American Parents Rise

The battle is well underway. Parents and teachers are fed up with the tyranny of Critical Race Theory bigotry and COVID misinformation driving a totalitarian wedge between their chosen profession and the future of America.

Loudon County, Virginia, has become ground zero for liberal totalitarian outrage, where parents were locked out in a thunderstorm while the petty tyrants inside pushed Marxist and medical indoctrination on their children.

In a rare victory, Senator Tom Cotton (R) of Arkansas added an amendment to the budget resolution prohibiting federal funds from going towards Critical Race Theory.

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin (W.V) joined Republicans in voting for the amendment, narrowly pushing the Amendment through.

The liberals will not rest until the United States returns back to a segregated hellscape that America has worked to escape for the past 50 years. It is a mainline source of their political power.

The source of American independence is resistance in the face of tyranny.  Return back to your lairs tyrants. The Sleeping Giant is wide awake.