The Wisdom of The Council: Creators of Reality

waves of light eraoflightdotcomWe are so pleased and delighted to have the opportunity to speak with you all on this fine and glorious day indeed. Playful expansion, opportunities for greater joy, opportunities for more fun, for more creativity are yours, are here for you, are available to you as you let yourself create your reality every day in a way that is aligned to the highest truth of who you really are.

You are creators of your reality. You have many more levels of creation to explore and to expand into and to experience. You move into these higher levels of consciousness and more becomes available to you. It gets easier. It gets lighter. It gets better. It flows. There’s more magic. There’s more miracles. There’s more fun. There’s more play, and there’s no end to creation. There is no end to creating the reality that you want to experience for you at the highest level. But it is a choice that you make every day with what you’re focused on, the meaning you’re giving it, and the level of consciousness you’re in, which allows vibration and frequency to be elevated and expanded into your natural state, which is joyful and inspired and full of vitality, and coming to a place where you live so wholly and completely within yourself that the power that you are draws to you magic, miracles, and manifestations that you never experienced the lack of.

There is freedom in letting go of all that you’re attached to, of all that creates resistance and judgment and the feeling of overwhelm within you. But we’re not talking about the kind of letting go that is passive, where you are just going to let go and wait around and be patient and maybe something will happen if I just let go. No. We’re talking about the letting go that is connecting into the God consciousness where in the moment that you let go you actively, intentionally, and powerfully move into the state of God consciousness where anything and everything is possible for you, and you begin to play in the multidimensional realities that are available to you as you create in multiple dimensions of consciousness that are presenting themselves to you more and more every day if you’re paying attention and you’re willing to play.

Creating is playing. Playing is creating. There is so much freedom in knowing that there is no end to creation ever, that you are always creating and recreating your reality. We say this because it’s going to be really important that you stay in joy, stay in a playful, lighthearted, creative, inspired, innocent vibration over the next month to come because you are literally taking quantum leaps forward in releasing density, trauma, drama, old stories, old energy, and old beliefs.Many of you may be feeling like you are in a new state of consciousness, you are feeling better, you are feeling more joyful, you are feeling more freedom, and yet your reality hasn’t taken the quantum leap forward that you wish it to have. Your reality hasn’t taken that quantum leap forward into the new potentials and possibilities, but we assure you that it will in rapid time. You will leapfrog into new realities. It will be a quantum leap. But it is not of the human’s doing.

It is not of the human’s doing. It is not the human figuring it out. It is not your human making it happen. It is not your human forcing your desires. It is not your human forcing energy where your human thinks it should go. It is you letting yourself go into your natural state of God consciousness, which is always available to you, and playing and creating and having fun in these new realities from that level. 

You must understand that, as you move into higher dimensions of consciousness, many of those dimensions—or all of those dimensions above the 5th Dimension—are formless realities. You’re experiencing formless creation, true creation that is formless, which allows the highest potential and possibility to then we’ll call it trickle down into the lower dimensions of consciousness where you experience form.

You want new energy, you want new consciousness, you want a New Earth reality, and yet you want to keep creating those in old energy, which is why you asked the question, why is it that I don’t feel like my life is taking a quantum leap forward into new realities; it looks like it’s the same? Because you’re still trying to create it with old energy. You’re trying to push old energy where you think it should go.

You’ve never been here before in physical form, which is why for some of you it feels like you don’t really know what you want anymore or you’re almost exhausted desiring the things you’ve been wanting for so long. Now, all the laws of creation and the laws of attraction and the laws of gestation still work in every dimension of consciousness, but you are pioneers and you are trailblazers through this new that is now available to you. It is here and it is now, and now it’s about the journey through these higher levels of consciousness as the master that you are.

We said this decade is about the Journey of the master. This is the Decade of the master. You’re living mastery, experiencing practical magic and creating your reality. You are in an experience where living mastery is what you are looking for, desiring, seeking. You are asking to live this mastery. You are asking to live at these higher levels of consciousness. You’re asking to live and allow all the energy that is here for you.

