Master El Morya: Freedom Through Corona Vaccination?

master el morya eraoflightdotcomWHAT IS THE SOLUTION?

God in HIS glory and a human being in THEIR love for God represent perfection – and you are getting closer and closer to this realization!

Beloved humans,

Everything that worries you today and leads to fears will resolve itself in one strike and on one day. There is no reason to distrust what is happening or losing courage due to the long wait for salvation.

Soon there will be no more death and no more dying. As soon as you are reborn, everything falls off and you see who you truly are and what a glorious future lies ahead of you.

Current events sometimes present you with almost insolvable challenges. How can one escape the increasingly tighter ties of the 3D system, and how can one remain unharmed spiritually, psychologically and physically?

Even if you can’t or won’t hear it anymore – the Divine within you will bring the solution!

This is why I sincerely recommend to you: Use every opportunity available to you to return to your inner core. Your inner temple is your sanctuary. From there, you have an overview of the day’s events and you are able to find meaning in them.

How can you maintain an overview if you tirelessly keep chasing after your restless mind?

As long as you get carried away by everyday life and by the low frequencies of the news, you are like a leaf in the wind. This must be avoided now, because the wind will soon turn into a storm sweeping over the entire earth.

Those individuals who get lost in the system or would like to change the system within the system are now taught the huge lesson that outer shifts are always preceded by inner transformation.

Those individuals who are taking themselves out of the system energetically, mentally and emotionally whenever possible in their daily lives and work on elevating their own frequency are no longer registered by the system and they are free.

This is why the rulers of cold light are doing anything they can to entrap as many people as possible in the system. This is done by means of skillful manipulation and continuous spreading and stimulation of fears.


Freedom only through vaccination certificate!?

Don’t fall for this deception, because the freedom of the human spirit ends with the mRNA-vaccination. The exact opposite is true – so please understand: truth is lie and lie is truth.


This, too, is a deception!

Because your good behavior will be tested until the bearable limit is reached – until you can’t and won’t go on! Then it will be too late, often too late for immediate healing!

Leaving the system is the only and most efficient solution!

Don’t sign a contract with the system – the RNA-vaccination is a contract. You give your consent that the system may rule over your body and mind.

This may have an effect on several earthly lives and lead to significant delays in your process of ascension. Be assured: In the end, there will be a solution for that, too! But do you really want to make that detour?

Don’t give into this game, and don’t get fooled by the pressure that is being built up. This house of cards of deception and lies is about to implode! Because more and more people lose their faith in it, emancipate distance themselves from this matrix! This is the key that, in the near future, will open the door to everlasting human freedom.


Courageously stick to your NO, even if it is inconvenient and means trouble! Rely on the fact that your courage and your transformational work will bear rich fruit. Call God for help, ask your spiritual family for their guidance and support – we are rushing in and make miracles come true.

Have faith in God, HIS glory and YOUR love. Trust YOURself, and start thinking beyond the limits of YOUR mind. That is freedom!

I love you endlessly

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl


9 Replies to “Master El Morya: Freedom Through Corona Vaccination?”

  1. Madeleine Donaldson

    Say no to this experimental jab The people behind it are the same people behind Pedophilia, Covid 19 and trying to enslave humanity! God is our source of power, immunity and light Amen <3

  2. Phil

    This channeler received extremely good news from Master El Morya which he seems to have a hard time believing. There is a plan to transmute the vaccines, and you will be part of it. There will not be any separation of worlds, no genocide, no zombies. “Lie is truth and truth is lie” means in this instance that the vaccines will turn out to be okay, which is unbelievable for most Lightworkers at the moment.
    Stay tuned, El Morya has more to say on that. 🙂

    1. star_struck

      That will be after the event. Many contracts are expiring and those who choose to take the vaccine signed the contract with the cabal with their consent. With the increased energies and the people accepted a low frequency manmade poison concoction if their frequency is high enough to have no effect then yeah I can see it happening but most of the people cave in under pressure or mind controlled.

  3. Daniel

    The more they push the vaxx, the more I refuse it. There is just no way I’m having that poison injected in me. No chance. This is definitely where my stubbornness becomes a virtue. Hold strong everyone.


    ” will resolve itself in one strike and on one day.
    ” and what a glorious future lies ahead of you.
    and when that happens?
    when an event will happen?, the sun is burning, again how long do we need to wait for life to begin?

  5. Daedalus

    Exactly, 100 % behind my NO …

    There is no chance I will give my permission for this “contract” – not even under the absolute threat and blackmail.

  6. Tylette Crosby

    Thank you. You right it is a contract. That is too control you vaccine should never. Be you think the technology that’s been hidden no or no child. Over years it harm it must stop