Understanding the Power Behind Celtic Sexual Magick

star bright eraoflightdotcomDespite all the traumatic episodes I endured, I always believed in Magick; not tricks and seances but actual Magick, the alchemical process of destruction and creation within ourselves and outside of us–“As above so below”. Having grown up in unique circumstances; learning about ancient teachings, alchemy and shamanic rituals, one would say sex magick was part of my education. Although the sexual abuse of a few “should”; according to society–a common misconception; have eradicated my desire to understand the power of sexuality, life granted me a rebellious spirit, which understood my power lay not in giving in to the trauma but on rising above it and that is what I try to do each and every day.

Sexual Magick is something very ancient and the one thing most Ancient Cultures had in common; let us not forget, before the patriarchal system of division came to power, it was the matriarchal path of balance between light and darkness which ruled. Ancients understood frequency and energy better than we do nowadays; as such, they understood the great power we emit when we orgasm. Most of the time such power is lost and rather than being incorporated and used for our own health or to achieve a purpose, we simply expulse it without gathering its many benefits.

I have always said, once we start learning about life as a whole instead of compartmentalizing, we can start to see just how much in common there is between civilizations, cultures which apparently were never in contact. What I am about to write goes hand in hand with Tantra; however, I will focus on the Celtic traditions. It amazes me to find two completely “different” cultures, share something so powerful in common.

If you are easily offended by the subject of sexuality and its powers, please do not read any further; this article is instructional, it is not meant to offend anyone and you have choice to simply stop reading and walk away. We all walk at our own pace, for me sexuality is something beautiful, sacred (not in the religious sense of the word) and healing; something to be honored while utilizing it (we honor sexuality by our motivation) not something to be hidden, separated from spirit or demeaned. This article is meant to help people understand the power of their sexuality and to learn to differentiate healthy from unhealthy within the same spectrum, for example: A potato can be healthy to eat, while potato chips are not–this example will make more sense as you read what is to come…

The magical rituals of pagan traditions are surrounded by mystery and some are considered by religion as harmful, for they take away the power of the church and put it back on the hands of each person; hence respecting free will. Like paganism itself, Sex Magick is the target of misinterpretation and controversy; however, it is also the object of fascination and interest–is it our satyric nature? or is it that our subconscious knows there is more to the story?… something beautiful and powerful meant to help us transcend when properly used.

Understanding the Power Behind Celtic Sexual Magick

Every magick ritual has an objective, to change the current flow of energy within our 3D reality or at the very least to influence it, so it may take a fluid change of course or to continue its course with more power added to it. The use of Magick implies being able to move forces, powers or energies with the use of thought (we create reality, but often no one teaches us how to do this, hence rituals are powerful for our mind has been trained to understand them and utilized them to achieve a “magical” objective). When we climax we release powerful energies which can be directed or channeled to achieve an objective. During the moment of climax our subconscious is wide open, as such it becomes receptive to reprogramming of old beliefs, healing of traumas, the developing of new patterns of behavior, and it can project our intentions out to the universe in order for them to become a reality.

How does the above take place physiologically? When we experience climax, all our energetic fields open up, all our chackras vibrate simultaneously and fluidly; something that often throughout the day does not occur due to our own limiting beliefs, traumas or false programming.

There are different types of Sexual Magick depending on whether it is a tradition, a culture, a specific geographical area, yet their common goal remains unchangeable. Today we focus on the Celts, ancient peoples who lived in Europe more than 2000 years ago. The Celts, like the Tantrics, did not consider sexuality should be used only for reproductive purposes or animalistic sensory gratification, instead they associated sexuality with the mystery of life, with the fertility of life itself, and with the presence and activation of its primitive and primordial forces. From this context (their motivation) we can understand why they did not view sexuality with reservations, prejudices, nor did they abused it; they considered sexuality worthy of celebration.

Among the Celts those in charge of the “magical ceremonies” were the Druids; non religious but spiritual/philosophical peoples, elders who had always shown a deep connection with nature and the universe and who were very wise. Druids were also called upon to impart justice and to counsel monarchs. They were trained in the deep knowledge of nature and life, and were trained to teach how to harness the power of sexuality for magical purposes.

