August 2021 Ascension Energies; Bold Heart

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July’s Energies of Sacred Self will continue to be a strong theme, which is not surprising since it is a core theme of Ascension. In Areon’s channeling, they spoke about the depth of the expansion that June created, as The Reflection showed us aspects of the self that we must perceive and define for ourselves, or be subject to the fears and expectations that lack of sovereign perception creates.

For me, this has been showing up strongly in comparison, often in dreams, as well as recognition where the subconscious self sought safety through denial of self. I‘ve also been shown many are also experiencing odd physical issues that are clearing deep trauma, and a “tension” between the change state that is building.

Ascending Intensity

I mentioned in the video, this is quite a potent time of Ascension. As we move through such intensified change, sometimes it takes courage to truly honor that you—absolutely as you are in this moment—are Sacred. You have to work against the control of others, the perceptions of what you need to feel safe, and the ability to go deeper into the invisible vastness in order to discover a deeper truth.

Areon’s July channeling was a weaving of the infinite self and the finite self, so of course it’s a core of Ascension, that is what this exciting point of evolution is all about. Yet to bring the infinite into this realm requires a trust in the unknown, the invisible, the unprovable, the new.

Many people don’t feel comfortable with that lack of control, and rather than trust it, they seek to control more – often in areas that just create chaos and distraction so the depths aren’t plumbed.

This is also why your sovereign perception is so important. To embody your Sacred Self, reliance on others must balance into healthy independence and healthy interdependence (connection).

July’s vision reinforced the vast subconscious mind connecting more with the heart, creating an angel’s wings effect. Here August entwines with the perceptions that unravel the ego’s fears and offer a new path of discovery of the Sacred Self. The path of the Bold Heart.

August Energies-Bold Heart

In this powerful year of Freeing Your Heart, we arrive at the Lion’s Gate as Sirius awakens a new potential lighting the path of progress. The August Energies of Bold Heart foreshadow a well-worn path that has been traversed before, but here we are at a new timespace, a ring-pass-not, beckoning movement through the gates that welcome the resonant of heart.

Life will always ask you to go deeper into the particles that give way (give wave) to form so that you understand how vast the minute truly is.

That is The Refection of your Sacred Self. Are you bold enough to truly see your infinite worth and capability; perhaps invisible, intangible in a moment, but spanning and spinning timespace into a new path of potential.

In this finite form, your infinite and Sacred Self is in the depths that your mind perceives.

Each step deeper into the self goes into the building blocks, the inner realm of detail. The Bold Heart is open to the full flow of information, what The Reflection asks you to spin anew, opening the Lion’s Gate with the depth of love that is within. So vast, so invisible. Yet like gravity it connects.

Gravity Folds

It is in the gravity of emotion that we spin a new tale, a new time. When lines of connection fail to sustain, you see broken or you see potential. In the mourning of what was so tangible and supportive, you find new footing through the curving lies that line the gates between heaven and hell.

Gravity asks for a new definition of the lines between. What seemed to bind is but a moving through, and a turning point in your view.

Gravity is not what holds you in place, it is what folds you in space. The ever-spinning perception of life created asking you to turn past into vast potential, bending futures into now.

It is gravity that brings the heavy to the heart.

It asks you to weigh the past and present into a future so Light that it propels your flight. Freedom is within your infinite light.

It is for the Bold Hearts to be blinded by light that breaks bonds. It is for the Bold Hearts to fold space between time’s alarms. It is for the Bold Hearts to know future forms and fold them into the moment now.

Gates open and close in heavy worlds. Fates open and close as your love whirls.

It’s gravity’s dance that folds the future into you. What has gravity spun into your presence today? Only Bold Hearts see the lion’s fierce grace leading Love’s wave.

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