Argorians Update: New Magnetic System

On August 11, 2021, a new crop circle in Hampshire County, UK, graphically reported the following.

Interaction between the 23D Siriusian Lunar Station and Earth is provided by three energy channels. The station-guided planet’s core integrates a new magnetic system that stabilizes it.

This stabilization is essential as the Earth continues to move into a new 5D vibrational orbit in Oryx Star space.

On August 14th, 2021, at 11:17 AM CET, the 25D Argorians’ space squadron command sent the latest update on the Earth’s transportation between dimensions and assessment of the current situation on the planet:

“We have entered the zone of increased tension of the Membrane filter cells.

Their force field actively attracts energies of different frequencies from the Earth and men, consonant with the vibrations of the cells.

Massive radiation from the Earth and people through energy channels is amplifying.

The planet’s climate change platforms collect all incoming data from Earth. This information is analyzed in the analytical computer center at 23D Siriusians’ Lunar Base.

Accelerated work is going on to clear the interdimensional layers.

Atmospheric phenomena on the Earth are intensified due to the cleansing of the planet. The difference between incoming and outgoing currents enhances the movement of air masses.

We smooth out the places of sharp energies’ drops and incandescence by the power cones and diversion of flows through the channels.

Many anomalous phenomena are observed. They are caused by the high activity of the constituent processes that are necessary for the planet.

Earth is a living Soul with a high Intelligence organization. Its life and the creative power of Love are precious to the Source.

Gaia’s love for her children is boundless. She is now undergoing healing and quantum restructuring of all systems of her great organism. In the future, there will only be a harmonious development of all who inhabit the planet.

The development of Intelligence in the Greater Cosmos is the most important task of the Source.

Gaia only passed the first stage. It was very difficult for her. She almost died several times at the hands of her growing children.

We, space rescuers, declare that we will do our best to cleanse and save the Earth.

You, people, don’t understand much about our work. Everyone operates at their level of consciousness.

We give guidance and insight into quantum processes in a way that you can comprehend, but as we observe, it can be difficult for you.

There is so much false information accumulated in your minds that it greatly inhibits your perception of the planetary processes of quantum change of matter.

You must understand that our information about the processes taking place has not been available before on the planet. It is unique. Quantum transfiguration has not been previously described in your sources.

We are all getting a unique experience right now. Your dogmas and outdated information prevent you from changing your consciousness.

It is extremely important to have a pure and open mind. Learn to observe and listen to your Soul, tune into the space around you, perceive new information, compare with what is happening on the planet and around you, and learn to live in a new way.

Everything that is happening on the planet now has never happened before. You have nothing to fall back on in the old knowledge. Purely energetically they do not correspond to reality.

They are false. You notice it yourself when you don’t want to address them at all. There is no resonance in your Soul.

That’s all for now. Our wish is to move forward. Your thoughts of the New World will attract new ideas and understanding of what awaits us.

The planet’s energy field is already broadcasting it. Whoever is ready to accept new ideas is ready to live in the New World.

Good luck to all in knowing yourself and the processes that are going on.”

**By Lev


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  1. Claudia

    “Good luck to all IN KNOWING YOURSELF…” has never felt more “TICKLISH” to me than today… 👍👍… 👌👌👌… 👋