Michigan Follows Arizona’s Lead For A Full Forensic Audit

informed eraoflightdotcomJACKSON, MI Tonight a team of attorneys, elections experts, and local candidates announced their plan to carry out a full forensic audit for the state of Michigan. Because let’s face it. Next year, there’s no sense in our upcoming elections if we don’t fix what went wrong in the 2020 election. And that fix is with a Citizen’s Initiative Petition.

The team consists of:

Attorney Matthew DePerno, candidate for Attorney General, Jovan Pulitzer, inventor/entrepreneur, Jon Rocha, candidate for Congress (District 6), Attorney Daren Wiseley, chair of the Hillsdale Republican Party, Jon Smith, Treasurer of the Hillsdale Republican Party, Jon Rutan, Hillsdale Justice Project co-founder, Mellissa Carone, candidate for House Representative (District 33), Angela Rigas, candidate for House Representative (District 86) and Ryan Kelley, gubernatorial candidate for Michigan governor.

In the state of Michigan, there is nothing in print that defines what a full forensic audit is. And this bill will accomplish and demand just that. The bill would demand a bipartisan audit board to review the 2020 election and identify corrective action to improve Michigan’s election processes.

However, they need our help. 350,000 signatures are required for the Citizen’s Initiative Petition in order to present this to the Board of Canvassers. This petition drive will start in October of 2021. If the Board of Canvassers approves this initiative, it will go to the House and Senate for a vote. And this cannot be vetoed by the governor. So we must get our Senators and Representatives on board in order to vote for this bill. Contact them today and let them know they need to support this!

If you’d like to send mail to your legislators, and want proof it got to them, send your letters to us! We will post a photo or take a short video. Send your letters to:

(Legislator’s Name)
C/O John Clore
P.O. Box 15003
Lansing, MI 48901

**By Rachel Marcero


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