Easter Island Ops Part 2; The Great Quantum Transition

Despite the furious attacks of the astral robot Aku-Aku, for buying time and complete the analysis of the Subtle substance of Hombres Pajaro’s eggs-Matrixes, the following was done.

The LFs’ ground team leader surreptitiously transferred the Matrixes to another Lightwarrior’s Monad, leaving their phantom copies in himself.

While the robot fiercely attacked, mistaking the phantoms for its prey, and the group leader diverted its blows, Lightwaorrior quickly completed the examination.

Co-Creators’ worst fears were confirmed. It turned out that inside the cores of Hombres Pajaro’s eggs-Matrix was a substance of Black Fire. It’s an antipode of Absolute’s Light and the Fire of Pleroma.

The Black Fire Matrix is an Absolute’s Light Crystal, distorted by Black Archons during the Primary Creation of the Local Universe.

In total secrecy, Co-Creators began to prepare the final stage of this operation. It went like this.

Lightwarrior began to drive at high speed, like a centrifuge, his Monad to super vibrations for splitting the core of the Hombres Pajaro’s Matrices.

The Monad speeded up to an intense synthesis of Absolute Light. It also served as extra protection in case of contingency.

After a while, the Matrix eggs were split along with the cores. In them the synthesis of the Black Fire indeed took place. It was the basis of the Hombres Pajaro’s Subtle Bodies.

By the impact of the Absolute Light, the Black Fire Matrix quickly burned down. All three eggs were destroyed along with it.

Realizing this, their astral robot-guardian Aku-Aku lashed out at Lightwarrior with all his fury. But it could only inflict a slight injury, and then hurried in its hiding place.

Lightwarriors decided to destroy the robot as well. To lure Aku-Aku out of his lair, they had to steal another egg-Matrix of Hombres Pajaro.

As soon as Aku-Aku appeared on the Subtle Plane, the ground team began to launch energy strikes against him. Unfortunately, they were unable to destroy it, and it went back into hiding.

The group decided to postpone this part of the ops and return to it after the elimination of the Hombres Pajaro’s maternal natal Matrix.

As it turned out, its core consisted of aspects of the Monad and the DNA codes of one of the Supreme Black Hierarchs of the Local Universe. The ground team discovered the place where it was located, – Anakena Cove.

There are several moai standing on its beach, and a small hill nearby. By clairvoyant viewing, Lightwarriors discovered that in its field the natal Matrix of Hombres Pajaro is located.

This Portal was protected by a shield of sacrificed human Souls energies. It is the only place on the Island from where they were not ascended and held in the Death hill.

The plan to eliminate the Hombres Pajaro’s natal Matrix was not immediately approved. The team leader first decided to save this, though demonic, but still a living creature.

Co-Creators did not object. In the Higher Light Hierarchy, there is the immutable Law of the Holiness of Life in all its forms and manifestations.

Lightwarrior got complete freedom of action. One night, a copy of the Hombres Pajaro’s natal Matrix was installed in him.

Throughout the night he cleansed it with Absolute Light and filled it with the Love of his Heart. The maximum that was attained was only to purify the Matrix. On the rest, only a temporary effect was achieved.

After that, Co-Creators decided to eliminate the Hombres Pajaro’s maternal Matrix that threatened other Life forms.

And yet, the Lightwarrior managed to split the Matrix into two original parts – of the human and bird creations used by Black Archons to bring into being Hombres Pajaro.

To complete the operation, the ground team arrived at Anakena Cove, to Death hill, and climbed it. At the top, the Lightwarriors attempted to split the natal Matrix with pulses of Absolute Light.

The astral guardian robot did not appear, as if it never existed. Later, Lightwarriors learned that Co-Creators had locked Aku-Aku in his lair on the Poike Peninsula for the duration of the ops.

A new attempt to destroy the Hombres Pajaro’s natal Matrix was also unsuccessful. It could not be split. After all, it was created by the Supreme Black Mind of the Local Universe.

In this situation, Lightwarriors had no choice but to take extreme self-sacrificial measures.

The group leaders, without thinking much (there was no time for that at all) with the help of Co-Creators removed from the incarnational Portal the natal Matrix and placed it in the Lightwarriors’ Monads.

Beforehand, the group destroyed the necro-shield and freed the blocked human Souls. They immediately ascended to the Subtle Plane in the Rehabilitation Crystal, made of the Co-Creators’ heart aspects, for complete restoration.

At the same time, the Hombres Pajaro’s embodiment Portal, through which this demonic Intelligence form could incarnate on other planets and dimensions, was zeroed.

In the Monads of the group leaders, the natal Matrix was annihilated by the vibrations of Absolute Light in the same day evening.

Along with it, all Hombres Pajaro’s eggs automatically ceased to exist, no matter where they were. It is controlled by a special group of Higher Light Hierarchs.

The next operation on Easter Island was the destruction of the latent black holes left in the Local Universe after the elimination of the Anti-World and Anti-Pleroma.

