Balancing Masculine & Feminine Energies in Busy Times

life tapestry creations eraoflightdotcomHello beautiful souls.

Let me paint a picture for you.

I’m sitting at my new desk, set up by my sunbeam of a mother in her airy home in Vero Beach, Florida so that I have a space to create while I’m visiting her.

It’s overcast outside. I’m facing the patio, bursting with flora that has been lovingly placed in the earth by careful hands. I have my Healing Frequencies playlist on, and a sweet orange & lemon scented candle burning. My white, bright room holds me in my solitude and encases the sacred energy that comes about when I create space for myself to write.

Sitting here, preparing to write a new blog post for you for the first time in 5 months, feels like coming home.

I’ve been on quite a journey these past months. If you’re on my email list, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me as I navigate this world of online business.

I know in my bones that I am meant to be an entrepreneur and serve from a place of my own healing and my own truth.

I am in the process of figuring out how.

It feels like holding a big slab of clay and molding it into shape after shape.

I know it will change a million more times over.

Each iteration is truer, more real, more aligned, and more heart-centered than the last.

What I know for sure is that writing is the truest thing I do, and that I’ll continue to do it through every step of this journey.

Ahhhh. I’m emotional. Thanks for bearing witness so lovingly 🙂

In light of all that’s gone on in these past 3 months, today’s post is going to speak to finding a balance between the masculine and feminine energies that live within all of us.

We all have both, and they have nothing to do with being a man or a woman. If the terminology trips you up, a comparable idea is yin and yang.

Our masculine and feminine – or yin and yang – energies represent the balance (or lack thereof) between the opposing forces within us.

We all have a side that is anchored in the physical realm, is focused on doing, accomplishing, and moving forward, checks things off the to-do list, relies on the thinking mind for direction and guidance, and holds the energies of fire, power, and sometimes force. These are the characteristics of masculine – or yang – energy.

And we all have a side that is anchored in the ethereal realm, is focused on being, allowing, and receiving, looks within for Divine guidance from the soul, Higher Self, and Source, focuses on co-creation rather than individualism, and holds the energies of water, softness, fluidity, and surrender. These are the characteristics of feminine – or yin – energy.

Many of us who are drawn to spirituality tend to gravitate towards feminine energy. It takes a big unlearning to nurture our feminine energy, because we live in a society primarily dominated by masculine principles.

But when we shed the conditioning that tells us that concepts like Hustle Culture, force, individualism, and doing are superior, we can step into a balanced way of life, in which there is a time and place for those masculine aspects of ourselves to come forth, but feminine principles like surrender, receivership, intuitive guidance, rest, energetic alignment, connection to Divine assistance, and being complement and keep them in check.

However, there are some circumstances that have the potential to throw us way off balance.

My hope for the collective is that we can learn to move away from the constant need to do more, but I know firsthand that the option to pull back and slow down is not always a reality, and that leaning into our masculine energy is sometimes a necessity.

I am coming out the other side of a deeply masculine season of life.

Thankfully, I had already done some of the unlearning work and was prepared to find my balance amidst the grind.

Throughout the month of July, I worked at a choir camp for kids 7-8 hours a day. In the evenings, I would come home, take a quick nap, and then transition into 3-4 hours of content creation in preparation for the launch of my coaching program for spiritual entrepreneurs, The Ignited Soul Pathway.

It was hard. It was tiring. It would have been easy for me to slip into old habits of hustling and running myself into the ground.

But my inner work held up and I got through it relatively unscathed. I was able to maintain my balance in the process. (And I’m not the only one who thinks so – my Tarot reader also confirmed that my masculine and feminine energies were in good alignment with one another during this time!)

This past month, I learned that it’s possible to find calm within the busy storms.

It’s even possible to reframe the storms as beautiful rather than oppressive.

So today I’d like to give you a few insights into how I did it, and how you can, too.

Let’s dive in.

  1. Recognize that some seasons of life require us to use more of our masculine energy than others, and that’s okay. Release the aversion to it. Living in the energy of doing and going is not an inherently bad thing. However, resistance can put a damper on just about anything, so it’s important that we remind ourselves to look at our busy times through the lens of acceptance. Accepting the days, weeks, and months that require more intensity from us is the first step in maintaining balance. Resistance itself tends to hold a masculine frequency, thereby exacerbating our anxiousness in the moments when we are asked to be busy. Flow and surrender hold a feminine frequency. Waking up each day and saying, “Yes, the busy-ness of this day poses some challenges for me, but I choose to walk into it with positive expectations and eyes for joy and miracles,” automatically invites more ease.

