“It’s About Control” – Young Man Perfectly Describes Covid Vaccine Despotism

top news article eraoflightdotcomA young European man is going viral for speaking out against Covid-19 jabs, mandates and government overreach.

“My auntie works for AstraZeneca,” the guy explained. “So, the pressure from some of my family is quite great to get vaccinated. They’re like, ‘Why haven’t you taken the vaccine? You’re selfish.’ My cousin from Cambridge has even called me a twat over it, not getting the vaccine.”

“I’ve lost friends over it as well,” he added. “There are some friends though who won’t take the vaccine no matter what. That’s because they’ve seen what it’s done to people. I’ve got friends who are very ill and haven’t been well since the day they took it and have regretted it.”

Other friends of the boy tell him he’s killing people by not taking the jab, but he argues both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals can still get the virus and pass it to others.

“So, how am I killing other people? I’m not being selfish, it’s my body my choice,” the young man declared.

Asked to guess what the world will look like one year from now, the interviewee admitted he had no idea and said we’re living in a society straight out of the book 1984.

“The idea that we’re going to have to get out our phones and get out our passes, show our papers in the streets or if we want to go into a pub, it’s funny,” he told the camera. “It’s honestly funny that people don’t see where this is going. It’s about control. If you allow the government to break the law and to violate your rights because of an emergency, then what’s to stop them from creating an emergency to break the law?”

It’s inspiring to see a young man who is so aware of the nefarious grand scheme the globalists are currently engaged in.


4 Replies to ““It’s About Control” – Young Man Perfectly Describes Covid Vaccine Despotism”

  1. Knotty

    Rahm Emmanual, Obama’s first Chief of Staff, once said “never let a crisis go to waste.” And one can infer if they don’t have a suitable crisis available, it’s easy enough nowadays to fabricate one. The MSM and “social” media are all too happy to help.