The Elohim: Ascension Opportunities and Restoring the Connection between your Scared Heart and Cells

elohim beings eraoflightdotcomGreetings We are the Elohim,

We come to you this day with a message with great hope, joy and blessings. We hope that you will understand this even though your outer world appears to tell a very different story. We ask you to go
deeper within yourselves and find that spark of light, that pure love of truth that you truly are.

You see, from here you have the perspective of truth. Lies cannot dissuade you, distortions cannot affect you.
You see you cannot engage with the outer illusions, and expect to discern truth. You must learn to come
into your own undeniable and absolute truth. You see things are unfolding at rapid pace. Trust in letting
go, dear ones. You must let go. When you let go you move into your truth. It is the very nature of
holding on which keeps you enamoured and engaged with the distortions of the outer world that you
see. Your eyes are deceived, dear ones. Your minds have been conditioned over a large period of time to
see largely and only the distortions of the matrix. This is why, when you meditate, and you calm your
mind, and you come into that heart centre of yours, you can see and perceive other worlds that the
matrix does not present to you, does not show to you.

This is why we ask you repeatedly to practice and to make it a daily practice at least once a day, and
more is better, to come into that sacred heart of yours, that special place where the true you resides.
From there, there are no distortions. You can see and feel everything as it truly is. Dear ones we
understand what you are going through. You are going through a transitional process where on one
hand you are learning to let go of the ways that were, and as they pass out, you are welcoming the new
ways that are and will be. We know this has caused confusion in many of you for the subtle overlays of
the two can make it all too easy for you to fall back into the old distortions and mis-truths. We ask you
to be aware of this, dear ones, and see if you can catch it and correct this by immediately going back
into your heart centre truth.

There is another practice we ask of you, and that is the practice of fully re-connecting your entire
cellular structure. That is all of your cells, and the fields between your cells back to your heart centre
truth. You can do this by simply using your breath and intention. First, we ask you to go into the
meditative state. Bring yourself into your heart centre, and of course ground to Mother Earth Gaia. Then
we ask you to connect with, using your intention, each and every cell of your body. Take a moment to
feel them, to hear them. They are like individual consciousnesses within the collective of you. Much like
a solar system is within the entirety of the galaxy. Ask your cells if they would deeply realign and fully connect to your sacred heart centre, and to allow each breath to infuse them with the connectiveness
and love-light of your sacred heart centre. Now dear ones take deep slow breaths and feel that infusion
of light into every cell. Feel the joy, the excitement, the divinity, the health, the vibrance glow in your
cells as you do this. Keep breathing this way for as long as you wish.
This is the simple practice we ask you to practice each day.

Now dear ones, there is an ascension window among many that are upcoming in the weeks ahead and
beyond. This simple practice will allow you to expand deeply into and jump into these early
opportunities for ascending your consciousness into the 5 th dimension, or 5 th density, as some of you call
it, and beyond, if you wish.

Oh, dear ones, if you could just allow yourselves to feel how readily available these opportunities are to
you, and by being in your heart centre and creating that strong vibrant connection between your cells
and your sacred heart you most certainly will.

This is our message to you this day, in our peace, our love and our light, we are with you always. Call on
us and all of your love- light family whenever you wish to.

And so it is.

**Channel: Davey for Era of Light

**Shared per request

6 Replies to “The Elohim: Ascension Opportunities and Restoring the Connection between your Scared Heart and Cells”

  1. TheNOWTeam


  2. Polly

    Yes I am the same Denise ….struggle with medication…. so this is what I am doing now.
    I listen to music that I love especially native flute music…. no singing just music and the love of this music leads me into a zen space .
    I sit out doors and the feeling is wonderful and so now I will add this to my own way of meditation practice.
    There are different ways to meditate…hope you find yours .
    Lots of love to you.

  3. Denise

    My problem is I have never been able to meditate, like there’s a brick wall stopping me, my entire life.
    I couldn’t control my daydreaming most of life, until life wore it out of me so I think something similar to meditation would occur then only in a fictional creation but can’t quite figure out how to revive & alter it for meditative purposes.
    Feeling better than I ever have before at this time in my life, just can’t do any of this stuff.

    1. Davey

      Hi Denise and Polly. Thanks for your question. I would say that you don’t actually need to meditate per se, it helps, but it simply suffices to be calm and breathing deeply and slowly. You can simply close you eyes and speak the intention to connect with and fully feel your cells and scared heart. Then in that space, begin the feeling and hearing of your cells (this facilitates a deeper interconnection with you cells). Once you feel happy you have a nice connection with your cells, then ask them the question for re-connection with your sacred heart. I would also recommend you ask your higher selves to oversee the entire process for you :).

      Hope this helps you. With love, light and peace – Davey

    2. Franciely

      Denise I have the same problem, I’ve never been able to meditate until now, and I’ve been trying it for years and nothing. Every day I take a moment for what is supposed to be a moment of reconnecting with my true self and feeling peace and being in but what happens to me is completely the opposite. Instead of feeling relaxed and calm I start to feel mega anxiety, shortness of breath and even panic. I do everything that the light beings tell us to do, take very slow deep breaths and focus on the heart etc… I’ve done it all but never even had a deep relaxation. I feel terrible when I read these messages saying about the wonder of meditating, which is stepping into the heart space and the peace it feels to do and I think to myself but I’ve never even felt any of it. What happens that some people just can’t do a practice that is so simple and in my case seems like a sacrifice? Why is this happening?