Sisterhood of the Rose

In that lifetime you were one of the Sisterhood of the Rose who were serving there, an Universal Sisterhood of Love, unconditional love, who indeed serve in the highest degrees by indeed being the most powerful unconditionally loving force and thus representing the Divine Mother Love and indeed the eternal Omniscient Love which is ever present, never absent and indeed never ends. The priestesses indeed were trained to become mere vessels, or instrument in Divine Hands and then allow the Divine Mother love to pass through them, into whomever they needed to heal, or even bless or sometimes just hold in the arms of Love. They indeed became representatives of the Divine Mother on Earth.

This extended to their using precious rose oils, which they cultivated and created in anointings and healings and indeed ceremonies. For it is the highest vibrational frequency oil there is and indeed thus sacred.

In that lifetime you so loved the rose gardens and indeed would assist with the distilling of the oils and then would indeed see this as sacred and holy. Each rose was indeed cultivated to for its most exquisite perfumes and oils and then would, before harvesting would be asked to create the highest sacred geometries and thus then offer itself in highest loving service. Then the rose would be picked, blessed and sanctified and went through the processing process. Once the perfumed and oils had been distracted, what was left as indeed blessed and recycled and indeed every single batch of perfume and oil was then blessed again and sanctified. When one indeed does this, it brings out the highest sacred geometrical patterns and forms out of what has been created and thus it will be of such high frequency and vibration, that whomever one blesses with or where one uses such, the vibrational frequency of the one gifted will immediately be raised to the Divine Feminine Love Frequency. For the Sisterhood of the Rose, indeed often took on immensely challenging lives for themselves, in order to gain the highest state of purity, of unconditional love for self and others, and indeed, ever expanding the Eternal Divine Power of Love – in its purest form and expression! Each of the Priestesses thus became the Sacred and Holy Rose, and indeed the Power of Love.

**By Judith Kusel from a Soul Reading