Sananda: Many Shall Awaken

sananda image eraoflightdotcomI am Sananda. I am here at this time. In this quite opportune time, I will add, as things are rapidly changing, both internally and externally, within all that you are coming to understand your lives, as things more and more are coming to the surface.

It has been said, those in the shadows cannot stand within the light, so they are coming out of those shadows and being shown for what they are. What they represent, as they do not represent love and Light. They represent fear and darkness, attempting to hold onto the unknown. Keeping you, rather, in the unknown. Keeping you in the shadow within yourself. But no longer. For it has been destined that the Light shall prevail. And the Light, indeed, has prevailed. It is only those small pockets of darkness that still remain.

For largely, the collective consciousness of man is now enlightened. Not all, of course. But the majority of the population of this world, of this planet, are now within the Light. It is only a small percentage that continues to attempt to hold control over the larger population of the planet, but not for much longer. For a great announcement is about to come forward. You’ve heard this before, and for various reasons it has been curtailed, held back, postponed. But not for much longer now.

When this announcement comes forward, all will be revealed to this yet sleeping population. Whether it awakens them or not is up to their life plan. But I tell you this now that this great announcement is going to shake many, many across the planet. Not only here in this country, but across the planet, will be shaken out of their doldrums. They will be shaken out of their sleepiness. Many will awaken as a result of this. Many that have been wondering and ‘on the fence,’ you might say, will wonder no longer, and will step onto the other side along with you. But as yet, many will also tend to hold onto everything that they have known, for they will not be ready to relinquish those things that are being brought forth or relinquish the comfort zone that has held them, to keep them from knowing these things as they come forth.

As always, continue to trust. Trust in yourselves. Trust in those that work alongside of you. Trust in the Great Plan. Because it cannot be held back much longer. Forces are at work, Forces of Light are at work. And you’ll find then, as you open up to the possibilities, you will find them not in the shadows, but more and more in the light: the light of truth, the light of oneness, the light of love.

Believe in yourselves, my friends. Believe in who you are. Trust in who you are. Trust that you are the ones, the ones that are stepping forth, moving ahead. Because you cannot be held back, as a collective, much longer. It will not be possible. For the Light has won, the plan is set and cannot be undone. Nothing can stop what is coming.

All of my peace and love be with all of you. I am Sananda. I love you all deeply, beyond what many of you can even come to understand, as many of you have a strong connection with myself and with all of those that are alongside of me in working in this plan within this planet.

Peace and love be with all of you.

**Channel: James McConnell

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7 Replies to “Sananda: Many Shall Awaken”

  1. Tasneem Sheikh

    Love and hugs of gratitude ✨✨ Feeling lighter and more free reading this ✨ Hope to connect more, thank you 💚🕊

  2. Trisha Perretti

    Thank you, Sananda! I have to say that I do feel a connection to you & it is probably because I remember you! You looked familiar to me the first time I saw you! I am so excited for our new future & Gaia’s ascension (and mine)! I have been trying to connect while meditating but, I have not mastered it yet. Perhaps you can help me & if so, I allow it!
    Blessings, Love, Light & Joy!!!


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