Your human is not going to do that. Your human is not going to figure that out. Your human is not going to make that happen. Your human, at this point, is along for the ride, along for the journey, here to have fun and to play and to create and to marvel in the magnificence of practical magic presenting itself to you all day long—divine orchestration, synchronicities, coincidences that happen faster and more fully and more vividly and with more energy—and creating your reality, the creation of reality.

Much of what you’re asking about, much of where you are now, much of which you desire to experience next is new levels of creating your reality. The creation of reality. All the energy is here. All the energy is yours. The energy is never created nor destroyed. It changes form. And it’s all here for you.

Consciousness and your awareness are what open you up and allow you into a state where energy is flowing to you and through you and you are fully in the God consciousness where all the energy came from. The consciousness of God, the God consciousness, all of the energy that is here for you, combined with you in the state of awareness that you are the Creator within your own creation is going to move you into levels of reality and creating your reality beyond anything you have ever experienced yet so far.

And when you’re feeling yourself in what might appear to be a fight between old and new, you have unintentionally or potentially unknowingly moved yourself down into lower levels of consciousness with an awareness of new energy but still trying to create with old energy.

You are totally and completely free in every way to create your reality however you wish it to be. That means if you have a job that you don’t like or a relationship that you don’t like or a living situation that you don’t like or a money situation that you don’t like or a situation with your body that you don’t like, you are totally and completely free to create the reality that you want to choose for you, that you want to create for you, that you want to experience for you. There is nothing stopping you except your human. There’s nothing holding you back except your human that doesn’t know who he or she is. If you really let yourself go into God consciousness— Because the truth is the human on some level knows the power of the God consciousness, of oneness, of knowing that you are Creator within your own creation, which means your human feels like it loses control. And yet you’re free. And yet you think you have to control.

All you need to do is go above and beyond these circumstances and these conditions into a consciousness, an awareness where you know there is a higher perspective here, there is a grand plan, there is a better feeling than whatever it was that was tripping you up or creating the disharmony or upsetting you. And all you have to do is allow yourself into that place. But your human, your beloved human—we love your humans so much—still wants to control and run the show. But so much of what the human wants is so limited, still based in lack and old energy because that’s all the human knows. The human only knows how to have a job and earn and force and effort and do and do and do. The human only knows to fight and argue and point out where someone else is making you feel bad. The human only knows how to try to force and fix and make the body be different. The human only knows really the 3rd and 4th Dimensions of consciousness.And there’s nothing wrong with this. You are pioneers. You are trailblazers. You are wayshowers. You’re here for the higher levels of consciousness. You’re here to create new realities. You’re here to expand the potential and the possibilities for humankind. You are in the metamorphosis of birthing yourself into new levels of consciousness and fully allowing the new energy that is available to you. Now, energy was never really created nor destroyed, so it’s not that old energy and new energy are necessarily separate, but new energy is you experiencing the God consciousness and in the knowing and awareness that you are Creator within your own creation, knowing yourself is the God that you are, free, sovereign, perfect, powerful, divine, brilliant, magnificent. That is what you are. No one outside of you can make you that. No job can make you that. No level of success can make you that. No philanthropic endeavor can make you that because you already are.

So, where you feel stuck or not as far ahead as you want to be, remember that your human is still grasping onto lower dimensions of consciousness, trying to force it and figure it out and make it happen. And none of it really matters. Although you really matter and the reality that you create for you really matters and you living your highest potential really matters and you coming into higher levels of consciousness really matters and you allowing energy really matters. But all of the rest of the things that you feel so entangled in and responsible for and held back by and upset by don’t really matter. And the truth is you probably won’t even think of these things in a month from now or a year from now or three years from now, which is how we know for sure that they don’t really matter as much as you’re making these things matter. They are just ways that your human keeps you in lower dimensions of consciousness because it doesn’t know how it will maintain control over everything it thinks it’s responsible for when you let yourself go fully into the consciousness of God, into the truth of who you really are, into the experience of Creator within your own creation. 

If you’re willing and allowing, we will take you there now.

