Texas Supreme Court sides with Gov. Abbot and Says Mask Mandates ILLEGAL

The Texas Supreme Court has dealt a blow to state officials’ challenge to Governor Abbott banning mask mandates. The governor delivered the news himself on Sunday.

“The Texas Supreme Court imposes a temporary halt to lower court decisions that overruled the State ban on mask mandates,” Texas Gov. Abott said. “The ban doesn’t prohibit using masks. Anyone who wants to wear a mask can do so, including in schools.”

The news is a relief to parents who oppose masking children, who are statistically not at risk from COVID-19.

“The all-Republican Texas Supreme Court on Sunday temporarily revived Gov. Greg Abbott’s ban on local mask mandates, thwarting attempts by officials in the state’s largest counties and school districts to implement COVID-19 restrictions as virus patients strain hospitals,” Express News reported.

“The justices granted Abbott’s request for an emergency stay that blocks lower court decisions allowing local officials to require masks in schools or indoor spaces, affirming his July 29 executive order that removed local authority over measures to lessen the severity of the pandemic,” the report continued. “The stay is temporary; the court has yet to make a final ruling in the case.”

“The case will still be heard on its merits, though that process could take weeks or months; officials in counties including Harris, Dallas and Bexar had hoped their mask mandates would remain in place as schoolchildren return to the classroom this week,” the report added.

On Friday, the 4th Court of Appeals in San Antonio tossed out Abbott’s appeal to halt Bexar County’s mask mandate in local public schools. Minutes later, the 5th Court of Appeals denied Abbott’s challenge to Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins’ order mandating masks in public schools, universities and businesses.

The Texas Supreme Court has now put a halt to the implementation of the mask mandates. A final ruling on the issue will be highly anticipated in the Lone Star State, hopefully prior to children returning to school.

**By Kyle Becker