Saint Germain: The Power Is Not In Us, The Power Is In You

Dear brothers of planet Earth! I am Saint Germain.

Being here once again is always a reason for great joy, and my heart gets more and more immense, to the point of covering this entire planet. The changes are accelerating. So much is already happening. For those who continue to insist on only seeing what is happening in your world, to their eyes, nothing is happening; we are really concerned about anything but your planet. Now for those who see, hear, know everything that is happening, and who bring the feeling of imbalance, of pain, of suffering, but who trust and know that this is all part of a great theater and of strategies to show you the opposite more and more, these things don’t seem to matter anymore.

So I would say to each one of you: The walk goes on. Each one of you has a road to follow. Each one of you is at a point on it; some are further ahead, some are starting down the road, some are in the middle, some have no idea where you are, but you know you are on it. Some walk fast, some walk slow, some crawl, some just sit down at the first obstacle and wonder what to do to overcome that problem. So, each one of you is seeing, feeling, living, the ascension road in a different way. What does this road to the “Ascension Road” consist of? It is made up of your actions, your thoughts, your words, your feelings. This set accelerates, delays, or stops the walk.

There is no formula, there is nothing we can give you, for you to follow that roadmap, because every soul is a soul. Each soul is going through its own clearing, its own deepening of what needs to be forgiven, what needs to be understood. So how to make a roadmap? If each one is at a point; if each one is in its own time, in its own speed, freeing itself from the chains and ties that it has conquered along the way? So I just tell you that we are doing everything. What we can do, and what we can do to help you, we will do. If it were not so, you might already be almost in the Fifth Dimension, but few of you would have made it.

We are not anxious, nor are we irresponsible. Our goal, is that the entire population of Earth could reach the Fifth Dimension; and that is what we are doing. It doesn’t matter if we have extremely negative souls in this environment, but they are also being given the right to evolve, to find the Path of Light. There is no judgment, there is no separation on our part, we treat all equally. So they all receive our help; the outcome depends on the choice of each one. Those who really want to return to the Light will be very well received. Of course, we do not treat all equally after this act. These same souls, who have vibrated in the non-Light for so long, and who decide to return to the Path of Light, need to go through a series of tests and cleansings, so that we can effectively say that they are on the side of the Light. But this too is done.

So when we seem to do nothing, or when we do, we do it very slowly, it is so that we can raise as many souls as possible to the Fifth Dimension. Each one of us is doing our part; each being of light, each ascended master, within his or her scope of functions is following what was determined by Father/Mother God. It was up to me to keep the Violet Flame burning on this planet, at this time. So that all this energy, which has been accumulated for so long, negative, can be effectively transmuted, so that you ascend. We can say that just asking for forgiveness and forgiving would not be enough for the people of this planet, for the ascension of every soul.

It takes something more; it takes the Violet Flame transmuting all of that. So that effectively your souls are cleansed and can enter the Fifth Dimension, easily and smoothly. For this, I am preparing a series of short videos, so that you can get to know all my teachings and can effectively live them intensely. For those of you who already know my words, my teachings, this will be a good moment to deepen them. For those who don’t know them yet, it will be the moment to learn them. And I would like all of you to participate.

We will make this journey together. Of course, we will have the support of this one who speaks, but we will make this journey together. So, soon you will receive instructions on what actually will happen and how to participate. I hope that you can enjoy these teachings and live intensely the transmutation of your negative energies, carried by your souls. We will be together, and I will lead you on this path, in order to cleanse you more and more. And that in this way we can grow together, and walk together.

To grow this great egregore of people ready for the Fifth Dimension, and to walk together towards it. Having the Violet Flame installed in the heart of each one of you, will make you feel strength, confidence and faith in yourselves, first of all. The power is not in us, the power is in you. And it is this power that I want to see grow and I want to make sprout, in the heart of each one of you. See you soon! See you soon!

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