Allow yourself. Allow yourself. Just let go. Just let go. Just let go. And now imagine yourself sitting in the most beautiful paradise, white sand beaches, bright turquoise blue water, sunshine on your face, the most perfect breeze gently touching your cheek and your skin, hearing the gentle waves as they wash onto the beach, gazing at the beautiful foliage and the flowers and the trees, the colors and the shapes, looking around you at the perfection and the beauty. And as you gaze out over the water there are dolphins playing in the water. You can hear them. You can see them jumping and playing and dancing together. And the water is so clear that you can see the fish of all different colors and all different sizes swimming in the water. You might even notice a sea turtle or a whale.

And as you begin to notice all around you there’s the beautiful sound of nature in perfect harmony, a sound so sweet and so beautiful, it’s like the perfect melody. How sweet the sound. And as you feel the sand beneath your feet, your whole body feels so perfectly warm and radiant in the sun. You feel such deep vitality and wellbeing. It is the most pristine paradise, and you created it. And as you sit in your perfect paradise, Creator within your own creation, you are there in the reality that you yourself have created, and it feels so good. It’s paradise, and it’s reality, and you created it all.So, as you sit in your paradise that you have created, you can play and expand in any reality you choose. Go to your paradise. And as you feel your body, notice how beautiful your body is. Notice how handsome. Notice how strong. Notice that your body is almost glowing, that there is a light within your body that radiates from you.

Go into your body and create it as full of vitality and longevity. Make your skin glowing. Make your eyes bright and beautiful. Make your hair feel soft and even flowing. And dress your body in the most perfect expression of you. Maybe a long, beautiful, white gown or a bright, colorful dress, or a T-shirt and some shorts and some flip-flops. You’re the master. You get to choose. Create your body. Create the reality of your beautiful body. And focus into your body until you can feel fun in your body. Can you feel in this paradise that your body feels fun? And as you feel into the body you feel fun in your body. It feels so fun and playful to be in a body.

And now in your paradise you jump up and maybe you run into the waves and swim out to the dolphins and dive in and play and swim and dance with the dolphins. Or maybe you run along the beach as fast as you can with the wind blowing through your hair. You are free. You are free. Run. Run. Run. Or maybe you simply reach your hands up towards the sun and just feel every cell in your body illuminate in the light, free, glowing, beautiful, powerful, handsome, strong.

Then maybe you go back out, dive in the water, dive all the way down to swim with the fishes and dance and play with the dolphins. You are Creator of your reality. And as you play and create and swim and dance and run on the beach in this perfect paradise, you realize you are rich. There is abundance everywhere. Wealth, prosperity reflected to you in everything. The fruit, the vegetables, the trees, the sand, the water, everything around you is reflecting your abundance to you. You have everything you could ever want and need, and all you need do is think of something fun to experience or create and it is there. No delay. No having to go make more money. You just focus on any reality you want to experience.

As you sit on the beach maybe you desire a delicious meal served on a golden platter, the most amazing foods, all of your favorite things, and it’s all delivered to you as you sit on the beach and enjoy a feast of abundance. All you need do is focus, and it comes to you. And as you’re sitting on the beach enjoying your beautiful meal in paradise, now once again you focus on the sound. And as you do, you focus on the sweet melody, and music begins to play. And as the music begins to play, you find yourself dancing on the beach, dancing with the waves, dancing all around. And as you dance, all of a sudden there is someone there dancing with you, smiling and looking in your eyes. Oh, how you love thee. And oh, how thee loves you.And as you dance, feeling the sunshine on your face, you are free, you are together, you are playing and creating. They are here in your reality with you. Look into their eyes, feel their skin. There’s so much love, so much joy, so much excitement. You are dancing together. They are here in your reality on this beach with you in your paradise that you created, and you drew them here into your reality. And as you dance and play in the waves and dine on your delicious meal and then jump into the water together and swim out to play with the dolphins, looking in their eyes, seeing into their soul, they are God, as are you. They are Creator, as are you. You’re experiencing creation. You are creating your reality.

As you allow yourself to be here for one more moment, take it in. You just created reality in paradise with your beautiful body and your abundant prosperity and your love. You are Creator within your own creation of reality, and it is here, and it is now, and you are free. You are free to create the reality that you choose for you, and you’re free to experience it now, and you’re free to be here now. 