  2. Set a feminine tone before diving into your work. I’ll be honest with you – sometimes I did this one, and sometimes I didn’t. When I did, I noticed a BIG difference. When I didn’t set the tone before stepping into my content creation for the evening, I burned out more easily, and experienced more frustration and stuckness. When I did set the tone, things flowed with significantly more ease. I felt more excitement and gratitude for my work, and I felt like I could bend time to accomplish quite a bit in a short burst. A few ideas for setting a feminine tone for your work that served me well include: -doing a brief calming meditation or EFT tapping session before sitting down to work -lighting a candle or saging the space -repeating a few affirmations -applying essential oils -putting on Healing Frequencies or other uplifting music -visualizing your work flowing effortlessly and feeling great

  3. Step back in small ways wherever possible. As an introvert, working 7-8 hours daily at a camp with 55 kids was a challenge for me. In order to protect and nourish my energy throughout the day, I actively sought out small windows of time where I could do my own thing, even if it was as small as taking a seat and opening up my laptop as a signal that I was claiming a few minutes for myself. I advocated for that time. Don’t be afraid to make your needs known and set boundaries where you are safe to do so. I also made it a point to prioritize rest where I could, and sometimes that meant saying no to social events in the evenings or on the weekends. It meant stepping back from my desk with an incomplete to-do list to close my eyes for a power nap. It meant committing to a much earlier bedtime than usual so that I could wake up feeling my best rather than drained and depleted. I was constantly stopping myself from spiraling into a rampage of force, pressure, and stress by pulling back for deep breaths, catnaps, nourishing food, and moments alone. The smallest actions of rest and refilling your own cup add up.

  4. Do your best, and then surrender the outcome. In my opinion, this is the best and most important way to embody the duality of the masculine and feminine within. I also believe it to be the key to energetic magnetism and manifestation of our desires. Creating balanced, beautiful lives that we love involves hard work, dedication, and grit. Making our wildest dreams a reality requires us to get out of our comfort zones. But we don’t have to do that work alone. We can step up to the plate, committed to giving our work the best and brightest of our energy, but we can also leave some room for Divine guidance to flow in. Instead of scraping for answers within our ego-minds, we can create space within ourselves to invite in a Higher answer from the soul, which only speaks in stillness. Instead of gluing ourselves to our workspace until things are “perfect,” we can step away once we’ve done our best, trusting that the outcome is ultimately out of our control and that all things are always unfolding for the Highest good of all.

Sending you biggest love for a balanced day.

Lean into the beauty of your duality.

You are a multidimensional Universe in human skin.

And you are free to express it all.

Sending love.

**By Maya


5 Replies to “Balancing Masculine & Feminine Energies in Busy Times”

  1. Teresa E

    Just as Yeshua continuously told us..
    Yes, my demons controlled my world as long as I feared and fought them.
    The minute I did as Yeshua instructed and sent them love and forgiveness, they fled.
    Fight away, the dark appreciates the fuel.

  2. John Sutter

    It will take masculine energy and masculine men to take down this cult and government around the world. Not some effeminate new age hippie talking love love love. Love has its time and purpose, not however when a military operation will required bring these governments, traitors and criminals to justice.

    1. TeeLight

      So, same as its ever been.
      Doing the same things over and over while expecting the results to change, this is my definition of insanity.
      We have tried fighting, punishing, controlling and war for at least the past 6,000 years and it has created today.
      Your “solution” will only inspire future atrocities in the name of justice.
      No heart and mind will be changed by a fist, you may gain compliance in the moment, but you have also created your own future problems.
      Love to you, I hope your creation works out for you.
      But I will NEVER lend support to this plan.

      1. John Sutter

        Hmmm, so you will love the Demons away? What exactly is YOUR plan? I’d like to see it?

      2. Claudia

        Dear “TeeLight”,

        “Allowing means resting in the truth of your being and accepting that your Higher Self is running the show.” [Quote from todays “arcturian-group-divine-plan-unfolding” article]

        Our HSs are “running the show” BUT “WE FROM HERE” HAVE “THE POWER” to fire stuff up “BY WORDING” what “they/WE from there” want us to “have”… so IF AT ALL “THE FISTING” HAPPENS where “WE” don´t have bodies “just yet” (😁)…

        “THE DEVINE MASCULINE” talks “like John” and THE FEMININE does not talk at all “YET”… “I AM THE PORTAL” to let=make those many “voices” come while “Claudia” has been put in the back seat OF HER OWN CAR long time ago…

        “I CAN GRASP” the good intention of your comment BUT PLEEEEASE REST ASSURED “WE DON´T NEED NO HELP” anymore and LITERALLY on top of that:

        IF you are “female by nature”/YOU WANT TO “BE”-“COME OUT OF THE CLOSET” where THE DEVINE FEMININE has been securely HIDDEN “up until now” YOU MUST FOCUS DIFFERENTLY…

        “THE TRUE FEMININE” will BE “THE CROWN” and therefore CROWN “US”/”OUR CREATION” all the way back to the beginning… 👌👌👌👋