The location of the op was Te Pito Kura (Navel of the World). During the day, Lightwarriors only looked around this unique place, for it was impossible to conduct the op due to the crowds.

The action was to be taken from the center of the ahu (pedestal) on which the largest moai of Easter Island was placed.

Next to it, there is a stone Sphere of the Earth. This artifact was not just a latent black hole, but the core of the entire system of latent black holes in the Local Universe.

Lightwarriors returned to Te Pito Kura in the evening. This time they were alone, with no one to disturb them.

To accomplish the task, a reactor was needed on the Subtle Plane. The team members created it from aspects of their Monads by copying a Pleroma’s Reality Crystal.

Then they went up to the ahu and from the place where the main moai of the Island stood, pulled into the reactor the latent black holes hidden by Black Archons all over the Universe.

It was assumed that inside the Monadic reactor they will unfold and then be annihilated. The plan didn’t work. The reactor could not withstand the load and disintegrated.

If Co-Creators had not backed up the team, there would have been a global disaster. But they foresaw such a scenario, so everything was under their control.

All Higher Light Hierarchs placed the remaining latent black holes in their Monads and annihilated them.

One pair went to the two ground team leaders, who insisted they be allowed to try again.

This time, they were successful. The black holes in their Monads opened and activated. At the moment of unpacking, both felt a sharp pain in their hearts. But in the next second, Lightwarriors by inner Monadic explosion destroyed both holes.

After that, Lightwarriors linked Navel of the World with Pleroma. From it, the Aspect of the Absolute’s Highest Hierarch was immediately anchored at this spot.

The Aspect multiplied in many copies filled with Absolute Light all the places on Earth where black holes were located, including Te Pito Kura.

It was extremely important because, through this Portal, direct access to the Logos of the Local Universe was opened. Its channel was anchored to a round stone that has a strong magnetic field.

Around it are four smaller stones, oriented to the sides of the world. During rites and magical ceremonies, four Black priests sat on them and placed their hands on the main stone.

Everyone had access codes to the Local Universe’s Logos. But they could only be activated by combining all four elements of the key embedded in priests.

Access to the Portal is now permanently closed to the Darkies. Immediately after this op, Lightwarriors and Earth’s Monads were rebooted.

The next operation was related to the so-called Sphinx. It is located on the Poike Peninsula, the extreme eastern tip of Easter Island.

The Sphinx is formed by three mountains: the head is Maunga Parehe, the middle is Maunga Teatea, the back is Maunga Vaiaheva. The highest point of Poike is Puakatiki. From afar, these mountains look like one whole, resembling a lion with the body of a snake.

There are many remains of ancient ritual altars where blood sacrifices were made.

One of the ritual stones had a hole cut into it, like a scope, through which at certain moments of the day the Sun is passing.

It was during these moments that the Life Energy was drawn out of Sun and channeled through the altar with the DNA of men sacrificed to feed the Sphinx. The stone was the full counterpart of the ahu and the moai.

The Sphinx in Poike was linked to many Island’s Power Places, transmitting the necessary energy. Sometimes all of the energy collected from space by the moai was directed to it. And it was broadcast from the main Portal on Maunga Terevaka Mountain when the Death Beacon wasn’t working.

Studying this system, Lightwarriors discovered another source of energy that attracted moai and ahu. They served as vampiric antennas to siphon Life Energy from the Logos of Stars and planets.

When a celestial body passed through the ahu’s capture zone, directed energy was sucked from the Star or planet with the help of human DNA. It was accumulated in the ahu field or broadcast to the central Portal on Maunga Terevaka.

By the Lightwarriors and Co-Creators’ combined actions, this entire system was destroyed.

The next operation was tied with the Pleiades. The Logos of this Constellation was used by Darkis as one of the main Life Energy donors for the Hombres Pajaro’s natal Matrix.

It was not difficult for the Black Archons to do it having the human DNA. The Pleiadians are one of the seven primary genetic parents of the man. In all, over a hundred cosmic races have shared their genes for him.

Life Energy vampirism from the Pleiades was performed through the remains of sacrificed people buried under the ahu.

Eventually, Black Archons managed to capture an entire aspect of the Pleiadian Logos, which was placed in the field of a large slab on the Poike Peninsula. It was also the focus of some of the moai’s gaze.

The slab is located near the Sphinx. Lightwarriors were charged with restoring the integrity of the Pleiades Logos aspect, clearing it of karma, and returning to the constellation’s home Logos.

This part of the op the team carried out from the Pleiadian slab on the Poike. The final chord was a collective reboot of the Logos of our Sun, the Pleiades constellation (including the Pleiadians collective Intelligence), and Earth. It was the first time in history that this had happened in such a format.

The latest Lightwarriors’ work on Easter Island was the activation and full non-stop launch of the Local Universe Life Lighthouse, which was on the Black Archons’ Death Beacon’s place (see Easter Island Ops, Part 1, August 6, 2021).

From now on, from Easter Island, the vital Vibrations from the Pleromical Life Matrix are constantly spreading throughout the Universe.

**By Lev