Take one more moment, really feel it, and then move yourself easily and effortlessly back into this moment. Come back fully into your body, and feel that same feeling about your body that you did in your paradise, and feel the same feeling of freedom, and feel the same feeling of abundance and prosperity, and feel the same feeling of love. Bring it all here into your body, into this reality. Really feel it. Feel it all the way down into your toes and into your fingertips. Feel it in the crown of your head and in your shoulders and in your spine, down the backs of your legs. Feel it everywhere.

You are Creator. Say it with us. I am Creator within my own creation. I am Creator within my own creation. I am Creator within my own creation. I create my reality. I am Creator. I am Creator, and I am free. I am free. I am free. 

Take a deep breath. We invite you to spend as much time as possible in your paradise in this month’s time. The more you allow yourself into higher dimensions of consciousness, where the new energy flows to you freely and fully, all else will be done through you, through your consciousness, through your allowing of energy to support you.

Play in your paradise. Play in your Heaven on Earth. Create it every day. Create your paradise every day. Create your Heaven on Earth every day. Create it and recreate it and create it and recreate it and create it and recreate it every day.

You will experience an expansion of your physical reality in the next few months to come like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. You will experience an expansion of your consciousness in the next few months like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Between now, as we are speaking this live, which is July in your human experience, and the month of October you are going to see an expansion of your life experience in ways you’ve never dreamed of, in your relationships, in your body, in your finances, in your potential, in your intuition, in your inspiration, and in your intelligence.

Many in your world are beginning to experience life beyond Covid, and many, many more of you will begin to realize your experience beyond Covid more and more in the weeks and in the months to come. As we said when this all began, this is happening for you. You are taking quantum leaps forward in upgrading your operating systems that will bring forth to you new features, new functionalities, new potentials, and new possibilities beyond what’s ever been possible before.

Your new operating system is in place. Your system has been rebooted. It’s time to fly. Things are going to speed up, but we want you to really focus on creating your paradise, creating your Heaven on Earth, creating your life to the fullest every day, creating joy, creating fun. And if you can’t leave your home, you have just proven to yourself you have no limitations. You can create any reality that you choose for you.

If you will just do your part to focus yourself into paradise, the energy will do the rest. Your job is the consciousness and the awareness. Energy will do the rest. It will expand everything for you.

You’re going to understand in time what a gift these last many months have been for you. You’re going to expand into realities, in new experiences that are going to be so incredible for you, so magical, so loving, so beautiful, so abundant, your human will hardly be able to stand without falling to your knees with reverence for the power that is the real you, for reverence to the perfection of God, to witnessing the divine plan unfolding right before your eyes.

We ask your humans, just let go. That’s all that’s asked of you. Don’t try to control this. Don’t try to control anything. Don’t try to control anyone. You’re going to see the difference between control and divine orchestration. You’re going to see the difference between control and magic. We can’t even call it practical because it’s going to be fuller and more fun and more amazing than what you’ve ever thought is practical.

Let go and have fun and expand and play and create. This time over the next three to four months is going to expand everything, creating anew on every level within your reality. And all you need do is allow yourself into your paradise. Whether it’s on a beautiful beach or a mountaintop or next to a stream, it’s all perfect. But go there. Move yourself into the reality that you want to create for you right here and now. Create it and recreate it every day as often as possible. 

And your humans might say, well, I just like the reality that’s in form. But all of you get excited about new levels of creating your reality, and all of you get excited about living your highest potential, and all of you get excited about realizing yourself as Creator within your own creation, and all of you get excited about living as the embodied masters that you are and living this mastery that is you, and all of you get really excited about being the pioneers and the trailblazers the wayshowers that you are.There’s so much more. It just gets better. It’s time to witness the magnificent expansion into your highest potential. Allow, allow, allow. Allow yourself to play. Allow yourself to have fun. Allow yourself into paradise. And we’ll meet you there.

Really good. Take a deep breath and let it go. Take a deep breath and let it go. One more deep breath and let it go. Really good.

**Channel: Sara Landon


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