The Original Celtic Druids disappeared a long time ago, but their practices and beliefs were passed down generation to generation and have been rebuilt for about two and a half centuries. Nowadays, modern Celtic groups are putting into practice their ancient traditions, in particular the Druids of the Welsh tradition, who have revitalized Celtic Magick rituals based on the reconstruction and the incorporation of new elements and knowledge, which allows them to adapt their rituals to current times – they have managed to implement magical rituals that harness the power of sexuality. These rituals use the intentional use of thought frequency and the forces of nature and the cosmos; which in this particular case, is the energy generated by the sexual act.

Modern Druids do not consider their role as religious leaders, their focus isn’t in trying to get people to follow them nor do they proclaim one has to follow their rules or be part of their group in order to transcend or guarantee a place in “heaven”. They do not focus on deities or the the worshipping of any God, but are based on three principles which explain the effectiveness of this kind of magick…

The first fundamental principle refers to the fact there is a collective cosmic energy which forms and makes possible everything that surrounds us, everything that exists; both physical beings and non-physical realities, both living and inanimate beings, everything is formed, penetrated, meshed and possible thanks to this collective cosmic energy; as such it is then obvious we are formed by this energy.

The second fundamental principle implies that since this cosmic energy penetrates and makes everything that exists possible, it also makes us able to direct or channel such energies–the ones which we emit and the ones found in our environment–in order to change or influence reality, events or obtain certain types of results through specific practices.

The third fundamental principle lies in the acceptance that one of the most powerful forces in the cosmos is the one generated at the moment of climax; for a brief moment during sexual activity this energy, like the others, can be harnessed for magical purposes.

Taking into account the above fundamental principles, the magical ritual practiced by this Celtic Druidic tradition, takes or attaches great importance to the role of Intention or Motivation. The intention is the engine, the desire, the goal you want to achieve through the magick ritual. That intention is going to have to be formulated in words, those words are going to be formulated as what is commonly known the enchantment. The enchantment is nothing more than the clear, direct and simple expression of the intention; using words that have great vibratory power, this explains why normally enchantments were cast in native languages ​​such as Celtic Gaulish, Latin, among others. It has been proven by science and many cultures study the characteristic of the vibrational frequency each letter has and its combinations.

The function of the sexual act during the magick ritual is to provide the energy necessary for Intention to be carried out, to come true, and achieve the desired change. This also has other implications because it means the more energy we can produce, gather and channel, the more effective the magick ritual is going to be in reaching its goal. Therefore, when we have the combination of the energy of a group, the power of the magical ritual will be exponential. To Celtic magicians, these types of rituals are ideal when they are done or practiced in a group. The group provides a greater power of energy source to achieve a goal. Of course, it must be taken into account that a magical ritual of this type will only project ONE intention; all the members are not novices, have learned to work with energy and have the discipline of knowing how to guide the power of the kundalini which awakens during the sexual act, guiding that power until and during the moment of climax – in Tantra as in Celtic we called this Conscious Sexuality.

It is important here to make note that sexual magick within a group is not the same as what is modernly called swap groups or orgies. Remember what I said about potatoes and potato chips? During Celtic Sexual Magick, the group does not exchange partners nor are they there because they want to let out their empty animal desires without intention or purpose, as such it does not fit the category of orgies. One’s purpose is to achieve something greater, the other is meant to destroy self. With that said, in Tantra as within Celts; there is a respect to those of a much shy nature, as such a couple is taught and encourage to practice Conscious Sexuality so they may use that energy to heal themselves or as Magick to achieve a particular goal; needless to say both partners got to be at the same wave length, meaning the same Intention.

