The Elders Speak: Planet of Peace

the grandmothers eraoflightdotcomWe gather as a Broadband fine line stream of living light from finite to infinite we stretch ourselves. We stream our hearts our prayers and our secrets forward through time releasing them for full flight into the unknown. In doing this we ask to be lifted in light and Life to a place of Peace on a healed planet.

We are Sons and Daughters of all that is Holy precious. Like leaves on the tree of light, we extend ourselves out onto a limb of life. We have been out on the proverbial cracking limb for far too long and seek to be lifted safely by the fates that know us and love us.

We as a planet asked to be lifted to a place of power laced with wisdom. Open the books of prayer the manuscripts the copper Scrolls to a place of revealing and revelation. Let the mouth of sacred sites open wide with wisdom that seeks to be heard and shared, let the falling stars seek your pocket as the weather of our hearts clear. Everything of Earth was conceived in another place another time far from this galaxy. The very Cosmos itself breathes earth in and out on a daily basis. Everything on Earth is starseed, it as you, are conceived in a place of no space no time you hold the secret power that the rest of the universe seeks to know and own. You are The very spice of life that changes the flavor of the entire Cosmic soup. Beginnings and endings are moot points in a world that does not see 365 degrees.

Everything and everyone of the universe seeks to understand Earth, at the very same time that Earth seeks to know all the other planets and stars up close and personal. The solar system asks exactly who has left the building and who has entered on a stellar scale? Symbols beyond time are drawn in the Fine Line of sand that divides us, like a child’s game, who will be brave enough to step over that sandy line first? The fates of all species lives within our daily choices that are numbered and single, yet entwined within the DNA of the Tree of Life that resides upon Earth. Like animals that fight for the same meal the picture is not always pretty. Survival skills will take more effort than preparing for what you think is coming your way.

Gearing up your psychic abilities in this forth coming initiation of enlightenment would put any Seal team to shame. Developing newly found psychic muscles is not for the weak of Mind as URI Geller and Stephan Hawkings showed us in time past. This new psychic muscle demands one Walk In Between Worlds, thoughts and circumstances. You can no longer sweep under the interplanetary rug what is in plain sight. Up the octaves of your body’s ability to see, to know, to remember, to become. Stand in your light as doorways of possibility open, close and revolve all around you.

Hear The Call of the Wild within, as you embrace more of who you really are then any other time or existence on Earth. Within you lives all universes all time all aspects of Godness and goodness. Within you lives the hope not just for Earth but for all existence past this solar system. Vast of experiment you were created to be the actual cowboy in The white hat, the knight on a white steed, the Charge of the Light Brigade.

In order to accomplish this Mission and soul service you must Shuffle the dark cards that life has given you and deal yourself a higher hand. Look at the present circumstances within self and life, into this thought send it a wave of Broadband fine lined laser light. Like a laser wand of Love see the very sticky molecules of the current situation unwinding and reconfiguring it selves into a better possibility and future outcome. Like the Skywalker you are, point your fine lined particles of light into a flight pattern which continues to infuse all life on earth with Hope and healing, truth and wisdom, and eternal love.

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