Archangel Michael: Choose With Heart

archangel michael 2 eraoflightdotcomDear Ones! I AM THE ARCHANGEL MIGUEL!

Very well we are back. We never imagined leaving you. We will always be by your side. Even if someday we won’t have a voice like this anymore, we will always be with you; even if many don’t believe it, even if many doubt it. But as Sananda said before, we will no longer be here talking about postures, about behaviors, about ways of thinking.

I started here, in this group, a work some time ago. A work of teaching, a work of changing consciousness, and that today, looking at each one of you who participates in this group, I recognize that it was a work that gave results. Unfortunately, not for everyone. Some are still attached to beliefs, dogmas, and prejudices that are difficult to remove from their minds, but the future will tell; the future will show who effectively has the truth.

You will no longer find teachings here. What was to be taught has been taught. You have learned all the feelings, everything that is important for you to make your way to the Fifth Dimension. We will no longer take anyone by the hand. There are no children here, because even the children already know the way; they don’t need to be guided. So each one of you, from now on, will make choices.There is no longer any use for that well-worn phrase “I can’t do it! If you insist on

that phrase, more and more, it will reverberate in the Universe, and effectively, each time it is said, it will diminish your ability to achieve anything. So it’s all about choices. What to say, what to do, what to think, what to eat? Everything will be choices, and every choice implies a reaction; it implies a result.

So don’t wait any longer for us to come here and point you in the right direction. That has already been done. There is nothing more to show, because we end up being boring and repetitive, especially for those who have already found the way. So I would say that the time now is totally different. We are moving with great strides into the New World. Your planet is transforming, it is showing the strength it has; it is showing the reactions to everything you have done.

Many might think: “But Gaia could forgive us. Isn’t that what you teach all the time: forgiveness?” Indeed. So I would tell you that Gaia has already forgiven you, and Gaia’s great forgiveness is to allow you to ascend with her. Because if she didn’t forgive you, she would go alone, she wouldn’t take any of you; just for the feeling of revenge for all you have done against her. But this would not be the attitude of a Being of Light. So Gaia has already forgiven each one of you, because all of you, whether you wanted to or not, have assaulted Gaia. If not in this one, it was in previous incarnations. Each one of you has your share of guilt. So forgiveness has already happened; she has allowed you to carry on with her, and she is moving very fast toward the final elevation of all of you.

So once again I repeat: from now on, only choices. Nothing more. It’s like you have that account in the bank, where if you save, if you act responsibly, if you act steady, that account stays steady and may even grow, because you put the money in there, you keep it there. Now if you are irresponsible, you spend too much, those values go down, and you have to go through the whole process again for the values to go up, again.

So I would say that every positive choice, every choice well made, increases the values in that account for ascension; it is the price you have to pay for ascension. This price is not the price you know here on the planet. No one will bribe anyone. It is the price of the high energetic frequency of each one of you; that is the price: to have a high frequency so that you can actually have the quota for ascension. So each positive choice increases that quota, takes you closer and closer to that value. Now every negative choice, it doesn’t park you; it takes away, it’s an expense effectively. You chose wrong; you spent from that positive part that was already there. Nothing is without value. So I would say that the time now is just that – of choices.

And with each choice, positive or negative, the result will come.

From today on we would no longer have long videos or teaching videos. We will be preparing every day, every time we come here, new things, new concepts, not teachings. Let’s say that we will bring you tools, so that you can walk the road of ascension properly. And then it will be up to each one of you to make the right choice.

And in closing I just say this: It is not doing everything we say here that will get you to ascension. There has to be discernment, there has to be common sense. Spending 24 hours a day meditating, praying, without love in your heart, without an inner change, without good choices, will not take you to the Fifth Dimension. It’s all a whole, where the heart, always, has to come first. Each and every feeling has to come from there, because when it doesn’t come from there, it doesn’t add up to that quota, on the contrary, it can often just park, but depending on the feeling, it can take away from that quota.

So yes, we will bring tools for you. Now let each one be able to choose. “No, I don’t want to do this one!”. Great! This is what I want. Not to just take them all, and do them, because that is not what will get you into the Fifth Dimension. Not all of you adapt to what we say. Some like to meditate, some like to pray, some like to be in nature, it doesn’t matter; it matters where you find your heart. And if there is someone who likes to stay high up in a tree feeling all that energy, that’s perfect; he has found the path there, of the heart. He doesn’t meditate, he doesn’t pray, but when he is at the top of that tree he is with himself, he is inside his heart. So there he is climbing, rather than meditating 24 hours a day, thinking about anything but what he is saying.

So know how to make the choices; know how to use the tools in the right way, because even this many of you have not learned. You cling to anything, thinking it is a buoy that will not let you drown, and I assure you, if these buoys are only the fruit of your mind, they will not keep you afloat.

So know how to make the choices, know how to find the way. And from now on, don’t see us anymore as crutches, and that if we are not here, you don’t know what to do. This time is over. We will no longer come here on a daily basis. We will come when we feel we have to come. The moment is different now. No more crutches and no more support for your minds. We do want to be support, but for your hearts.

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