“As with any kind of magic, your ritual can be quite formal, full of ceremonial trappings or it can be you alone with your partner or you alone, breathing and preparing the vessel to channel the energy throughout your beautiful body. When it comes down to it, intention is key and simplicity is usually best. When raising energy with a partner, what does the couple want to achieve; a deeper connection, success, power, fertility? It’s important to be on the same page when working with a partner, to communicate step by step and it’s just as important when you’re flying solo”

How many times have you wasted your energy fantasizing about a damaging image or scene on TV/Computer? In doing so you are wasting energy and depleting the brain of its natural resources. On the other hand a healthy fantasy rises out of love, as such we can play out our fantasies with our partner, so long as Love is the key motivation. When you fantasize you attract, which means if you fantasize over empty animalistic things or people, you will not attract those specific people, instead you will attract worst; people with horrible energy who will come into your space and who will most likely just use and discard of you. If on the the other hand you fantasize with your partner about something you both would like to try out or if you are single about someone you feel love towards, then you will attract loving people into your space. The above is a basic scientific concept of energy and how it works. However, when working with Sexual Magick, there is no fantasizing over outside influences or erotic situations you would like to experience. It requires discipline, one has to be willing to walk with the energy as it rises; as such Sexual Magick is not an everyday practice. One more important thing to point out is Sexual Magick, is not something to practice to try to bring harm to another, usually if that is the intention, the person desiring to cause harm will end up receiving exactly what he or she desired for another; in other words, if you desire harm, ultimately harm will come to you.

Why is the ritual so important? whether external or internal, in group or as a couple–Wouldn’t it be possible to perform Sexual Magick without the need for a ritual? In principle, it is assumed that one can take advantage of moments of climax, the problem is during climax there is a great tendency to become unaware, in other words to practice unconscious sex. During climax, t is very easy to lose the objective and waste the moment, so rituals fulfill several functions, one of the main functions is to structure the mind- organizing thoughts and ensuring focus, helping the participants of the ritual to be aware the whole time as to the goal they want to achieve. In addition, the ritual provides stimulus for the emotions, because the mind understands rituals and parables, their emotions feel more concrete and elevated; adding more energy which makes the spirit feel good and stimulates the imagination helping picture in detail the goal at hand as if it was a real thing–all this works as a great bridge of additional energy which adds power to the ritual and therefore to the goal at hand.

Thanks to the fundamental principle on which Celtic magic is based, the ritual not only uses as advantage the energy of the people involved but also the energy of the objects and symbolism being used; despite being inanimate, just like living beings they are formed by the same cosmic energy (something modern science has already proven) which can be activated and used when incorporated into a ritual.

Like all rituals, Sexual Magick is performed in two stages, one is the stage of Preparation and the other is the stage of Execution. The preparation indicates several activities, for example it is the period in which the objective is clarified and the enchantment is formulated; the construction in word of the intention you want to achieve through the magick ritual. It is also important to make a visualization of this projection, which must be integrated in a detailed and precise way. Also during this preparation period it is important all participants develop self-knowledge and awareness, so they may take advantage of the power of their sexuality when they need it. Finally, during the preparation period is when people learn to be conscious during their sexual activities, particularly during climax, which is the peak stage and which they need to take advantage of the energy to obtain their goal. The ritual itself also has its ceremonial steps in which different rites are performed, such as forming the circle or the symbol they want to use, or placing the participants in strategic energetic points which exist on the ground, natural drinks that relax the mind and body and which expand the senses among others.

These type of things are also common in other rituals, but in the Celtic, it is characterized mainly because of its axis; its center of action is the activation of sexuality. During execution members’ consciousness has to rise parallel with the increase of energy until they reach climax when is when the visualization of the goal at hand is released to the universe; when the goal is good, not only will the universe incorporate the energy sent but will also return good energy to the participants, as such they did not waste their “living” energy, they did not deplete themselves but regenerated.

As you can see Sexual Magick is not empty sexuality, it is not there to simply obtain animal pleasure but reinforces our own vitality as it utilises our energy for something good while enjoying rushes of ectasy, a very natural aspect of ourselves and our sexuality.

“Stay quiet now, I know you want to. And then I will hold you tight and hold you long and together we will stare into silence. And we will try to imagine what it looks like”


Sofia Falcone


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