that is true, is it not!

So, we wish to discuss with you who come upon these words, the importance of genuine honesty, of the truth of your journey – because the journey of life is not built on the highs, it is crafted from coming through the lows.

As the awakening builds, the newly awakened will find it hard to contain their emotions.  You who have been on this path for longer have had time to process these emotional curveballs. Once, you were where they will be… tapping into that awareness gives you integrity, raw authenticity, that resonates as truth, as trustworthy.

The time is coming, very soon, when all that is polished but lacking in authenticity will be valueless.  The blinding beauty of truth, of honesty, of authenticity will be vibration that people seek out.

Take this time to peel back any layers where you have used polish instead of truth.  Peel back any arrogance, superiority or frear that may still lurk.  And for the gentlest among you: peel back any fears that you may be seen as you truly are.

The truth of you, your expression – all the good and all the ‘bad’ – is where power resides, because truth is aligned divine essence.

You were brought here to experience the paradoxical gateway to perfection, because divine perfection is all that is, therefore to come into your divine perfection, you need to own and honour all that you are.

J: I guess that means seeing and healing the broken parts of ourselves, with compassion and kindness, because really, we only hide the parts we feel aren’t good enough, so they are where we are broken.

A: Yes, that it is it in a nutshell.  You each chose the ‘ingredients’ for your life consciously before incarnation, with an awareness of the perfection they would bring to your divine essence.  You need all of those ingredients to fully manifest your divine perfection in this lifetime.

J: Makes sense, but it’s scary, even after decades at this, there are parts of myuself that I am still healing, that I still haven’t fully … erm… reconciled myself to.

A: That’s perfect.  If you were finished, you probably wouldn’t need to remain on this plane!  Remember lightworkers are clearing for the collective, not just the personal; they are also clearing for their lineage; some are also holding on to some issues to keep them ‘grounded’ in the 3D/4D.

There are many factors at play, which are beyond conscious knowing at this point; what matters is an awareness of your personal symphony of ingredients, rather than becoming lost in gloss or perfection or thinking one has ‘arrived’.

As a final note, we wish to tell you that what lightworkers have taken on in service, that which has weighed them down, will dissolve in the higher realms, as the Ascension energy increases.

J: Well now, that really is good news.  Thanks a million, Ashian.

A: It is our pleasure.  We are always near, you need only call upon us.

**Channel: Jennifer Crokaert


3 Replies to “Ashian: Raw Authenticity”

  1. Claudia

    That was a good read to remind me again of what MY ONLY fear is:

    It´s THE REVERSE of “And for the gentlest among you: peel back any fears that you may be seen as you truly are.”